Urho3D::ScreenModeParams Struct Reference

Screen mode parameters. More...

#include <Urho3D/Graphics/Graphics.h>

Public Member Functions

bool EqualsExceptVSync (const ScreenModeParams &rhs) const
 Compare contents except vsync flag.
bool operator== (const ScreenModeParams &rhs) const
 Compare for equality with another parameter set.
bool operator!= (const ScreenModeParams &rhs) const
 Compare for inequality with another parameter set.

Public Attributes

bool fullscreen_ {}
 Whether to use fullscreen mode.
bool borderless_ {}
 Whether to hide window borders. Window is always borderless in fullscreen.
bool resizable_ {}
 Whether the window is resizable.
bool highDPI_ {}
bool vsync_ {}
 Whether the vertical synchronization is used.
bool tripleBuffer_ {}
 Whether the triple bufferization is used.
int multiSample_ { 1 }
 Level of multisampling.
int monitor_ {}
 Monitor for fullscreen mode. Has no effect in windowed mode.
int refreshRate_ {}
 Refresh rate. 0 to pick automatically.

Detailed Description

Screen mode parameters.

Member Data Documentation

◆ highDPI_

bool Urho3D::ScreenModeParams::highDPI_ {}

Whether the high DPI is enabled. TODO: Explain what exactly it means.

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