Urho3D::AsyncProgress Struct Reference

Asynchronous loading progress of a scene. More...

#include <Urho3D/Scene/Scene.h>

Collaboration diagram for Urho3D::AsyncProgress:

Public Attributes

SharedPtr< Filefile_
 File for binary mode.
SharedPtr< XMLFilexmlFile_
 XML file for XML mode.
SharedPtr< JSONFilejsonFile_
 JSON file for JSON mode.
XMLElement xmlElement_
 Current XML element for XML mode.
unsigned jsonIndex_
 Current JSON child array and for JSON mode.
LoadMode mode_
 Current load mode.
HashSet< StringHashresources_
 Resource name hashes left to load.
unsigned loadedResources_
 Loaded resources.
unsigned totalResources_
 Total resources.
unsigned loadedNodes_
 Loaded root-level nodes.
unsigned totalNodes_
 Total root-level nodes.

Detailed Description

Asynchronous loading progress of a scene.

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