Urho3D::Spriter::SpriterInstance Class Reference

Spriter instance. More...

#include <Urho3D/Urho2D/SpriterInstance2D.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SpriterInstance (Component *owner, SpriterData *spriteData)
 Constructor with spriter data.
 ~SpriterInstance ()
bool SetEntity (int index)
 Set current entity.
bool SetEntity (const String &entityName)
 Set current entity.
bool SetAnimation (int index, LoopMode loopMode=Default)
 Set current animation.
bool SetAnimation (const String &animationName, LoopMode loopMode=Default)
 Set current animation.
void setSpatialInfo (const SpatialInfo &spatialInfo)
 Set root spatial info.
void setSpatialInfo (float x, float y, float angle, float scaleX, float scaleY)
 Set root spatial info.
void Update (float deltaTime)
 Update animation.
EntityGetEntity () const
 Return current entity.
AnimationGetAnimation () const
 Return current animation.
const SpatialInfoGetSpatialInfo () const
 Return root spatial info.
const PODVector< SpatialTimelineKey * > & GetTimelineKeys () const
 Return animation result timeline keys.

Private Member Functions

void OnSetEntity (Entity *entity)
 Handle set entity.
void OnSetAnimation (Animation *animation, LoopMode loopMode=Default)
 Handle set animation.
void UpdateMainlineKey ()
 Update mainline key.
void UpdateTimelineKeys ()
 Update timeline keys.
TimelineKeyGetTimelineKey (Ref *ref) const
 Get timeline key by ref.
void Clear ()
 Clear mainline key and timeline keys.

Private Attributes

Componentowner_ {}
 Parent component.
SpriterDataspriterData_ {}
 Spriter data.
Entityentity_ {}
 Current entity.
Animationanimation_ {}
 Current animation.
bool looping_ {}
SpatialInfo spatialInfo_
 Root spatial info.
float currentTime_ {}
 Current time.
MainlineKeymainlineKey_ {}
 Current mainline key.
PODVector< SpatialTimelineKey * > timelineKeys_
 Current timeline keys.

Detailed Description

Spriter instance.

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