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#include <PListFile.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PListValue (int value)
 PListValue (bool value)
 PListValue (float value)
 PListValue (const String &value)
 PListValue (PListValueMap &valueMap)
 PListValue (PListValueVector &valueVector)
 PListValue (const PListValue &value)
 ~PListValue ()
PListValueoperator= (const PListValue &rhs)
 Assign operator.
 operator bool () const
 Return true if is valid.
void SetInt (int value)
 Set int.
void SetBool (bool value)
 Set boolean.
void SetFloat (float value)
 Set float.
void SetString (const String &value)
 Set string.
void SetValueMap (const PListValueMap &valueMap)
 Set value map.
void SetValueVector (const PListValueVector &valueVector)
 Set value vector.
PListValueType GetType () const
 Return type.
int GetInt () const
 Return int.
bool GetBool () const
 Return boolean.
float GetFloat () const
 Return float.
const StringGetString () const
 Return string.
IntRect GetIntRect () const
 Return IntRect, for string type.
IntVector2 GetIntVector2 () const
 Return IntVector2, for string type.
const PListValueMapGetValueMap () const
 Return value map.
const PListValueVectorGetValueVector () const
 Return value vector.
PListValueMapConvertToValueMap ()
 Convert to value map (internal use only).
PListValueVectorConvertToValueVector ()
 Convert to value vector (internal use only).

Private Member Functions

void Reset ()

Private Attributes

PListValueType type_
union {
   int   int_
   bool   bool_
   float   float_
   String *   string_
   PListValueMap *   valueMap_
   PListValueVector *   valueVector_

Detailed Description

PList value.

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