Urho3D::List< T >::ConstIterator Struct Reference

List const iterator. More...

#include <Urho3D/Container/List.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ConstIterator ()
 ConstIterator (Node *ptr)
 Construct with a node pointer.
 ConstIterator (const Iterator &rhs)
 Construct from a non-const iterator.
ConstIteratoroperator= (const Iterator &rhs)
 Assign from a non-const iterator.
ConstIteratoroperator++ ()
 Preincrement the pointer.
ConstIterator operator++ (int)
 Postincrement the pointer.
ConstIteratoroperator-- ()
 Predecrement the pointer.
ConstIterator operator-- (int)
 Postdecrement the pointer.
const T * operator-> () const
 Point to the node value.
const T & operator* () const
 Dereference the node value.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Urho3D::ListIteratorBase
 ListIteratorBase ()
 ListIteratorBase (ListNodeBase *ptr)
 Construct with a node pointer.
bool operator== (const ListIteratorBase &rhs) const
 Test for equality with another iterator.
bool operator!= (const ListIteratorBase &rhs) const
 Test for inequality with another iterator.
void GotoNext ()
 Go to the next node.
void GotoPrev ()
 Go to the previous node.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Urho3D::ListIteratorBase
 Node pointer.

Detailed Description

template<class T>
struct Urho3D::List< T >::ConstIterator

List const iterator.

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