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#include <Urho3D/Resource/JSONValue.h>

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Public Member Functions

 JSONValue ()
 Construct null value.
 JSONValue (bool value)
 Construct with a boolean.
 JSONValue (int value)
 Construct with a integer.
 JSONValue (unsigned value)
 Construct with a unsigned integer.
 JSONValue (float value)
 Construct with a float.
 JSONValue (double value)
 Construct with a double.
 JSONValue (const String &value)
 Construct with a string.
 JSONValue (const char *value)
 Construct with a C string.
 JSONValue (const JSONArray &value)
 Construct with a JSON array.
 JSONValue (const JSONObject &value)
 Construct with a JSON object.
 JSONValue (const JSONValue &value)
 Copy-construct from another JSON value.
 ~JSONValue ()
JSONValueoperator= (bool rhs)
 Assign from a boolean.
JSONValueoperator= (int rhs)
 Assign from an integer.
JSONValueoperator= (unsigned rhs)
 Assign from an unsigned integer.
JSONValueoperator= (float rhs)
 Assign from a float.
JSONValueoperator= (double rhs)
 Assign from a double.
JSONValueoperator= (const String &rhs)
 Assign from a string.
JSONValueoperator= (const char *rhs)
 Assign from a C string.
JSONValueoperator= (const JSONArray &rhs)
 Assign from a JSON array.
JSONValueoperator= (const JSONObject &rhs)
 Assign from a JSON object.
JSONValueoperator= (const JSONValue &rhs)
 Assign from another JSON value.
JSONValueType GetValueType () const
 Return value type.
JSONNumberType GetNumberType () const
 Return number type.
String GetValueTypeName () const
 Return value type's name.
String GetNumberTypeName () const
 Return number type's name.
bool IsNull () const
 Check is null.
bool IsBool () const
 Check is boolean.
bool IsNumber () const
 Check is number.
bool IsString () const
 Check is string.
bool IsArray () const
 Check is array.
bool IsObject () const
 Check is object.
bool GetBool () const
 Return boolean value.
int GetInt () const
 Return integer value.
unsigned GetUInt () const
 Return unsigned integer value.
float GetFloat () const
 Return float value.
double GetDouble () const
 Return double value.
const StringGetString () const
 Return string value.
const char * GetCString () const
 Return C string value.
const JSONArrayGetArray () const
 Return JSON array value.
const JSONObjectGetObject () const
 Return JSON object value.
JSONValueoperator[] (unsigned index)
 Return JSON value at index.
const JSONValueoperator[] (unsigned index) const
 Return JSON value at index.
void Push (const JSONValue &value)
 Add JSON value at end.
void Pop ()
 Remove the last JSON value.
void Insert (unsigned pos, const JSONValue &value)
 Insert an JSON value at position.
void Erase (unsigned pos, unsigned length=1)
 Erase a range of JSON values.
void Resize (unsigned newSize)
 Resize array.
unsigned Size () const
 Return size of array or number of keys in object.
JSONValueoperator[] (const String &key)
 Return JSON value with key.
const JSONValueoperator[] (const String &key) const
 Return JSON value with key.
void Set (const String &key, const JSONValue &value)
 Set JSON value with key.
const JSONValueGet (const String &key) const
 Return JSON value with key.
bool Erase (const String &key)
 Erase a pair by key.
bool Contains (const String &key) const
 Return whether contains a pair with key.
JSONObjectIterator Begin ()
 Return iterator to the beginning.
ConstJSONObjectIterator Begin () const
 Return iterator to the beginning.
JSONObjectIterator End ()
 Return iterator to the end.
ConstJSONObjectIterator End () const
 Return iterator to the beginning.
void Clear ()
 Clear array or object.
void SetType (JSONValueType valueType, JSONNumberType numberType=JSONNT_NAN)
 Set value type and number type, internal function.
void SetVariant (const Variant &variant, Context *context=0)
 Set variant, context must provide for resource ref.
Variant GetVariant () const
 Return a variant.
void SetVariantValue (const Variant &variant, Context *context=0)
 Set variant value, context must provide for resource ref.
Variant GetVariantValue (VariantType type) const
 Return a variant with type.
void SetVariantMap (const VariantMap &variantMap, Context *context=0)
 Set variant map, context must provide for resource ref.
VariantMap GetVariantMap () const
 Return a variant map. More...
void SetVariantVector (const VariantVector &variantVector, Context *context=0)
 Set variant vector, context must provide for resource ref.
VariantVector GetVariantVector () const
 Return a variant vector.

Static Public Member Functions

static String GetValueTypeName (JSONValueType type)
 Return name corresponding to a value type.
static String GetNumberTypeName (JSONNumberType type)
 Return name corresponding to a number type.
static JSONValueType GetValueTypeFromName (const String &typeName)
 Return a value type from name; null if unrecognized.
static JSONValueType GetValueTypeFromName (const char *typeName)
 Return a value type from name; null if unrecognized.
static JSONNumberType GetNumberTypeFromName (const String &typeName)
 Return a number type from name; NaN if unrecognized.
static JSONNumberType GetNumberTypeFromName (const char *typeName)
 Return a value type from name; NaN if unrecognized.

Static Public Attributes

static const JSONValue EMPTY
 Empty JSON value.
static const JSONArray emptyArray
 Empty JSON array.
static const JSONObject emptyObject
 Empty JSON object.

Private Attributes

unsigned type_
union {
   bool   boolValue_
 Boolean value.
   double   numberValue_
 Number value.
   String *   stringValue_
 String value.
   JSONArray *   arrayValue_
 Array value.
   JSONObject *   objectValue_
 Object value.

Detailed Description

JSON value class.

Member Function Documentation

VariantMap Urho3D::JSONValue::GetVariantMap ( ) const

Return a variant map.

Ideally this should allow any strings, but for now the convention is that the keys need to be hexadecimal StringHashes

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