Urho3D::GraphicsImpl Class Reference

Graphics subsystem implementation. Holds API-specific objects. More...

#include <Urho3D/Graphics/OpenGL/OGLGraphicsImpl.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GraphicsImpl ()=default
const SDL_GLContext & GetGLContext ()
 Return the GL Context.

Private Attributes

SDL_GLContext context_ {}
 SDL OpenGL context.
unsigned systemFBO_ {}
 iOS/tvOS system framebuffer handle.
unsigned activeTexture_ {}
 Active texture unit.
unsigned enabledVertexAttributes_ {}
 Enabled vertex attributes bitmask.
unsigned usedVertexAttributes_ {}
 Vertex attributes bitmask used by the current shader program.
unsigned instancingVertexAttributes_ {}
 Vertex attribute instancing bitmask for keeping track of divisors.
const HashMap< Pair< unsigned char, unsigned char >, unsigned > * vertexAttributes_ {}
 Current mapping of vertex attribute locations by semantic. The map is owned by the shader program, so care must be taken to switch a null shader program when it's destroyed.
unsigned boundFBO_ {}
 Currently bound frame buffer object.
unsigned boundVBO_ {}
 Currently bound vertex buffer object.
unsigned boundUBO_ {}
 Currently bound uniform buffer object.
unsigned resolveSrcFBO_ {}
 Read frame buffer for multisampled texture resolves.
unsigned resolveDestFBO_ {}
 Write frame buffer for multisampled texture resolves.
int pixelFormat_ {}
 Current pixel format.
HashMap< unsigned long long, FrameBufferObjectframeBuffers_
 Map for FBO's per resolution and format.
unsigned textureTypes_ [MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS] {}
 OpenGL texture types in use.
ConstantBufferMap allConstantBuffers_
 Constant buffer search map.
ConstantBufferconstantBuffers_ [MAX_SHADER_PARAMETER_GROUPS *2] {}
 Currently bound constant buffers.
PODVector< ConstantBuffer * > dirtyConstantBuffers_
 Dirty constant buffers.
unsigned lastInstanceOffset_ {}
 Last used instance data offset.
HashMap< unsigned, SharedPtr< Texture2D > > depthTextures_
 Map for additional depth textures, to emulate Direct3D9 ability to mix render texture and backbuffer rendering.
ShaderProgramshaderProgram_ {}
 Shader program in use.
ShaderProgramMap shaderPrograms_
 Linked shader programs.
bool fboDirty_ {}
 Need FBO commit flag.
bool vertexBuffersDirty_ {}
 Need vertex attribute pointer update flag.
bool sRGBWrite_ {}
 sRGB write mode flag.


class Graphics

Detailed Description

Graphics subsystem implementation. Holds API-specific objects.

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