Urho3D 1.31 release category:

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Binary package


  • Extensive build system improvements, especially for using Urho3D as a library in an external project.
  • LuaJIT support.
  • Improved Lua bindings, Lua coroutine support, automatic loading of compiled Lua scripts (.luc) if they exist.
  • HDR rendering, 3D textures, height fog and several new post process shaders.
  • Shader refactoring. Need for XML shader descriptions & ShaderCompiler tool removed.
  • Reflection / refraction rendering support.
  • 2D drawable components: StaticSprite2D, AnimatedSprite2D, ParticleEmitter2D.
  • ToolTip & MessageBox UI elements. UI logic improvements.
  • Optimized text rendering + dynamic population of font textures for improved batching.
  • AngelScript DelayedExecute for free functions, and event handling for any script object, not just ScriptInstances
  • Editor: added grid, toolbar, camera view presets, camera orbit, mouse wheel zoom, multiple viewports and orthographic camera.
  • Borderless window mode, possibility to change application icon.
  • SDL GameController support, raw key codes support.
  • Optimized shadow rendering on mobile devices. Low quality mode avoids dependent texture reads.
  • HttpRequest class runs in a background thread to avoid blocking.
  • Compressed package file support using the LZ4 library.
  • Cone parameters in SoundSource3D for directional attenuation.
  • Variant GetPtr() safety refactoring. Uses WeakPtr to store RefCounted subclasses. Use GetVoidPtr() to store unsafe arbitrary pointers.
  • Improved work queue completion events. Work items are now RefCounted to allow persisting them as necessary.
  • Allow to disable automatic execution of AngelScript & Lua from the engine console.
  • Added shader variations, for example ambient occlusion texture and better emissive color support.
  • Added examples.
  • Update SDL to 2.0.1
  • Update AngelScript to 2.28.1.
  • Update FreeType to 2.5.0.
  • Fix partial texture updates, both Direct3D9 & OpenGL.
  • Fix long-standing audio click bug.
  • Fix kinematic rigidbodies to apply impulses correctly to dynamic bodies.
  • Plus many more improvements and bugfixes.
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