Urho3D::Spriter::SpriterInstance Class Reference

Spriter instance. More...

#include <Urho3D/Urho2D/SpriterInstance2D.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SpriterInstance (Component *owner, SpriterData *spriteData)
 Constructor with spriter data.
 ~SpriterInstance ()
bool SetEntity (int index)
 Set current entity.
bool SetEntity (const String &entityName)
 Set current entity.
bool SetAnimation (int index, LoopMode loopMode=Default)
 Set current animation.
bool SetAnimation (const String &animationName, LoopMode loopMode=Default)
 Set current animation.
void setSpatialInfo (const SpatialInfo &spatialInfo)
 Set root spatial info.
void setSpatialInfo (float x, float y, float angle, float scaleX, float scaleY)
 Set root spatial info.
void Update (float delta_time)
 Update animation.
EntityGetEntity () const
 Return current entity.
AnimationGetAnimation () const
 Return current animation.
const SpatialInfoGetSpatialInfo () const
 Return root spatial info.
const PODVector
< SpatialTimelineKey * > & 
GetTimelineKeys () const
 Return animation result timeline keys.

Private Member Functions

void OnSetEntity (Entity *entity)
 Handle set entity.
void OnSetAnimation (Animation *animation, LoopMode loopMode=Default)
 Handle set animation.
void UpdateMainlineKey ()
 Update mainline key.
void UpdateTimelineKeys ()
 Update timeline keys.
TimelineKeyGetTimelineKey (Ref *ref) const
 Get timeline key by ref.
void Clear ()
 Clear mainline key and timeline keys.

Private Attributes

 Parent component.
 Spriter data.
 Current entity.
 Current animation.
bool looping_
SpatialInfo spatialInfo_
 Root spatial info.
float currentTime_
 Current time.
 Current mainline key.
PODVector< SpatialTimelineKey * > timelineKeys_
 Current timeline keys.

Detailed Description

Spriter instance.

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