Script dictionary class. More...

#include <Addons.h>

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class  CIterator
 STL style iterator for Script dictionary class. More...

Public Member Functions

void AddRef () const
void Release () const
CScriptDictionaryoperator= (const CScriptDictionary &other)
void Set (const String &key, void *value, int typeId)
void Set (const String &key, const asINT64 &value)
void Set (const String &key, const double &value)
bool Get (const String &key, void *value, int typeId) const
bool Get (const String &key, asINT64 &value) const
bool Get (const String &key, double &value) const
CScriptDictValueoperator[] (const String &key)
const CScriptDictValueoperator[] (const String &key) const
int GetTypeId (const String &key) const
bool Exists (const String &key) const
bool IsEmpty () const
asUINT GetSize () const
void Delete (const String &key)
void DeleteAll ()
CScriptArrayGetKeys () const
CIterator begin () const
CIterator end () const
int GetRefCount ()
void SetGCFlag ()
bool GetGCFlag ()
void EnumReferences (asIScriptEngine *engine)
void ReleaseAllReferences (asIScriptEngine *engine)

Static Public Member Functions

static CScriptDictionaryCreate (asIScriptEngine *engine)
static CScriptDictionaryCreate (asBYTE *buffer)

Protected Member Functions

 CScriptDictionary (asIScriptEngine *engine)
 CScriptDictionary (asBYTE *buffer)

Protected Attributes

asIScriptEngine * engine
int refCount
bool gcFlag
HashMap< String, CScriptDictValuedict

Detailed Description

Script dictionary class.

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