Urho3D::CursorShapeInfo Struct Reference

Cursor image and hotspot information. More...

#include <Urho3D/UI/Cursor.h>

Collaboration diagram for Urho3D::CursorShapeInfo:

Public Member Functions

 CursorShapeInfo ()
 Construct with defaults.
 CursorShapeInfo (int systemCursor)
 Construct with system cursor.

Public Attributes

SharedPtr< Imageimage_
SharedPtr< Texturetexture_
IntRect imageRect_
 Image rectangle.
IntVector2 hotSpot_
 Hotspot coordinates.
SDL_Cursor * osCursor_
 OS cursor.
bool systemDefined_
 Whether the OS cursor is system defined.
int systemCursor_
 System cursor index.

Detailed Description

Cursor image and hotspot information.

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