Urho3D::LightBatchQueue Struct Reference

Queue for light related draw calls. More...

#include <Batch.h>

Collaboration diagram for Urho3D::LightBatchQueue:

Public Attributes

 Per-pixel light.
bool negative_
 Light negative flag.
 Shadow map depth texture.
BatchQueue litBaseBatches_
 Lit geometry draw calls, base (replace blend mode)
BatchQueue litBatches_
 Lit geometry draw calls, non-base (additive)
Vector< ShadowBatchQueueshadowSplits_
 Shadow map split queues.
PODVector< Light * > vertexLights_
 Per-vertex lights.
PODVector< BatchvolumeBatches_
 Light volume draw calls.

Detailed Description

Queue for light related draw calls.

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