Urho3D::Particle2D Struct Reference

2D particle. More...

#include <ParticleEmitter2D.h>

Collaboration diagram for Urho3D::Particle2D:

Public Attributes

float timeToLive_
 Time to live.
Vector3 position_
float size_
float sizeDelta_
 Size delta.
float rotation_
float rotationDelta_
 Rotation delta.
Color color_
Color colorDelta_
 Color delta.
Vector2 startPos_
 Start position.
Vector2 velocity_
float radialAcceleration_
 Radial acceleration.
float tangentialAcceleration_
 Tangential acceleration.
float emitRadius_
 Emit radius.
float emitRadiusDelta_
 Emit radius delta.
float emitRotation_
 Emit rotation.
float emitRotationDelta_
 Emit rotation delta.

Detailed Description

2D particle.

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