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Bit Champs

Carbon Copycat Games

Carbon Copycat Games

Indie developer

Bit Champs is a free 3D fantasy fighting action game inspired in first gen consoles aesthetics and fighting retro arcade games mechanics, powered by Urho3D Game Engine.

It features seven heroes and four game modes which unlocks many features, including new heroes and skins.

Includes these game modes:

  • Mission will introduce you to the game mechanics with different single battles.
  • Story will let you choose a hero to fight through the main story taking strategic decisions through epic battles to have a battle with the final boss.
  • Arcade set you in four different fights to test your strength.
  • VS will let you test your skills fighting any other hero in a single arcade fight.

Download today and play for free!


  • Graphics with first gen consoles aesthetics.
  • Battles with different objectives.
  • Seven selectable heroes to fight with.
  • Action game mechanics.
  • Four different stages for fighting.
  • Includes achievements and leaderboards.
  • 3D environment.
  • Epic music and battle intros.
  • Retro console aesthetics.


Urho3D's Editor for Bit Champs editor