Urho3D 1.3 release category:

Source code


  • Lua scripting support.
  • Optional build as a single external library, static or dynamic.
  • Raspberry Pi support.
  • 64-bit build support.
  • HTTP client using the Civetweb library.
  • Enhanced CMake build scripts. Android build also uses CMake. Use out-of-source build on platform that supports it.
  • Rendering performance optimizations, optional StaticModelGroup component for culling and lighting several objects as one unit.
  • A set of sample applications implemented in C++, AngelScript and Lua.
  • Automatic Node/component handle member variable serialization for AngelScript script objects.
  • New UI theme.
  • Shadow & stroke effects in Text & Text3D.
  • Boolean shader uniforms.
  • Quick menu in the editor.
  • Material editor and preview in the editor.
  • Editable attributes for particle emitters.
  • Components are grouped into categories in the editor.
  • Update SDL to stable 2.0.0 release.
  • Several other improvements and bugfixes.
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