Urho3D::CScriptDictionary::CIterator Class Reference

STL style iterator for Script dictionary class. More...

#include <Addons.h>

Collaboration diagram for Urho3D::CScriptDictionary::CIterator:

Public Member Functions

void operator++ ()
void operator++ (int)
CIteratoroperator* ()
bool operator== (const CIterator &other) const
bool operator!= (const CIterator &other) const
const StringGetKey () const
int GetTypeId () const
bool GetValue (asINT64 &value) const
bool GetValue (double &value) const
bool GetValue (void *value, int typeId) const

Protected Member Functions

 CIterator (const CScriptDictionary &dict, HashMap< String, CScriptDictValue >::ConstIterator it)
CIteratoroperator= (const CIterator &)

Protected Attributes

HashMap< String,
CScriptDictValue >
const CScriptDictionarym_dict


class CScriptDictionary

Detailed Description

STL style iterator for Script dictionary class.

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