Urho3D::Skeleton Class Reference

Hierarchical collection of bones. More...

#include <Urho3D/Graphics/Skeleton.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Skeleton ()
 Construct an empty skeleton.
 ~Skeleton ()
bool Load (Deserializer &source)
 Read from a stream. Return true if successful.
bool Save (Serializer &dest) const
 Write to a stream. Return true if successful.
void Define (const Skeleton &src)
 Define from another skeleton.
void SetRootBoneIndex (unsigned index)
 Set root bone's index.
void ClearBones ()
 Clear bones.
void Reset ()
 Reset all animating bones to initial positions.
const Vector< Bone > & GetBones () const
 Return all bones.
Vector< Bone > & GetModifiableBones ()
 Return modifiable bones.
unsigned GetNumBones () const
 Return number of bones.
BoneGetRootBone ()
 Return root bone.
BoneGetBone (unsigned index)
 Return bone by index.
BoneGetBone (const String &boneName)
 Return bone by name.
BoneGetBone (const char *boneName)
 Return bone by name.
BoneGetBone (StringHash boneNameHash)
 Return bone by name hash.
void ResetSilent ()
 Reset all animating bones to initial positions without marking the nodes dirty. Requires the node dirtying to be performed later.

Private Attributes

Vector< Bonebones_
unsigned rootBoneIndex_
 Root bone index.

Detailed Description

Hierarchical collection of bones.

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