Urho3D::ShaderParameter Struct Reference

Shader parameter definition. More...

#include <OGLShaderProgram.h>

Collaboration diagram for Urho3D::ShaderParameter:

Public Member Functions

 ShaderParameter ()
 Construct with defaults.
 ShaderParameter (ShaderType type, const String &name, unsigned buffer, unsigned offset, unsigned size, ConstantBuffer *ptr=0)
 Construct with parameters.
 ShaderParameter ()
 Construct with defaults.

Public Attributes

ShaderType type_
 Shader type.
String name_
 Name of the parameter.
unsigned buffer_
 Constant buffer index.
unsigned offset_
 Offset in constant buffer.
unsigned size_
 Size of parameter in bytes.
 Constant buffer pointer. Defined only in shader programs. More...
int location_
 Uniform location or byte offset in constant buffer.
unsigned type_
 Element type.

Detailed Description

Shader parameter definition.

Member Data Documentation

ConstantBuffer * Urho3D::ShaderParameter::bufferPtr_

Constant buffer pointer. Defined only in shader programs.

Constant buffer pointer.

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