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#include <Addons.h>

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Public Member Functions

void AddRef () const
void Release () const
asIObjectType * GetArrayObjectType () const
int GetArrayTypeId () const
int GetElementTypeId () const
asUINT GetSize () const
bool IsEmpty () const
void Reserve (asUINT maxElements)
void Resize (asUINT numElements)
void * At (asUINT index)
const void * At (asUINT index) const
void SetValue (asUINT index, void *value)
CScriptArrayoperator= (const CScriptArray &)
bool operator== (const CScriptArray &) const
void InsertAt (asUINT index, void *value)
void RemoveAt (asUINT index)
void InsertLast (void *value)
void RemoveLast ()
void SortAsc ()
void SortDesc ()
void SortAsc (asUINT startAt, asUINT count)
void SortDesc (asUINT startAt, asUINT count)
void Sort (asUINT startAt, asUINT count, bool asc)
void Reverse ()
int Find (void *value) const
int Find (asUINT startAt, void *value) const
int FindByRef (void *ref) const
int FindByRef (asUINT startAt, void *ref) const
int GetRefCount ()
void SetFlag ()
bool GetFlag ()
void EnumReferences (asIScriptEngine *engine)
void ReleaseAllHandles (asIScriptEngine *engine)

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetMemoryFunctions (asALLOCFUNC_t allocFunc, asFREEFUNC_t freeFunc)
static CScriptArrayCreate (asIObjectType *ot)
static CScriptArrayCreate (asIObjectType *ot, asUINT length)
static CScriptArrayCreate (asIObjectType *ot, asUINT length, void *defaultValue)
static CScriptArrayCreate (asIObjectType *ot, void *listBuffer)

Protected Member Functions

 CScriptArray (asIObjectType *ot, void *initBuf)
 CScriptArray (asUINT length, asIObjectType *ot)
 CScriptArray (asUINT length, void *defVal, asIObjectType *ot)
 CScriptArray (const CScriptArray &other)
bool Less (const void *a, const void *b, bool asc, asIScriptContext *ctx, SArrayCache *cache)
void * GetArrayItemPointer (int index)
void * GetDataPointer (void *buffer)
void Copy (void *dst, void *src)
void Precache ()
bool CheckMaxSize (asUINT numElements)
void Resize (int delta, asUINT at)
void CreateBuffer (SArrayBuffer **buf, asUINT numElements)
void DeleteBuffer (SArrayBuffer *buf)
void CopyBuffer (SArrayBuffer *dst, SArrayBuffer *src)
void Construct (SArrayBuffer *buf, asUINT start, asUINT end)
void Destruct (SArrayBuffer *buf, asUINT start, asUINT end)
bool Equals (const void *a, const void *b, asIScriptContext *ctx, SArrayCache *cache) const

Protected Attributes

int refCount
bool gcFlag
asIObjectType * objType
SArrayBuffer * buffer
int elementSize
int subTypeId

Detailed Description

Script array class.

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