Queued 3D geometry draw call. More...

#include <Batch.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Batch ()
 Construct with defaults.
 Batch (const SourceBatch &rhs)
 Construct from a drawable's source batch.
void CalculateSortKey ()
 Calculate state sorting key, which consists of base pass flag, light, pass and geometry.
void Prepare (View *view, Camera *camera, bool setModelTransform, bool allowDepthWrite) const
 Prepare for rendering.
void Draw (View *view, Camera *camera, bool allowDepthWrite) const
 Prepare and draw.

Public Attributes

unsigned long long sortKey_
 State sorting key.
float distance_
 Distance from camera.
unsigned char renderOrder_
 8-bit render order modifier from material.
unsigned char lightMask_
 8-bit light mask for stencil marking in deferred rendering.
bool isBase_
 Base batch flag. This tells to draw the object fully without light optimizations.
const Matrix3x4worldTransform_
 World transform(s). For a skinned model, these are the bone transforms.
unsigned numWorldTransforms_
 Number of world transforms.
 Light properties.
 Material pass.
 Vertex shader.
 Pixel shader.
GeometryType geometryType_
 Geometry type.

Detailed Description

Queued 3D geometry draw call.

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