Urho3D::RenderPath Class Reference

Rendering path definition. More...

#include <RenderPath.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RenderPath ()
 ~RenderPath ()
SharedPtr< RenderPathClone ()
 Clone the rendering path.
bool Load (XMLFile *file)
 Clear existing data and load from an XML file. Return true if successful.
bool Append (XMLFile *file)
 Append data from an XML file. Return true if successful.
void SetEnabled (const String &tag, bool active)
 Enable/disable commands and rendertargets by tag.
void ToggleEnabled (const String &tag)
 Toggle enabled state of commands and rendertargets by tag.
void SetRenderTarget (unsigned index, const RenderTargetInfo &info)
 Assign rendertarget at index.
void AddRenderTarget (const RenderTargetInfo &info)
 Add a rendertarget.
void RemoveRenderTarget (unsigned index)
 Remove a rendertarget by index.
void RemoveRenderTarget (const String &name)
 Remove a rendertarget by name.
void RemoveRenderTargets (const String &tag)
 Remove rendertargets by tag name.
void SetCommand (unsigned index, const RenderPathCommand &command)
 Assign command at index.
void AddCommand (const RenderPathCommand &command)
 Add a command to the end of the list.
void InsertCommand (unsigned index, const RenderPathCommand &command)
 Insert a command at a position.
void RemoveCommand (unsigned index)
 Remove a command by index.
void RemoveCommands (const String &tag)
 Remove commands by tag name.
void SetShaderParameter (const String &name, const Variant &value)
 Set a shader parameter in all commands that define it.
unsigned GetNumRenderTargets () const
 Return number of rendertargets.
unsigned GetNumCommands () const
 Return number of commands.
RenderPathCommandGetCommand (unsigned index)
 Return command at index, or null if does not exist.
const VariantGetShaderParameter (const String &name) const
 Return a shader parameter (first appearance in any command.)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Urho3D::RefCounted
 RefCounted ()
 Construct. Allocate the reference count structure and set an initial self weak reference.
virtual ~RefCounted ()
 Destruct. Mark as expired and also delete the reference count structure if no outside weak references exist.
void AddRef ()
 Increment reference count. Can also be called outside of a SharedPtr for traditional reference counting.
void ReleaseRef ()
 Decrement reference count and delete self if no more references. Can also be called outside of a SharedPtr for traditional reference counting.
int Refs () const
 Return reference count.
int WeakRefs () const
 Return weak reference count.
RefCountRefCountPtr ()
 Return pointer to the reference count structure.

Public Attributes

Vector< RenderTargetInforenderTargets_
Vector< RenderPathCommandcommands_
 Rendering commands.

Detailed Description

Rendering path definition.

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