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#include <Urho3D/Graphics/IndexBuffer.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IndexBuffer (Context *context, bool forceHeadless=false)
 Construct. Optionally force headless (no GPU-side buffer) operation.
virtual ~IndexBuffer ()
virtual void OnDeviceLost ()
 Mark the buffer destroyed on graphics context destruction. May be a no-op depending on the API.
virtual void OnDeviceReset ()
 Recreate the buffer and restore data if applicable. May be a no-op depending on the API.
virtual void Release ()
 Release buffer.
void SetShadowed (bool enable)
 Enable shadowing in CPU memory. Shadowing is forced on if the graphics subsystem does not exist.
bool SetSize (unsigned indexCount, bool largeIndices, bool dynamic=false)
 Set size and vertex elements and dynamic mode. Previous data will be lost.
bool SetData (const void *data)
 Set all data in the buffer.
bool SetDataRange (const void *data, unsigned start, unsigned count, bool discard=false)
 Set a data range in the buffer. Optionally discard data outside the range.
void * Lock (unsigned start, unsigned count, bool discard=false)
 Lock the buffer for write-only editing. Return data pointer if successful. Optionally discard data outside the range.
void Unlock ()
 Unlock the buffer and apply changes to the GPU buffer.
bool IsShadowed () const
 Return whether CPU memory shadowing is enabled.
bool IsDynamic () const
 Return whether is dynamic.
bool IsLocked () const
 Return whether is currently locked.
unsigned GetIndexCount () const
 Return number of indices.
unsigned GetIndexSize () const
 Return index size in bytes.
bool GetUsedVertexRange (unsigned start, unsigned count, unsigned &minVertex, unsigned &vertexCount)
 Return used vertex range from index range.
unsigned char * GetShadowData () const
 Return CPU memory shadow data.
SharedArrayPtr< unsigned char > GetShadowDataShared () const
 Return shared array pointer to the CPU memory shadow data.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Urho3D::Object
 Object (Context *context)
virtual ~Object ()
 Destruct. Clean up self from event sender & receiver structures.
virtual StringHash GetType () const =0
 Return type hash.
virtual const StringGetTypeName () const =0
 Return type name.
virtual const TypeInfoGetTypeInfo () const =0
 Return type info.
virtual void OnEvent (Object *sender, StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
 Handle event.
bool IsInstanceOf (StringHash type) const
 Check current instance is type of specified type.
bool IsInstanceOf (const TypeInfo *typeInfo) const
 Check current instance is type of specified type.
template<typename T >
bool IsInstanceOf () const
 Check current instance is type of specified class.
void SubscribeToEvent (StringHash eventType, EventHandler *handler)
 Subscribe to an event that can be sent by any sender.
void SubscribeToEvent (Object *sender, StringHash eventType, EventHandler *handler)
 Subscribe to a specific sender's event.
void UnsubscribeFromEvent (StringHash eventType)
 Unsubscribe from an event.
void UnsubscribeFromEvent (Object *sender, StringHash eventType)
 Unsubscribe from a specific sender's event.
void UnsubscribeFromEvents (Object *sender)
 Unsubscribe from a specific sender's events.
void UnsubscribeFromAllEvents ()
 Unsubscribe from all events.
void UnsubscribeFromAllEventsExcept (const PODVector< StringHash > &exceptions, bool onlyUserData)
 Unsubscribe from all events except those listed, and optionally only those with userdata (script registered events.)
void SendEvent (StringHash eventType)
 Send event to all subscribers.
void SendEvent (StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
 Send event with parameters to all subscribers.
VariantMapGetEventDataMap () const
 Return a preallocated map for event data. Used for optimization to avoid constant re-allocation of event data maps.
ContextGetContext () const
 Return execution context.
const VariantGetGlobalVar (StringHash key) const
 Return global variable based on key.
const VariantMapGetGlobalVars () const
 Return all global variables.
void SetGlobalVar (StringHash key, const Variant &value)
 Set global variable with the respective key and value.
ObjectGetSubsystem (StringHash type) const
 Return subsystem by type.
ObjectGetEventSender () const
 Return active event sender. Null outside event handling.
EventHandlerGetEventHandler () const
 Return active event handler. Null outside event handling.
bool HasSubscribedToEvent (StringHash eventType) const
 Return whether has subscribed to an event without specific sender.
bool HasSubscribedToEvent (Object *sender, StringHash eventType) const
 Return whether has subscribed to a specific sender's event.
bool HasEventHandlers () const
 Return whether has subscribed to any event.
template<class T >
T * GetSubsystem () const
 Template version of returning a subsystem.
const StringGetCategory () const
 Return object category. Categories are (optionally) registered along with the object factory. Return an empty string if the object category is not registered.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Urho3D::RefCounted
 RefCounted ()
 Construct. Allocate the reference count structure and set an initial self weak reference.
virtual ~RefCounted ()
 Destruct. Mark as expired and also delete the reference count structure if no outside weak references exist.
void AddRef ()
 Increment reference count. Can also be called outside of a SharedPtr for traditional reference counting.
void ReleaseRef ()
 Decrement reference count and delete self if no more references. Can also be called outside of a SharedPtr for traditional reference counting.
int Refs () const
 Return reference count.
int WeakRefs () const
 Return weak reference count.
RefCountRefCountPtr ()
 Return pointer to the reference count structure.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Urho3D::GPUObject
 GPUObject (Graphics *graphics)
 Construct with graphics subsystem pointer.
virtual ~GPUObject ()
 Destruct. Remove from the Graphics.
void ClearDataLost ()
 Clear the data lost flag.
GraphicsGetGraphics () const
 Return the graphics subsystem associated with this GPU object.
void * GetGPUObject () const
 Return the object pointer. Applicable only on Direct3D.
unsigned GetGPUObjectName () const
 Return the object name. Applicable only on OpenGL.
bool IsDataLost () const
 Return whether data is lost due to context loss.
bool HasPendingData () const
 Return whether has pending data assigned while graphics context was lost.

Private Member Functions

 URHO3D_OBJECT (IndexBuffer, Object)
bool Create ()
 Create buffer.
bool UpdateToGPU ()
 Update the shadow data to the GPU buffer.
void * MapBuffer (unsigned start, unsigned count, bool discard)
 Map the GPU buffer into CPU memory. Not used on OpenGL.
void UnmapBuffer ()
 Unmap the GPU buffer. Not used on OpenGL.

Private Attributes

SharedArrayPtr< unsigned char > shadowData_
 Shadow data.
unsigned indexCount_
 Number of indices.
unsigned indexSize_
 Index size.
LockState lockState_
 Buffer locking state.
unsigned lockStart_
 Lock start vertex.
unsigned lockCount_
 Lock number of vertices.
void * lockScratchData_
 Scratch buffer for fallback locking.
bool dynamic_
 Dynamic flag.
bool shadowed_
 Shadowed flag.
bool discardLock_
 Discard lock flag. Used by OpenGL only.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Urho3D::Object
static const TypeInfoGetTypeInfoStatic ()
 Return type info static.
- Protected Attributes inherited from Urho3D::Object
 Execution context.
- Protected Attributes inherited from Urho3D::GPUObject
WeakPtr< Graphicsgraphics_
 Graphics subsystem.
GPUObjectHandle object_
 Object pointer or name.
bool dataLost_
 Data lost flag.
bool dataPending_
 Data pending flag.

Detailed Description

Hardware index buffer.

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