Urho3D::CompressedLevel Struct Reference

Compressed image mip level. More...

#include <Urho3D/Resource/Image.h>

Public Member Functions

bool Decompress (unsigned char *dest) const
 Decompress to RGBA. The destination buffer required is width * height * 4 bytes. Return true if successful.

Public Attributes

unsigned char * data_ {}
 Compressed image data.
CompressedFormat format_ {CF_NONE}
 Compression format.
int width_ {}
int height_ {}
int depth_ {}
unsigned blockSize_ {}
 Block size in bytes.
unsigned dataSize_ {}
 Total data size in bytes.
unsigned rowSize_ {}
 Row size in bytes.
unsigned rows_ {}
 Number of rows.

Detailed Description

Compressed image mip level.

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