Urho3D::NavBuildData Struct Reference

Navigation build data. More...

#include <Urho3D/Navigation/NavBuildData.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NavBuildData ()
virtual ~NavBuildData ()

Public Attributes

BoundingBox worldBoundingBox_
 World-space bounding box of the navigation mesh tile.
PODVector< Vector3vertices_
 Vertices from geometries.
PODVector< int > indices_
 Triangle indices from geometries.
PODVector< Vector3offMeshVertices_
 Offmesh connection vertices.
PODVector< float > offMeshRadii_
 Offmesh connection radii.
PODVector< unsigned short > offMeshFlags_
 Offmesh connection flags.
PODVector< unsigned char > offMeshAreas_
 Offmesh connection areas.
PODVector< unsigned char > offMeshDir_
 Offmesh connection direction.
rcContext * ctx_
 Recast context.
rcHeightfield * heightField_
 Recast heightfield.
rcCompactHeightfield * compactHeightField_
 Recast compact heightfield.
PODVector< NavAreaStubnavAreas_
 Pretransformed navigation areas, no correlation to the geometry above.

Detailed Description

Navigation build data.

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