Urho3D::RenderPathCommand Struct Reference

Rendering path command. More...

#include <Urho3D/Graphics/RenderPath.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RenderPathCommand ()
void Load (const XMLElement &element)
 Read from an XML element.
void SetTextureName (TextureUnit unit, const String &name)
 Set a texture resource name. Can also refer to a rendertarget defined in the rendering path.
void SetShaderParameter (const String &name, const Variant &value)
 Set a shader parameter.
void RemoveShaderParameter (const String &name)
 Remove a shader parameter.
void SetNumOutputs (unsigned num)
 Set number of output rendertargets.
void SetOutput (unsigned index, const String &name, CubeMapFace face=FACE_POSITIVE_X)
 Set output rendertarget name and face index for cube maps.
void SetOutputName (unsigned index, const String &name)
 Set output rendertarget name.
void SetOutputFace (unsigned index, CubeMapFace face)
 Set output rendertarget face index for cube maps.
void SetDepthStencilName (const String &name)
 Set depth-stencil output name. When empty, will assign a depth-stencil buffer automatically.
const StringGetTextureName (TextureUnit unit) const
 Return texture resource name.
const VariantGetShaderParameter (const String &name) const
 Return shader parameter.
unsigned GetNumOutputs () const
 Return number of output rendertargets.
const StringGetOutputName (unsigned index) const
 Return output rendertarget name.
CubeMapFace GetOutputFace (unsigned index) const
 Return output rendertarget face index.
const StringGetDepthStencilName () const
 Return depth-stencil output name.

Public Attributes

String tag_
 Tag name.
RenderCommandType type_
 Command type.
RenderCommandSortMode sortMode_
 Sorting mode.
String pass_
 Scene pass name.
unsigned passIndex_
 Scene pass index. Filled by View.
String metadata_
 Command/pass metadata.
String vertexShaderName_
 Vertex shader name.
String pixelShaderName_
 Pixel shader name.
String vertexShaderDefines_
 Vertex shader defines.
String pixelShaderDefines_
 Pixel shader defines.
String textureNames_ [MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS]
HashMap< StringHash, VariantshaderParameters_
 Shader parameters.
Vector< Pair< String,
CubeMapFace > > 
 Output rendertarget names and faces.
String depthStencilName_
 Depth-stencil output name.
unsigned clearFlags_
 Clear flags. Affects clear command only.
Color clearColor_
 Clear color. Affects clear command only.
float clearDepth_
 Clear depth. Affects clear command only.
unsigned clearStencil_
 Clear stencil value. Affects clear command only.
BlendMode blendMode_
 Blend mode. Affects quad command only.
bool enabled_
 Enabled flag.
bool useFogColor_
 Use fog color for clearing.
bool markToStencil_
 Mark to stencil flag.
bool useLitBase_
 Use lit base pass optimization for forward per-pixel lights.
bool vertexLights_
 Vertex lights flag.
String eventName_
 Event name.

Detailed Description

Rendering path command.

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