Urho3D::RenderTargetInfo Struct Reference

Rendertarget definition. More...

#include <Urho3D/Graphics/RenderPath.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Load (const XMLElement &element)
 Read from an XML element.

Public Attributes

String name_
String tag_
 Tag name.
unsigned format_ {}
 Texture format.
Vector2 size_
 Absolute size or multiplier.
RenderTargetSizeMode sizeMode_ {SIZE_ABSOLUTE}
 Size mode.
int multiSample_ {1}
 Multisampling level (1 = no multisampling).
bool autoResolve_ {true}
 Multisampling autoresolve flag.
bool enabled_ {true}
 Enabled flag.
bool cubemap_ {}
 Cube map flag.
bool filtered_ {}
 Filtering flag.
bool sRGB_ {}
 sRGB sampling/writing mode flag.
bool persistent_ {}
 Should be persistent and not shared/reused between other buffers of same size.

Detailed Description

Rendertarget definition.

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