Urho3D::AnimationTrack Struct Reference

#include <Urho3D/Graphics/Animation.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AnimationTrack ()
void SetKeyFrame (unsigned index, const AnimationKeyFrame &keyFrame)
void AddKeyFrame (const AnimationKeyFrame &keyFrame)
 Add a keyframe at the end.
void InsertKeyFrame (unsigned index, const AnimationKeyFrame &keyFrame)
 Insert a keyframe at index.
void RemoveKeyFrame (unsigned index)
 Remove a keyframe at index.
void RemoveAllKeyFrames ()
 Remove all keyframes.
AnimationKeyFrameGetKeyFrame (unsigned index)
 Return keyframe at index, or null if not found.
unsigned GetNumKeyFrames () const
bool GetKeyFrameIndex (float time, unsigned &index) const
 Return keyframe index based on time and previous index. Return false if animation is empty.

Public Attributes

String name_
 Bone or scene node name.
StringHash nameHash_
 Name hash.
AnimationChannelFlags channelMask_ {}
 Bitmask of included data (position, rotation, scale).
Vector< AnimationKeyFramekeyFrames_

Detailed Description

Skeletal animation track, stores keyframes of a single bone.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetNumKeyFrames()

unsigned Urho3D::AnimationTrack::GetNumKeyFrames ( ) const

Return number of keyframes.

◆ SetKeyFrame()

void Urho3D::AnimationTrack::SetKeyFrame ( unsigned  index,
const AnimationKeyFrame keyFrame 

Assign keyframe at index.

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