Urho3D::FontGlyph Struct Reference

Font glyph description. More...

#include <Urho3D/UI/FontFace.h>

Public Attributes

short x_ {}
 X position in texture.
short y_ {}
 Y position in texture.
short texWidth_ {}
 Width in texture.
short texHeight_ {}
 Height in texture.
float width_ {}
 Width on screen.
float height_ {}
 Height on screen.
float offsetX_ {}
 Glyph X offset from origin.
float offsetY_ {}
 Glyph Y offset from origin.
float advanceX_ {}
 Horizontal advance.
unsigned page_ {M_MAX_UNSIGNED}
 Texture page. M_MAX_UNSIGNED if not yet resident on any texture.
bool used_ {}
 Used flag.

Detailed Description

Font glyph description.

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