rapidjson::EncodedOutputStream< Encoding, OutputByteStream > Class Template Reference

Output byte stream wrapper with statically bound encoding. More...

#include <ThirdParty/rapidjson/include/rapidjson/encodedstream.h>

Public Types

typedef Encoding::Ch Ch

Public Member Functions

 EncodedOutputStream (OutputByteStream &os, bool putBOM=true)
void Put (Ch c)
void Flush ()
Ch Peek () const
Ch Take ()
size_t Tell () const
Ch * PutBegin ()
size_t PutEnd (Ch *)

Private Member Functions

 RAPIDJSON_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof(typename OutputByteStream::Ch)==1)
EncodedOutputStreamoperator= (const EncodedOutputStream &)

Private Attributes

OutputByteStream & os_

Detailed Description

template<typename Encoding, typename OutputByteStream>
class rapidjson::EncodedOutputStream< Encoding, OutputByteStream >

Output byte stream wrapper with statically bound encoding.

Template Parameters
EncodingThe interpretation of encoding of the stream. Either UTF8, UTF16LE, UTF16BE, UTF32LE, UTF32BE.
InputByteStreamType of input byte stream. For example, FileWriteStream.

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