Urho3D::ProfilerBlock Class Reference

#include <Urho3D/Core/Profiler.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ProfilerBlock (ProfilerBlock *parent, const char *name)
 Construct with the specified parent block and name.
virtual ~ProfilerBlock ()
 Destruct. Free the child blocks.
void Begin ()
 Begin timing.
void End ()
 End timing.
void EndFrame ()
 End profiling frame and update interval and total values.
void BeginInterval ()
 Begin new profiling interval.
ProfilerBlockGetChild (const char *name)
 Return child block with the specified name.

Public Attributes

char * name_
 Block name.
HiresTimer timer_
 High-resolution timer for measuring the block duration.
long long time_
 Time on current frame.
long long maxTime_
 Maximum time on current frame.
unsigned count_
 Calls on current frame.
 Parent block.
PODVector< ProfilerBlock * > children_
 Child blocks.
long long frameTime_
 Time on the previous frame.
long long frameMaxTime_
 Maximum time on the previous frame.
unsigned frameCount_
 Calls on the previous frame.
long long intervalTime_
 Time during current profiler interval.
long long intervalMaxTime_
 Maximum time during current profiler interval.
unsigned intervalCount_
 Calls during current profiler interval.
long long totalTime_
 Total accumulated time.
long long totalMaxTime_
 All-time maximum time.
unsigned totalCount_
 Total accumulated calls.

Detailed Description

Profiling data for one block in the profiling tree.

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