War Priest made it out alive category:

War Priest is a 3D platforming bullet hell where all enemies are dead at the start of the level, and you must revive them all and return to the altar while running away from their attacks. Featuring low-poly Nintendo 64 graphics and gratuitous manliness!

Sacred Sands Act 2.png

It takes place in the aftermath of a brutal holy war between sects of a fictional, monolithic religion. You are Grungle the War Priest, and you must go about the business of reviving all of those who died, but the ancient feuds still remain, and your fellow corrupted clergy will do all that they can to hurt you.

Fallen Fatherland Act 1.png

This project took about two and a half years to make. Pretty much everything except for the game engine and the sound effects were made by hand using Blender, Gimp, Krita, ReNoise, and other miscellaneous tools.

Palisade Pantheon Act 2.png

The game is available for free on my website. You may also choose your price for it on Gamejolt or Itch.io.

The game actually started off as a first person shooter, where you were constantly shooting and had to avoid killing civilians while collecting tokens by shooting a boulder into them. At some point, I realized that I would have a hard time giving the gameplay variety so I came up with a different concept.

Beta Screenshot.png Старая Картина.jpg

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