Urho3D::TileMapInfo2D Struct Reference

Tile map information. More...

#include <Urho3D/Urho2D/TileMapDefs2D.h>

Public Member Functions

float GetMapWidth () const
 Return map width.
float GetMapHeight () const
 return map height.
Vector2 ConvertPosition (const Vector2 &position) const
 Convert tmx position to Urho position.
Vector2 TileIndexToPosition (int x, int y) const
 Convert tile index to position.
bool PositionToTileIndex (int &x, int &y, const Vector2 &position) const
 Convert position to tile index, if out of map return false.

Public Attributes

Orientation2D orientation_
int width_
int height_
float tileWidth_
 Tile width.
float tileHeight_
 Tile height.

Detailed Description

Tile map information.

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