Spline class to get a point on it based off the interpolation mode. More...

#include <Spline.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Spline ()
 Default constructor.
 Spline (InterpolationMode mode)
 Constructor setting InterpolationMode.
 Spline (const Vector< Variant > &knots, InterpolationMode mode=BEZIER_CURVE)
 Constructor setting Knots and InterpolationMode.
 Spline (const Spline &rhs)
 Copy constructor.
void operator= (const Spline &rhs)
 Copy operator.
bool operator== (const Spline &rhs) const
 Equality operator.
bool operator!= (const Spline &rhs) const
 Non Equality operator.
InterpolationMode GetInterpolationMode () const
 Return the ImplementationMode.
const VariantVectorGetKnots () const
 Return the Knots of the Spline.
Variant GetKnot (unsigned index) const
 Return the Knot at the specific index.
Variant GetPoint (float f) const
 Return the T of the point of the Spline at f from 0.f - 1.f.
void SetInterpolationMode (InterpolationMode interpolationMode)
 Set the InterpolationMode of the Spline.
void SetKnots (const Vector< Variant > &knots)
 Set the Knots of the Spline.
void SetKnot (const Variant &knot, unsigned index)
 Set the Knot value of an existing Knot.
void AddKnot (const Variant &knot)
 Add a Knot to the end of the Spline.
void AddKnot (const Variant &knot, unsigned index)
 Add a Knot to the Spline at a specific index.
void RemoveKnot ()
 Remove the last Knot on the Spline.
void RemoveKnot (unsigned index)
 Remove the Knot at the specific index.
void Clear ()
 Clear the Spline.

Private Member Functions

Variant BezierInterpolation (const Vector< Variant > &knots, float t) const
 Perform Bezier Interpolation on the Spline.
Variant LinearInterpolation (const Variant &lhs, const Variant &rhs, float t) const
 LinearInterpolation between two Variants based on underlying type.

Private Attributes

InterpolationMode interpolationMode_
VariantVector knots_
 Knots on the Spline.

Detailed Description

Spline class to get a point on it based off the interpolation mode.

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