Raycast octree query. More...

#include <Urho3D/Graphics/OctreeQuery.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RayOctreeQuery (PODVector< RayQueryResult > &result, const Ray &ray, RayQueryLevel level=RAY_TRIANGLE, float maxDistance=M_INFINITY, unsigned char drawableFlags=DRAWABLE_ANY, unsigned viewMask=DEFAULT_VIEWMASK)
 Construct with ray and query parameters.

Public Attributes

PODVector< RayQueryResult > & result_
 Result vector reference.
Ray ray_
unsigned char drawableFlags_
 Drawable flags to include.
unsigned viewMask_
 Drawable layers to include.
float maxDistance_
 Maximum ray distance.
RayQueryLevel level_
 Raycast detail level.

Private Member Functions

 RayOctreeQuery (const RayOctreeQuery &rhs)
 Prevent copy construction.
RayOctreeQueryoperator= (const RayOctreeQuery &rhs)
 Prevent assignment.

Detailed Description

Raycast octree query.

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