Urho3D::RenderPathCommand Struct Reference

Rendering path command. More...

#include <Urho3D/Graphics/RenderPath.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Load (const XMLElement &element)
 Read from an XML element.
void SetTextureName (TextureUnit unit, const String &name)
void SetShaderParameter (const String &name, const Variant &value)
void RemoveShaderParameter (const String &name)
 Remove a shader parameter.
void SetNumOutputs (unsigned num)
void SetOutput (unsigned index, const String &name, CubeMapFace face=FACE_POSITIVE_X)
 Set output rendertarget name and face index for cube maps.
void SetOutputName (unsigned index, const String &name)
void SetOutputFace (unsigned index, CubeMapFace face)
void SetDepthStencilName (const String &name)
const StringGetTextureName (TextureUnit unit) const
const VariantGetShaderParameter (const String &name) const
unsigned GetNumOutputs () const
const StringGetOutputName (unsigned index) const
CubeMapFace GetOutputFace (unsigned index) const
const StringGetDepthStencilName () const

Public Attributes

String tag_
 Tag name.
RenderCommandType type_ {}
 Command type.
RenderCommandSortMode sortMode_ {}
 Sorting mode.
String pass_
 Scene pass name.
unsigned passIndex_ {}
 Scene pass index. Filled by View.
String metadata_
 Command/pass metadata.
String vertexShaderName_
 Vertex shader name.
String pixelShaderName_
 Pixel shader name.
String vertexShaderDefines_
 Vertex shader defines.
String pixelShaderDefines_
 Pixel shader defines.
String textureNames_ [MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS]
HashMap< StringHash, VariantshaderParameters_
 Shader parameters.
Vector< Pair< String, CubeMapFace > > outputs_
 Output rendertarget names and faces.
String depthStencilName_
 Depth-stencil output name.
ClearTargetFlags clearFlags_ {}
 Clear flags. Affects clear command only.
Color clearColor_
 Clear color. Affects clear command only.
float clearDepth_ {}
 Clear depth. Affects clear command only.
unsigned clearStencil_ {}
 Clear stencil value. Affects clear command only.
BlendMode blendMode_ {BLEND_REPLACE}
 Blend mode. Affects quad command only.
bool enabled_ {true}
 Enabled flag.
bool useFogColor_ {}
 Use fog color for clearing.
bool markToStencil_ {}
 Mark to stencil flag.
bool useLitBase_ {true}
 Use lit base pass optimization for forward per-pixel lights.
bool vertexLights_ {}
 Vertex lights flag.
String eventName_
 Event name.

Detailed Description

Rendering path command.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetDepthStencilName()

const String& Urho3D::RenderPathCommand::GetDepthStencilName ( ) const

Return depth-stencil output name.

◆ GetNumOutputs()

unsigned Urho3D::RenderPathCommand::GetNumOutputs ( ) const

Return number of output rendertargets.

◆ GetOutputFace()

CubeMapFace Urho3D::RenderPathCommand::GetOutputFace ( unsigned  index) const

Return output rendertarget face index.

◆ GetOutputName()

const String & Urho3D::RenderPathCommand::GetOutputName ( unsigned  index) const

Return output rendertarget name.

◆ GetShaderParameter()

const Variant & Urho3D::RenderPathCommand::GetShaderParameter ( const String name) const

Return shader parameter.

Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ GetTextureName()

const String & Urho3D::RenderPathCommand::GetTextureName ( TextureUnit  unit) const

Return texture resource name.

◆ SetDepthStencilName()

void Urho3D::RenderPathCommand::SetDepthStencilName ( const String name)

Set depth-stencil output name. When empty, will assign a depth-stencil buffer automatically.

◆ SetNumOutputs()

void Urho3D::RenderPathCommand::SetNumOutputs ( unsigned  num)

Set number of output rendertargets.

Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ SetOutputFace()

void Urho3D::RenderPathCommand::SetOutputFace ( unsigned  index,
CubeMapFace  face 

Set output rendertarget face index for cube maps.

◆ SetOutputName()

void Urho3D::RenderPathCommand::SetOutputName ( unsigned  index,
const String name 

Set output rendertarget name.

◆ SetShaderParameter()

void Urho3D::RenderPathCommand::SetShaderParameter ( const String name,
const Variant value 

Set a shader parameter.

◆ SetTextureName()

void Urho3D::RenderPathCommand::SetTextureName ( TextureUnit  unit,
const String name 

Set a texture resource name. Can also refer to a rendertarget defined in the rendering path.

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