Urho3D::HashMap< T, U >::KeyValue Class Reference

Hash map key-value pair with const key. More...

#include <Urho3D/Container/HashMap.h>

Public Member Functions

 KeyValue ()
 Construct with default key.
 KeyValue (const T &first, const U &second)
 Construct with key and value.
 KeyValue (const KeyValue &value)
bool operator== (const KeyValue &rhs) const
 Test for equality with another pair.
bool operator!= (const KeyValue &rhs) const
 Test for inequality with another pair.

Public Attributes

const T first_

Private Member Functions

KeyValueoperator= (const KeyValue &rhs)
 Prevent assignment.

Detailed Description

template<class T, class U>
class Urho3D::HashMap< T, U >::KeyValue

Hash map key-value pair with const key.

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