Urho3D::LightQueryResult Struct Reference

Intermediate light processing result. More...

#include <View.h>

Collaboration diagram for Urho3D::LightQueryResult:

Public Attributes

PODVector< Drawable * > litGeometries_
 Lit geometries.
PODVector< Drawable * > shadowCasters_
 Shadow casters.
CamerashadowCameras_ [MAX_LIGHT_SPLITS]
 Shadow cameras.
unsigned shadowCasterBegin_ [MAX_LIGHT_SPLITS]
 Shadow caster start indices.
unsigned shadowCasterEnd_ [MAX_LIGHT_SPLITS]
 Shadow caster end indices.
BoundingBox shadowCasterBox_ [MAX_LIGHT_SPLITS]
 Combined bounding box of shadow casters in light projection space. Only used for focused spot lights.
float shadowNearSplits_ [MAX_LIGHT_SPLITS]
 Shadow camera near splits (directional lights only.)
float shadowFarSplits_ [MAX_LIGHT_SPLITS]
 Shadow camera far splits (directional lights only.)
unsigned numSplits_
 Shadow map split count.

Detailed Description

Intermediate light processing result.

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