Urho3D::GraphicsImpl Class Reference

Graphics implementation. Holds API-specific objects. More...

#include <OGLGraphicsImpl.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GraphicsImpl ()
ID3D11Device * GetDevice () const
 Return Direct3D device.
ID3D11DeviceContext * GetDeviceContext () const
 Return Direct3D immediate device context.
IDXGISwapChain * GetSwapChain () const
 Return swapchain.
SDL_Window * GetWindow () const
 Return window.
 GraphicsImpl ()
SDL_Window * GetWindow () const
 Return the SDL window.

Private Attributes

SDL_Window * window_
 SDL window.
ID3D11Device * device_
 Graphics device.
ID3D11DeviceContext * deviceContext_
 Immediate device context.
IDXGISwapChain * swapChain_
 Swap chain.
ID3D11RenderTargetView * defaultRenderTargetView_
 Default (backbuffer) rendertarget view.
ID3D11Texture2D * defaultDepthTexture_
 Default depth-stencil texture.
ID3D11DepthStencilView * defaultDepthStencilView_
 Default depth-stencil view.
ID3D11RenderTargetView * renderTargetViews_ [MAX_RENDERTARGETS]
 Current color rendertarget views.
ID3D11DepthStencilView * depthStencilView_
 Current depth-stencil view.
HashMap< unsigned,
ID3D11BlendState * > 
 Created blend state objects.
HashMap< unsigned,
ID3D11DepthStencilState * > 
 Created depth state objects.
HashMap< unsigned,
ID3D11RasterizerState * > 
 Created rasterizer state objects.
ID3D11ShaderResourceView * shaderResourceViews_ [MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS]
 Bound shader resource views.
ID3D11SamplerState * samplers_ [MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS]
 Bound sampler state objects.
ID3D11Buffer * vertexBuffers_ [MAX_VERTEX_STREAMS]
 Bound vertex buffers.
ID3D11Buffer * constantBuffers_ [2][MAX_SHADER_PARAMETER_GROUPS]
 Bound constant buffers.
unsigned vertexSizes_ [MAX_VERTEX_STREAMS]
 Vertex sizes per buffer.
unsigned vertexOffsets_ [MAX_VERTEX_STREAMS]
 Vertex stream offsets per buffer.
SDL_GLContext context_
 SDL OpenGL context.
unsigned systemFBO_
 IOS system framebuffer handle.
unsigned activeTexture_
 Active texture unit.
unsigned enabledAttributes_
 Vertex attributes in use.
unsigned boundFBO_
 Currently bound frame buffer object.
unsigned boundVBO_
 Currently bound vertex buffer object.
unsigned boundUBO_
 Currently bound uniform buffer object.
int pixelFormat_
 Current pixel format.
HashMap< unsigned long long,
 Map for FBO's per resolution and format.
bool fboDirty_
 Need FBO commit flag.
bool sRGBWrite_
 sRGB write mode flag.


class Graphics

Detailed Description

Graphics implementation. Holds API-specific objects.

Graphics subsystem implementation. Holds API-specific objects.

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