Script.h File Reference
#include "../Core/Mutex.h"
#include "../Core/Object.h"


class  Urho3D::Script
 Scripting subsystem. Allows execution of AngelScript. More...


enum  Urho3D::DumpMode { DOXYGEN = 0, C_HEADER, MAX_DUMP_MODES }
 Output mode for DumpAPI method.


void Urho3D::RegisterScriptLibrary (Context *context)
 Register Script library objects.


const char * Urho3D::LOGIC_CATEGORY = "Logic"
bool inOrder_
In order flag.
Definition: Connection.h:64
void GetScriptAttributes()
Check for script attributes.
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:632
void SetHorizontalAlignment(HorizontalAlignment align)
Definition: Text3D.cpp:240
unsigned long long GetMemoryBudget(StringHash type) const
Definition: ResourceCache.cpp:765
Vector3 GetDesiredVelocity() const
Definition: CrowdAgent.cpp:479
void ClearParameterSource(ShaderParameterGroup group)
Clear remembered shader parameter source group.
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:1472
TileMapLayerType2D GetType() const
Return type.
Definition: TmxFile2D.h:48
Definition: Rect.h:32
bool filtered_
Filtering flag.
Definition: RenderPath.h:92
IntVector2 ConvertSystemToUI(const IntVector2 &systemPos) const
Convert system mouse position (or offset) to scaled UI position (or offset).
Definition: UI.cpp:852
Rendering path command.
Definition: RenderPath.h:100
const Vector3 & GetNetPositionAttr() const
Return network position attribute.
Definition: Node.cpp:1512
float targetWeight_
Animation target weight.
Definition: AnimationController.h:63
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: Texture2DArray.cpp:61
bool IsCompressed() const
Definition: Sound.h:114
TmxFile2D(Context *context)
Definition: TmxFile2D.cpp:376
void ClearAll()
Clear all bits.
Definition: ReplicationState.h:92
void SetResizePopup(bool enable)
Definition: DropDownList.cpp:193
T * GetValuePtr()
Return pointer to value of the specified type. Return null pointer if type does not match.
Definition: Variant.h:1556
float GetAnimationLodBias() const
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:291
float rowHeight_
Row height.
Definition: Text.h:283
bool GetHardwareShadowSupport() const
Definition: Graphics.h:464
String & AppendWithFormat(const char *formatString,...)
Append to string using formatting.
Definition: Str.cpp:1078
void AddEventHandler(StringHash eventType, const String &handlerName) override
Add a scripted event handler.
Definition: ScriptFile.cpp:190
bool threadedUpdate_
Threaded update flag.
Definition: Scene.h:359
Rigid body collision event signaling mode.
Definition: RigidBody.h:44
void LoadPropertySet(const XMLElement &element)
Load property set.
Definition: TmxFile2D.cpp:80
bool Stop(const String &name, float fadeOutTime=0.0f)
Stop an animation. Zero fadetime is instant. Return true on success.
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:208
bool error_
Error flag for raw messages.
Definition: Log.h:69
Scene * scene_
Scene to use.
Definition: View.h:316
Vector< Bone > bones_
Bones used for skinned decals.
Definition: DecalSet.h:238
ListView * GetListView() const
Definition: DropDownList.h:93
Drag and drop disabled.
Definition: UIElement.h:107
Definition: SmoothedTransform.h:32
AnimatedModel * GetModel() const
Definition: AnimationState.cpp:374
static unsigned GetRGFloat32Format()
Return the API-specific RG 32-bit float texture format.
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:2634
float GetDampingRatio() const
Definition: ConstraintWeld2D.h:63
unsigned lightMask_
Light mask.
Definition: Terrain.h:350
bool IsObject() const
Definition: JSONValue.h:199
unsigned size_
File size.
Definition: LuaFile.h:58
bool sendFinishedEvent_
Ready to send effect finish event flag.
Definition: ParticleEmitter.h:162
void BeginThreadedUpdate()
Begin a threaded update. During threaded update components can choose to delay dirty processing.
Definition: Scene.cpp:812
IntRect upRect_
Up button image rect.
Definition: ScrollBar.h:130
bool animated_
Animation enable flag.
Definition: Skeleton.h:75
unsigned checksum_
Scene source file checksum.
Definition: Scene.h:343
Hash map node const iterator.
Definition: HashMap.h:156
void SetNumTriggers(unsigned num)
Definition: Animation.cpp:369
const String & GetOutputName(unsigned index) const
Definition: RenderPath.cpp:299
bool Empty() const
Return whether vector is empty.
Definition: Vector.h:537
CollisionCircle2D(Context *context)
Definition: CollisionCircle2D.cpp:37
float GetSourceHeight(int x, int z) const
Return a source terrain height value, clamping to edges. The source data is used for smoothing.
Definition: Terrain.cpp:1307
void SetVSMMultiSample(int multiSample)
Definition: Renderer.cpp:425
void SetMaxParticleSize(const Vector2 &size)
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:535
float width_
Width of trail.
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:249
unsigned readBufferOffset_
Read buffer position.
Definition: File.h:138
void SetCastShadows(bool enable)
Definition: Terrain.cpp:476
int GetMaxOccluderTriangles() const
Definition: Renderer.h:374
Color GetEffectiveColor() const
Definition: Light.cpp:439
T AbsMod(T x, T y)
Return always positive remainder of X/Y.
Definition: MathDefs.h:198
bool HasPendingData() const
Return whether has pending data assigned while graphics context was lost.
Definition: GPUObject.h:70
bool GetBool() const
Return boolean.
Definition: PListFile.cpp:197
SharedArrayPtr< unsigned char > shadowData_
Shadow data.
Definition: IndexBuffer.h:104
void Close()
Close the window.
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:548
Definition: IKEffector.h:36
T * Last() const
Return last element, or null if empty.
Definition: LinkedList.h:172
void SetUpperAngle(float upperAngle)
Definition: ConstraintRevolute2D.cpp:101
SharedPtr< Texture > backupTexture_
Backup texture.
Definition: Texture.h:279
IntVector2 size_
Current size.
Definition: AreaAllocator.h:64
Definition: RefCounted.h:38
static const Vector2 ONE
(1,1) vector.
Definition: Vector2.h:391
int textureAnisotropy_
Texture anisotropy level.
Definition: Renderer.h:607
void RemoveAllChildren()
Remove all child scene nodes.
Definition: Node.cpp:881
int maxNonThreadedWorkMs_
Maximum milliseconds per frame to spend on low-priority work, when there are no worker threads.
Definition: WorkQueue.h:153
Matrix3x4(float v00, float v01, float v02, float v03, float v10, float v11, float v12, float v13, float v20, float v21, float v22, float v23) noexcept
Construct from values.
Definition: Matrix3x4.h:107
float w_
W coordinate.
Definition: Vector4.h:231
virtual void Release()
Unconditionally release the GPU resource.
Definition: GPUObject.cpp:64
Static model component.
Definition: StaticModel.h:42
bool IsCustom() const
Return true when the variant stores custom type.
Definition: Variant.h:1347
Typed resource reference.
Definition: Variant.h:89
float animationLodBias_
Animation LOD bias.
Definition: AnimatedModel.h:247
unsigned ReadNetID()
Read a 24-bit network object ID.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:453
void SetAmbientColor(const Color &color)
Definition: Zone.cpp:106
IntVector2 position_
Position in screen coordinates.
Definition: Input.h:67
bool GetSerializeParticles() const
Definition: ParticleEmitter.h:109
HashMap< const char *, asITypeInfo * > objectTypes_
Search cache for inbuilt object types.
Definition: Script.h:139
StringVector metadataKeys_
Animation metadata keys.
Definition: Resource.h:157
unsigned lastFrame_
Last frame counter for knowing when to erase the custom world transforms of previous frame.
Definition: Skybox.h:55
VectorBuffer attrBuffer_
Attribute buffer for network replication.
Definition: BillboardSet.h:229
int Height() const
Definition: Rect.h:417
void HandleConsoleCommand(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle a console command event.
Definition: FileSystem.cpp:927
Mouse cursor UI element.
Definition: Cursor.h:94
No ongoing smoothing.
Definition: SmoothedTransform.h:35
void UnregisterVar(const String &name)
Unregister a node user variable hash reverse mapping.
Definition: Scene.cpp:696
void Pop()
Remove the last element.
Definition: Vector.h:860
Controls controls_
Current controls.
Definition: Connection.h:273
BoundingBox(const Polyhedron &poly)
Construct from a polyhedron.
Definition: BoundingBox.h:108
ShaderType type_
Shader type.
Definition: ShaderVariation.h:158
Script array class.
Definition: Addons.h:46
SharedPtr< RenderSurface > renderSurfaces_[MAX_CUBEMAP_FACES]
Render surfaces.
Definition: TextureCube.h:86
Variant's supported types.
Definition: Variant.h:41
void SetTexture(Texture *texture)
Definition: Sprite.cpp:194
Input Mouse Modes.
Definition: Input.h:39
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: CollisionShape2D.cpp:54
Vector2(float x, float y) noexcept
Construct from coordinates.
Definition: Vector2.h:196
bool SetDefaultWindowModes(int width, int height, const ScreenModeParams &params)
Set default window modes. Return true if successful.
Definition: Graphics.cpp:118
void SetMinFps(int fps)
Definition: Engine.cpp:563
float GetMapWidth() const
Definition: TileMapDefs2D.cpp:35
void SetTargetNode(Node *targetNode)
The position of the target node provides the target position of the effector node.
Definition: IKEffector.cpp:84
String stringId_
Localization string id storage. Used when autoLocalizable flag is set.
Definition: Text.h:299
Mutex octreeMutex_
Mutex for octree reinsertions.
Definition: Octree.h:216
ListNodeBase * prev_
Previous node.
Definition: ListBase.h:48
unsigned GetCollisionLayer() const
Definition: RigidBody.h:272
PODVector< OcclusionBatch > batches_
Submitted render jobs.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.h:187
Named pipe for interprocess communication.
Definition: NamedPipe.h:37
Rect(const Vector4 &vector) noexcept
Construct from a Vector4.
Definition: Rect.h:57
void QuantizeDirLightShadowCamera(Camera *shadowCamera, Light *light, const IntRect &shadowViewport, const BoundingBox &viewBox)
Quantize a directional light shadow camera view to eliminate swimming.
Definition: View.cpp:2729
BoundingBox shadowCasterBox_[MAX_LIGHT_SPLITS]
Combined bounding box of shadow casters in light projection space. Only used for focused spot lights.
Definition: View.h:70
virtual void UpdateSourceBatches()=0
Update source batches.
bool occludee_
Occludee flag.
Definition: Drawable.h:369
const HashMap< Pair< unsigned char, unsigned char >, unsigned > * vertexAttributes_
Current mapping of vertex attribute locations by semantic. The map is owned by the shader program,...
Definition: OGLGraphicsImpl.h:124
float constantBias_
Constant bias.
Definition: Light.h:73
bool GetResizePopup() const
Definition: DropDownList.h:105
unsigned GetMaxLayers() const
Definition: DynamicNavigationMesh.h:97
bool HasAttribute(const String &name) const
Return whether has an attribute.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:666
Vector< SharedPtr< TileMapObject2D > > objects_
Definition: TmxFile2D.h:126
void SetCursorShape(WindowDragMode mode, Cursor *cursor) const
Set cursor shape based on drag mode.
Definition: Window.cpp:369
SharedArrayPtr< float > sourceHeightData_
Source height data for smoothing.
Definition: Terrain.h:298
void MarkTreeNeedsRebuild()
Indicates that the tree structure has changed in some way and needs updating (nodes added or removed,...
Definition: IKSolver.cpp:495
ConstIterator & operator++()
Preincrement the pointer.
Definition: HashSet.h:138
bool operator<(const WeakArrayPtr< T > &rhs) const
Test for less than with another weak array pointer.
Definition: ArrayPtr.h:340
static const Vector2 RIGHT
(1,0) vector.
Definition: Vector2.h:385
const IntVector2 & GetEffectShadowOffset() const
Definition: Text.h:183
bool BeginLoadXML(Deserializer &source)
Helper function for loading XML files.
Definition: Material.cpp:272
void OnSceneSet(Scene *scene) override
Handle scene being assigned.
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:839
void OnSetEnabled() override
Handle enabled/disabled state change.
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.cpp:75
HorizontalAlignment GetHorizontalAlignment() const
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1495
Vector3 GetContactPosition(int wheel) const
Get wheel contact position.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:529
AnimationChannelFlags channelMask_
Bitmask of included data (position, rotation, scale).
Definition: Animation.h:99
Octree(Context *context)
Definition: Octree.cpp:311
void SetVisible(bool enable)
Definition: UIElement.cpp:957
void SetRotation(float angle)
Definition: Sprite.cpp:185
unsigned GetNumChildren(bool recursive=false) const
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1617
String textureNames_[MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS]
Definition: RenderPath.h:170
unsigned GetVertexCount() const
Definition: CollisionPolygon2D.h:53
Vector3 halfSize_
World bounding box half size.
Definition: Octree.h:148
StringHash psExtraDefinesHash_
Hash for pixel shader extra defines.
Definition: Batch.h:273
void CreateBody()
Create body.
Definition: RigidBody2D.cpp:365
Definition: Str.cpp:1275
IntVector2 GetSize() const
Definition: Graphics.h:376
SharedPtr< XMLFile > loadParameters_
Parameter file acquired during BeginLoad.
Definition: Texture3D.h:75
Rect Projected(const Matrix4 &projection) const
Return projected by a 4x4 projection matrix.
Definition: Frustum.cpp:209
bool zoneDirty_
Zone inconclusive or dirtied flag.
Definition: Drawable.h:373
Static sprite component.
Definition: StaticSprite2D.h:33
void SetGeometryDataAttr(const PODVector< unsigned char > &value)
Set geometry data attribute.
Definition: CustomGeometry.cpp:734
BoundingBox GetBoundingBox() const
Definition: NavArea.h:56
ResourceRef(StringHash type, const String &name)
Construct with type and resource name.
Definition: Variant.h:101
const BoundingBox & GetBoundingBox() const
Definition: Drawable.h:189
void SetToggleFullscreen(bool enable)
Definition: Input.cpp:928
void SetPressedOffset(const IntVector2 &offset)
Definition: Button.cpp:157
float erp_
Error reduction parameter.
Definition: Constraint.h:222
bool operator!=(const Vector< T > &rhs) const
Test for inequality with another vector.
Definition: Vector.h:177
void FromAngleAxis(float angle, const Vector3 &axis)
Define from an angle (in degrees) and axis.
Definition: Quaternion.cpp:36
Technique(Context *context)
Definition: Technique.cpp:240
void HandleTextChanged(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle text change in the line edit.
Definition: Console.cpp:361
void StopLockless()
Stop sound without locking the audio mutex. Called internally.
Definition: SoundSource.cpp:576
void SetShaderParameterAnimationSpeed(const String &name, float speed)
Set shader parameter animation speed.
Definition: Material.cpp:1025
void SetFinishParticleSizeVariance(float finishParticleSizeVariance)
Set finish particle size variance.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.cpp:404
Color or depth-stencil surface that can be rendered into.
Definition: RenderSurface.h:34
Animation * animation_
Current animation.
Definition: SpriterInstance2D.h:99
unsigned GetTimerPeriod() const
Return current low-resolution timer period in milliseconds.
Definition: Timer.h:104
StringHash GetAnimationNameHash() const
Return animation name hash.
Definition: Animation.h:171
static const Variant EMPTY
Empty variant.
Definition: Variant.h:1386
bool mouseGrabbed_
Flag to indicate the mouse is being grabbed by an operation. Subsystems like UI that uses mouse shoul...
Definition: Input.h:454
unsigned GetControlledIdAttr() const
Get Controlled Node ID attribute.
Definition: SplinePath.h:119
bool IsChildOf(UIElement *element) const
Return whether is a direct or indirect child of specified element.
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1547
void UpdateEventSubscription()
Update whether should be subscribed to scene or global update events for shader parameter animation.
Definition: Material.cpp:1322
unsigned GetDragButtonCount() const
Definition: UIElement.h:711
WeakPtr< Zone > lastAmbientStartZone_
Last zone used for ambient gradient start color.
Definition: Zone.h:194
VariantMap smoothingData_
Preallocated event data map for smoothing update events.
Definition: Scene.h:333
MouseMode GetMouseMode() const
Definition: Input.h:341
IntRect leftRect_
Left button image rect.
Definition: ScrollBar.h:126
void SetTargetPosition(const Vector3 &position)
Definition: CrowdAgent.cpp:326
void PrepareNetworkUpdate()
Prepare network update by comparing attributes and marking replication states dirty as necessary.
Definition: Scene.cpp:1091
void DrawDebugGeometry(DebugRenderer *debug, bool depthTest) override
Visualize the component as debug geometry.
Definition: TerrainPatch.cpp:209
T * Get() const
Return the raw pointer.
Definition: Ptr.h:649
bool IsEmpty() const
Definition: Geometry.h:126
Rect drawRect_
Draw rectangle.
Definition: StaticSprite2D.h:192
float delay_
Delay time remaining until execution.
Definition: ScriptEventListener.h:42
3D text component.
Definition: Text3D.h:36
bool colorWrite_
Color write enable.
Definition: Graphics.h:860
Doubly-linked list template class.
Definition: List.h:32
void OnSceneSet(Scene *scene) override
Handle scene being assigned, identify our DynamicNavigationMesh.
Definition: Obstacle.cpp:95
void SetMaxRadius(float maxRadius)
Set max radius.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.cpp:419
TextureFilterMode filterMode_
Filtering mode.
Definition: Texture.h:257
const KeyValue * operator->() const
Point to the pair.
Definition: HashMap.h:211
~CollisionEdge2D() override
float value_
ProgressBar current value.
Definition: ProgressBar.h:113
constexpr RandomAccessConstIterator()
Definition: Iter.h:130
const float * Data() const
Return float data.
Definition: Color.h:142
Camera component.
Definition: Camera.h:50
WeakPtr< Renderer2D > renderer_
Definition: Drawable2D.h:124
const StringVector & GetTags() const
Definition: UIElement.h:697
float maxDistance_
Maximum ray distance.
Definition: OctreeQuery.h:257
dtCrowd * crowd_
Internal Detour crowd object.
Definition: CrowdManager.h:193
void OnDeviceLost() override
Mark the buffer destroyed on graphics context destruction. May be a no-op depending on the API.
Definition: OGLVertexBuffer.cpp:35
float fontSize_
Font size.
Definition: Text.h:255
void OnWorldBoundingBoxUpdate() override
Recalculate the world-space bounding box.
Definition: RibbonTrail.cpp:430
bool HasRegisteredPaths() const
Return whether paths have been registered.
Definition: FileSystem.h:90
void SetMemoryBudget(StringHash type, unsigned long long budget)
Definition: ResourceCache.cpp:436
bool SetIndexBuffers(const Vector< SharedPtr< IndexBuffer > > &buffers)
Set index buffers.
Definition: Model.cpp:522
RefCount * RefCountPtr()
Return pointer to the reference count structure.
Definition: RefCounted.h:84
unsigned Hash(const T &key) const
Compute a hash based on the key and the bucket size.
Definition: HashSet.h:640
void MixMonoToStereoIP(Sound *sound, int *dest, unsigned samples, int mixRate)
Mix mono sample to stereo buffer interpolated.
Definition: SoundSource.cpp:832
asIScriptObject * object_
Script object that the handler method belongs to. Null for procedural event handling.
Definition: ScriptFile.h:182
ResourceRef GetModelAttr() const
Return model attribute.
Definition: StaticModel.cpp:386
AnimationState(AnimatedModel *model, Animation *animation)
Construct with animated model and animation pointers.
Definition: AnimationState.cpp:46
void ReloadResourceWithDependencies(const String &fileName)
Reload a resource based on filename. Causes also reload of dependent resources if necessary.
Definition: ResourceCache.cpp:398
void Insert(unsigned pos, T &&value)
Insert an element at position.
Definition: Vector.h:291
bool GetInterpolation() const
Definition: Audio.h:83
void SetAutoUpdate(bool enable)
Definition: View3D.cpp:119
Vector3 ClosestPoint(const Ray &ray) const
Return closest point to another ray.
Definition: Ray.cpp:34
void SetMaxIndices(unsigned num)
Definition: DecalSet.cpp:272
unsigned GetNumLayers() const
Return number of layers.
Definition: TmxFile2D.h:196
Sprite2D * GetSprite() const
Return sprite.
Definition: AnimationSet2D.cpp:207
void SetDynamicInstancing(bool enable)
Definition: Renderer.cpp:459
void SetWheelAxle(int wheel, Vector3 axle)
Set wheel axle vector.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:635
void SetMaxLodLevelsAttr(unsigned value)
Set max LOD levels attribute.
Definition: Terrain.cpp:816
void SetMinSize(const IntVector2 &minSize)
Definition: UIElement.cpp:603
T Tan(T angle)
Definition: MathDefs.h:158
bool GetButtonDown(unsigned index) const
Definition: Input.h:105
void FromRotationTo(const Vector3 &start, const Vector3 &end)
Define from the rotation difference between two direction vectors.
Definition: Quaternion.cpp:68
bool autoExit_
Auto-exit flag.
Definition: Engine.h:165
unsigned GetNumCommands() const
Definition: RenderPath.h:258
Camera * shadowCameras_[MAX_LIGHT_SPLITS]
Shadow cameras.
Definition: View.h:64
float GetWheelMaxSuspensionForce(int wheel) const
Get wheel max suspension force.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:473
void HandlePressedReleased(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle press and release for selection and toggling popup visibility.
Definition: Menu.cpp:356
float x_
X coordinate.
Definition: Quaternion.h:470
bool RemoveWorkItem(SharedPtr< WorkItem > item)
Remove a work item before it has started executing. Return true if successfully removed.
Definition: WorkQueue.cpp:173
void SetOwner(Connection *owner)
Definition: Node.cpp:738
virtual btCollisionShape * UpdateDerivedShape(int shapeType, const Vector3 &newWorldScale)
Definition: CollisionShape.cpp:1194
void UpdateAmbientGradient()
Recalculate the ambient gradient colors from neighbor zones. Not safe to call from worker threads due...
Definition: Zone.cpp:252
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory. StaticModel must be registered first.
Definition: StaticModelGroup.cpp:58
void SetUseClipping(bool enable)
Definition: Camera.cpp:233
void SetOrientation(Orientation orientation)
Definition: Slider.cpp:166
void PushDouble(double value)
Push double to stack.
Definition: LuaFunction.cpp:123
const ColorFrame * GetColorFrame(unsigned index) const
Return a color animation frame, or null if outside range.
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:780
Animated model component.
Definition: AnimatedModel.h:36
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory. Drawable must be registered first.
Definition: CustomGeometry.cpp:61
bool initialized_
Initialized flag.
Definition: UI.h:434
const Color & GetFinishColorVariance() const
Return finish color variance.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.h:185
bool Load(Deserializer &source) override
Load from binary data. Return true if successful.
Definition: AnimatedModel.cpp:128
void SetLightType(LightType type)
Definition: Light.cpp:271
int maxParticles_
Max particles.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.h:294
Matrix4 GetGPUProjection() const
Definition: Camera.cpp:448
T * Get() const
Return raw pointer. If expired, return null.
Definition: Ptr.h:400
float GetAttributeAnimationTime(const String &name) const
Return attribute animation time position.
Definition: Animatable.cpp:446
float GetFogStart() const
Definition: Zone.h:106
float ReadFloat(const XMLElement &element, const String &name) const
Read float.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.cpp:525
virtual bool IsWithinScissor(const IntRect &currentScissor)
Return whether is visible and inside a scissor rectangle and should be rendered.
Definition: UIElement.cpp:385
Base class for animatable object, an animatable object can be set animation on it's attributes,...
Definition: Animatable.h:63
const String & GetConnectionString() const
Return database connection string. The connection string for SQLite3 is using the URI format describe...
Definition: ODBCConnection.h:50
int WeakRefs() const
Return the array's weak reference count, or 0 if the pointer is null.
Definition: ArrayPtr.h:165
void HandleTargetRotation(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle SmoothedTransform target rotation update.
Definition: RigidBody.cpp:1045
float GetERP() const
Definition: Constraint.h:162
float delay_
Delay from hover start to displaying the tooltip.
Definition: ToolTip.h:67
void AddRef()
Add a reference to the array pointed to.
Definition: ArrayPtr.h:178
List< Decal > decals_
Definition: DecalSet.h:236
void ResetShadowMaps()
Remove all shadow maps. Called when global shadow map resolution or format is changed.
Definition: Renderer.cpp:1898
ParticleEffect(Context *context)
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:59
float GetTangentialAcceleration() const
Return tangential acceleration.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.h:167
bool subscribed_
Subscribed to smoothing update event flag.
Definition: SmoothedTransform.h:105
bool GetButtonPress(unsigned index) const
Definition: Input.h:109
Octree * root_
Octree root.
Definition: Octree.h:156
float GetRatio() const
Definition: ConstraintGear2D.h:63
void ApplyForce(const Vector3 &force)
Apply force to center of mass.
Definition: RigidBody.cpp:516
WeakPtr< Shader > owner_
Shader this variation belongs to.
Definition: ShaderVariation.h:156
b2JointDef * GetJointDef() override
Return joint def.
Definition: ConstraintRope2D.cpp:96
void Reset(T *ptr=nullptr)
Definition: Ptr.h:652
Convex constructed of 6 planes.
Definition: Frustum.h:51
AnimationBlendMode GetBlendMode(const String &name) const
Return animation blending mode.
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:519
PODVector< IntVector2 > tileQueue_
Queue of tiles to be built.
Definition: DynamicNavigationMesh.h:154
void SetNumGeometries(unsigned num)
Definition: CustomGeometry.cpp:501
const std::type_info & GetTypeInfo() const
Get the type info.
Definition: Variant.h:185
unsigned defaultTextureAnisotropy_
Default texture max. anisotropy level.
Definition: Graphics.h:854
Vector3 position_
Offset position.
Definition: CollisionShape.h:317
void SetScrollDeceleration(float deceleration)
Definition: ScrollView.h:88
void HandleNavigationTileAdded(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle navigation mesh tile added.
Definition: CrowdAgent.cpp:650
bool GetColorWrite() const
Return whether color write is enabled.
Definition: Graphics.h:553
Float or double.
Definition: JSONValue.h:59
void AddRenderTarget(const RenderTargetInfo &info)
Add a rendertarget.
Definition: RenderPath.cpp:435
~ConstraintRevolute2D() override
~ToolTip() override
void SetDefaultStyle(XMLFile *style)
Definition: DebugHud.cpp:208
static unsigned GetRGBAFormat()
Return the API-specific RGBA texture format.
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:2584
static String GetTimeStamp()
Get a date/time stamp as a string.
Definition: Timer.cpp:172
void ShowPopup(bool enable)
Definition: Menu.cpp:291
unsigned viewMask_
Drawable layers to include.
Definition: OctreeQuery.h:255
bool LoadJSON(const JSONValue &source) override
Load from JSON data. Return true if successful.
Definition: Node.cpp:175
String(const T &value)
Construct from a convertible value.
Definition: Str.h:157
SharedPtr< XMLFile > xmlFile_
XML file for XML mode.
Definition: Scene.h:62
CollisionGeometryDataCache gimpactTrimeshCache_
Cache for GImpact trimesh geometry data by model and LOD level.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:348
String path_
The path being watched.
Definition: FileWatcher.h:71
void DrawSolidCircle(const b2Vec2 &center, float32 radius, const b2Vec2 &axis, const b2Color &color) override
Draw a solid circle.
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.cpp:238
unsigned GetNumViews() const
Definition: Renderer.h:402
bool GetUpdateNodePosition() const
Definition: CrowdAgent.h:165
T Atan2(T y, T x)
Definition: MathDefs.h:174
void SetKnot(const Variant &knot, unsigned index)
Set the value of an existing knot.
Definition: Spline.cpp:104
Construct empty.
Definition: Str.cpp:1237
void SeekInternal(unsigned newPosition)
Seek in file internally using either C standard IO functions or SDL RWops for Android asset files.
Definition: File.cpp:538
Is focusable and also defocusable by pressing ESC.
Definition: UIElement.h:81
SharedPtr< ObjectAnimation > objectAnimation_
Definition: Animatable.h:155
static struct PhysicsWorldConfig config
Overrides of the internal configuration.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:303
bool Define(RenderSurface *renderTarget, Viewport *viewport)
Define with rendertarget and viewport. Return true if successful.
Definition: View.cpp:293
void SetRawVertexData(const SharedArrayPtr< unsigned char > &data, const PODVector< VertexElement > &elements)
Override raw vertex data to be returned for CPU-side operations.
Definition: Geometry.cpp:156
bool BeginLoad(Deserializer &source) override
Load resource from stream. May be called from a worker thread. Return true if successful.
Definition: ObjectAnimation.cpp:58
Matrix3x4 reflectionMatrix_
Reflection matrix calculated from the plane.
Definition: Camera.h:316
View(Context *context)
Definition: View.cpp:282
bool emitting_
Currently emitting flag.
Definition: ParticleEmitter.h:156
const PListValueMap & GetValueMap() const
Return value map.
Definition: PListFile.cpp:242
void ReleaseShape()
Release the collision shape.
Definition: CollisionShape.cpp:889
void RemoveMetadata(const String &name)
Remove metadata variable.
Definition: Resource.cpp:140
Vector3 EulerAngles() const
Definition: Quaternion.cpp:177
NavigationPushiness GetNavigationPushiness() const
Definition: CrowdAgent.h:200
LineEdit * GetPathEdit() const
Definition: FileSelector.h:103
Construct with zero size.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:34
void UpdateMaterial()
Update material.
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.cpp:269
void ClearInt(unsigned uintColor)
Clear the image with an integer color. R component is in the 8 lowest bits.
Definition: Image.cpp:1220
~RigidBody() override
Destruct. Free the rigid body and geometries.
Definition: RigidBody.cpp:86
bool GetEffectRoundStroke() const
Definition: Text3D.cpp:443
const String & GetEntity() const
Definition: AnimatedSprite2D.h:92
void ProcessIdentity(int msgID, MemoryBuffer &msg)
Process an Identity message from the client. Called by Network.
Definition: Connection.cpp:937
void Initialize()
Initialize when screen mode initially set.
Definition: Input.cpp:1514
unsigned boundFBO_
Currently bound frame buffer object.
Definition: OGLGraphicsImpl.h:126
Vector3 position_
Definition: Node.h:739
Vector3 gravityOverride_
Gravity override vector.
Definition: RigidBody.h:335
WeakArrayPtr(const SharedArrayPtr< T > &rhs)
Construct from a shared array pointer.
Definition: ArrayPtr.h:250
const String & GetType() const
Definition: TileMapDefs2D.h:188
StringHash(unsigned value) noexcept
Construct with an initial value.
Definition: StringHash.h:46
void AddEventHandler(Object *sender, const StringHash &eventType, LuaFunction *function)
Add a scripted event handler.
Definition: LuaScriptEventInvoker.cpp:47
bool Exists(const String &fileName) const
Check if a file exists within the package file. This will be case-insensitive on Windows and case-sen...
Definition: PackageFile.cpp:113
Bone * startBone_
Start bone.
Definition: AnimationState.h:183
bool IsFrontWheel(int wheel) const
True if front wheel, otherwise false.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:678
bool CreateDir(const String &pathName)
Create a directory.
Definition: FileSystem.cpp:330
static const ChannelMask ABGR
Mask for 0xAABBGGRR layout.
Definition: Color.h:49
unsigned GetNumDecals() const
Definition: DecalSet.h:155
static void BulkTranspose(float *dest, const float *src, unsigned count)
Bulk transpose matrices.
Definition: Matrix2.h:238
float GetSpeed(const String &name) const
Return animation speed.
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:531
static unsigned GetLuminanceFormat()
Return the API-specific luminance texture format.
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:2559
int maxFontTextureSize_
Font texture maximum size.
Definition: UI.h:432
Octree component. Should be added only to the root scene node.
Definition: Octree.h:162
Iterator Erase(const Iterator &start, const Iterator &end)
Erase a range by iterators. Return an iterator to the next element.
Definition: List.h:336
PODVector< Vector3 > offMeshVertices_
Offmesh connection vertices.
Definition: NavBuildData.h:68
~Network() override
Definition: Network.cpp:269
void SetSelectionColor(const Color &color)
Definition: UISelectable.cpp:59
UniquePtr< NetworkState > networkState_
Network attribute state.
Definition: Serializable.h:141
unsigned numOcclusionBuffers_
Number of occlusion buffers in use.
Definition: Renderer.h:643
int width_
Definition: Image.h:65
void UpdateVertexBuffer(const FrameInfo &frame)
Rewrite RibbonTrail vertex buffer.
Definition: RibbonTrail.cpp:523
IntVector2 GetMouseMove() const
Definition: Input.cpp:1415
void DrawBatch(const OcclusionBatch &batch, unsigned threadIndex)
Draw a batch. Called internally.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.cpp:464
void DrawDebugGeometry(DebugRenderer *debug, bool depthTest) override
Visualize the component as debug geometry.
Definition: Drawable.cpp:167
void OnMarkedDirty(Node *node) override
Handle node transform being dirtied.
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:549
void SetMaterial(Material *material)
Definition: DecalSet.cpp:248
float GetElapsedTime() const
Definition: Scene.h:216
Variant(const IntVector2 &value)
Construct from an IntVector2.
Definition: Variant.h:482
Texture * GetScreenBuffer(int width, int height, unsigned format, int multiSample, bool autoResolve, bool cubemap, bool filtered, bool srgb, unsigned persistentKey=0)
Allocate a rendertarget or depth-stencil texture for deferred rendering or postprocessing....
Definition: Renderer.cpp:996
int shadowMapSize_
Shadow map resolution.
Definition: Renderer.h:615
float Element(unsigned i, unsigned j) const
Return matrix element.
Definition: Matrix4.h:642
HashMap< unsigned, NodeReplicationState > nodeStates_
Nodes by ID.
Definition: ReplicationState.h:178
float GetDistanceSquared(const Vector3 &worldPos) const
Return squared distance to position. In orthographic mode uses only Z coordinate.
Definition: Camera.cpp:498
HashMap< Object *, HashMap< StringHash, SharedPtr< EventReceiverGroup > > > specificEventReceivers_
Event receivers for specific senders' events.
Definition: Context.h:236
const String & GetHistoryRow(unsigned index) const
Definition: Console.cpp:305
unsigned selectionAttr_
Selected item index attribute.
Definition: DropDownList.h:132
const String & GetText() const
Definition: Text3D.cpp:398
int GetHeight() const
Definition: Texture.h:97
unsigned GetUInt(const String &name) const
Return an unsigned integer attribute, or zero if missing.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:802
void HandleConsoleCommand(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle a console command event.
Definition: Script.cpp:425
HashSet(const HashSet< T > &set)
Construct from another hash set.
Definition: HashSet.h:183
String loadTextureName_
Texture name used while loading.
Definition: SpriteSheet2D.h:96
bool IsLocked() const
Return whether is currently locked.
Definition: VertexBuffer.h:76
T ToRadians(const T degrees)
Convert degrees to radians.
Definition: MathDefs.h:106
Vector< SharedArrayPtr< DepthValue > > mipBuffers_
Reduced size depth buffers.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.h:185
void RegisterVar(const String &name)
Register a node user variable hash reverse mapping (for editing).
Definition: Scene.cpp:691
DecalVertex(const Vector3 &position, const Vector3 &normal, const float *blendWeights, const unsigned char *blendIndices)
Construct with position, normal and skinning information.
Definition: DecalSet.h:50
void HandleLogMessage(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle a log message.
Definition: Console.cpp:530
void EndFrame()
End the profiling frame. Called by HandleEndFrame().
Definition: Profiler.cpp:58
float GetMaxAccel() const
Definition: CrowdAgent.h:172
float maxRadius_
Max radius.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.h:308
void PushLuaTable(const String &tableName)
Push Lua table to stack. When the specified table is not found then a nil is pushed instead.
Definition: LuaFunction.h:96
bool WriteResourceRefList(const ResourceRefList &value)
Write a resource reference list.
Definition: Serializer.cpp:225
Component * owner_
Parent component.
Definition: SpriterInstance2D.h:93
XMLElement FirstResult()
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:1046
float GetInAirRPM() const
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:697
Color borderColor_
Border color.
Definition: Texture.h:265
Matrix3x4() noexcept
Construct an identity matrix.
Definition: Matrix3x4.h:39
Node * Down() const
Return next node in the bucket.
Definition: HashSet.h:60
XML document resource.
Definition: XMLFile.h:41
bool Save(Serializer &dest, int pointSize, const String &indentation="\t")
Save as a new bitmap font type in XML format. Return true if successful.
Definition: FontFaceBitmap.cpp:265
Drawable component that creates a tail.
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:65
Vector2 hotSpot_
Hot spot.
Definition: Sprite2D.h:111
Vector base class.
Definition: VectorBase.h:41
StringVector * GetStringVectorPtr()
Return a pointer to a modifiable string vector or null on type mismatch.
Definition: Variant.h:1362
void SetConstraintType(ConstraintType type)
Definition: Constraint.cpp:149
Vector2 position_
Hit worldspace position.
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.h:47
unsigned long long GetTotalMemoryUse() const
Definition: ResourceCache.cpp:777
ConstraintType constraintType_
Constraint type.
Definition: Constraint.h:206
const Quaternion & GetRotation() const
Definition: Connection.h:199
float GetLodHeight(int x, int z, unsigned lodLevel) const
Return interpolated height for a specific LOD level.
Definition: Terrain.cpp:1317
Definition: TileMapDefs2D.h:41
ShadowQuality shadowQuality_
Shadow quality.
Definition: Renderer.h:617
void SetUpdateEnabled(bool enable)
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.cpp:342
RenderSurface * colorAttachments_[MAX_RENDERTARGETS]
Bound color attachment textures.
Definition: OGLGraphicsImpl.h:89
const TechniqueEntry & GetTechniqueEntry(unsigned index) const
Return technique entry by index.
Definition: Material.cpp:1181
AnimationState * AddAnimationState(Animation *animation)
Add an animation state either to AnimatedModel or as a node animation.
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:847
unsigned GetMSec(bool reset)
Return elapsed milliseconds and optionally reset.
Definition: Timer.cpp:200
void SetDelayedCallsAttr(const PODVector< unsigned char > &value)
Set delayed method calls attribute.
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:445
void SetInternalEdge(bool enable)
Definition: PhysicsWorld.cpp:351
String SanitateResourceName(const String &name) const
Remove unsupported constructs from the resource name to prevent ambiguity, and normalize absolute fil...
Definition: ResourceCache.cpp:841
float DistanceToPoint(const Vector3 &point) const
Return distance to point.
Definition: BoundingBox.cpp:199
void SetShadowMask(unsigned mask)
Definition: Terrain.cpp:440
b2JointDef * GetJointDef() override
Return Joint def.
Definition: ConstraintPulley2D.cpp:119
void AddKeyFrame(const AnimationKeyFrame &keyFrame)
Add a keyframe at the end.
Definition: Animation.cpp:63
const IntVector2 & GetCheckedOffset() const
Definition: CheckBox.h:66
float GetMaxAgentRadius() const
Definition: CrowdManager.h:132
Vector3 ReadPackedVector3(float maxAbsCoord)
Read a Vector3 packed into 3 x 16 bits with the specified maximum absolute range.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:180
Sound listener component.
Definition: SoundListener.h:31
Vector< VAnimKeyFrame > keyFrames_
Key frames.
Definition: ValueAnimation.h:171
void Normalize()
Normalize to unit length.
Definition: Quaternion.h:313
VertexElement(VertexElementType type, VertexElementSemantic semantic, unsigned char index=0, bool perInstance=false) noexcept
Construct with type, semantic, index and whether is per-instance data.
Definition: GraphicsDefs.h:196
void Compact()
Reallocate so that no extra memory is used.
Definition: Vector.h:461
TextureFilterMode defaultTextureFilterMode_
Default texture filtering mode.
Definition: Graphics.h:852
Vector() noexcept=default
Construct empty.
PListFile(Context *context)
Definition: PListFile.cpp:299
FlagSet & operator^=(const Enum value)
Bitwise XOR against Enum value.
Definition: FlagSet.h:104
static int Close(SDL_RWops *context)
Close the object. Only meaningful for files, no-op otherwise.
Definition: RWOpsWrapper.h:91
bool alphaToCoverage_
Alpha-to-coverage enable.
Definition: Graphics.h:858
unsigned numPrimitives_
Number of primitives (3D geometry only).
Definition: Renderer.h:647
WeakPtr< Node > node_
Root scene node (node hierarchy mode).
Definition: AnimationState.h:179
void SetShape(const String &shape)
Definition: Cursor.cpp:178
~Navigable() override
void GetBatches(PODVector< UIBatch > &batches, PODVector< float > &vertexData, const IntRect &currentScissor) override
Return UI rendering batches.
Definition: Text.cpp:120
void SetWorldScale2D(float x, float y)
Set scale in world space (for Urho2D).
Definition: Node.h:225
float GetRegionMinSize() const
Definition: NavigationMesh.h:241
unsigned subObject_
Drawable specific subobject if applicable.
Definition: OctreeQuery.h:223
float GetRandomVelocity() const
Return random velocity.
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:801
Button * GetCloseButton() const
Definition: Console.h:102
const JSONValue & GetRoot() const
Return root value.
Definition: JSONFile.h:60
bool Equals(const Rect &rhs) const
Test for equality with another rect with epsilon.
Definition: Rect.h:213
void Insert(const Iterator &dest, const T *start, const T *end)
Insert elements.
Definition: List.h:307
static void BulkTranspose(float *dest, const float *src, unsigned count)
Bulk transpose matrices.
Definition: Matrix4.h:695
HashMap< String, Vector< StringHash > > objectCategories_
Object categories.
Definition: Context.h:244
ListNodeBase * ptr_
Node pointer.
Definition: ListBase.h:89
void SetEffectStrokeThickness(int thickness)
Definition: Text.cpp:394
float hitFraction_
Hit fraction.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:75
void ApplyFrameLimit()
Get the timestep for the next frame and sleep for frame limiting if necessary.
Definition: Engine.cpp:722
void RemoveObstacle(Obstacle *, bool silent=false)
Used by Obstacle class to remove itself from the tile cache, if 'silent' an event will not be raised.
Definition: DynamicNavigationMesh.cpp:1123
void SetElapsedTime(float time)
Definition: Scene.cpp:672
Viewport * GetViewport(unsigned index) const
Definition: Renderer.cpp:537
void RotateAround2D(const Vector2 &point, float delta, TransformSpace space=TS_LOCAL)
Rotate around a point in the chosen transform space (for Urho2D).
Definition: Node.h:270
SharedPtr(std::nullptr_t) noexcept
Construct a null shared pointer.
Definition: Ptr.h:46
void ResetForces()
Reset accumulated forces.
Definition: RigidBody.cpp:570
PODVector< Drawable * > geometries_
Geometry objects.
Definition: View.h:98
void SetMaxEmissionRate(float rate)
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:525
Frustum GetViewSpaceFrustum(const Matrix3x4 &view) const
Return spotlight frustum in the specified view space.
Definition: Light.cpp:465
Singly-linked list template class. Elements must inherit from LinkedListNode.
Definition: LinkedList.h:49
const Vector2 & GetOwnerBodyAnchor() const
Definition: ConstraintDistance2D.h:61
bool sortChildren_
Sort children according to priority flag.
Definition: UIElement.h:808
Arbitrary vertex declaration element semantics.
Definition: GraphicsDefs.h:168
unsigned lodLevel_
Current LOD level.
Definition: TerrainPatch.h:140
int minInstances_
Minimum number of instances required in a batch group to render as instanced.
Definition: Renderer.h:627
CrowdAgentState previousAgentState_
Agent's previous agent state used to check for state changes.
Definition: CrowdAgent.h:267
String psSourceCode_
Source code adapted for pixel shader.
Definition: Shader.h:73
int height_
Window height in pixels.
Definition: Graphics.h:780
void Clear()
Clear the vector.
Definition: Vector.h:1027
float elapsedLength_
Elapsed length inside the trail.
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:55
const unsigned char * GetData() const
Return data.
Definition: VectorBuffer.h:62
void SetPlayingAttr(bool value)
Set sound playing attribute.
Definition: SoundSource.cpp:481
void SetDensity(float density)
Definition: CollisionShape2D.cpp:133
void RemoveShaderParameter(const String &name)
Remove a shader parameter.
Definition: RenderPath.cpp:247
unsigned viewMask_
View mask of current camera for visibility checking.
Definition: Renderer2D.h:130
bool IsSorted() const
Definition: BillboardSet.h:138
MouseButtonFlags dragButtons
Which button combo initiated the drag.
Definition: UI.h:274
bool lastMouseGrabbed_
The last mouse grabbed set by SetMouseGrabbed.
Definition: Input.h:456
b2Body * GetBody() const
Return Box2D body.
Definition: RigidBody2D.h:186
int GetOrderInLayer() const
Definition: Drawable2D.h:97
Graphics subsystem. Manages the application window, rendering state and GPU resources.
Definition: Graphics.h:139
Color derivedColor_
Derived color. Only valid when no gradient.
Definition: UIElement.h:911
Definition: SpriterData2D.h:103
~ConstraintPulley2D() override
UniquePtr(UniquePtr &&up) noexcept
Move-construct from UniquePtr.
Definition: Ptr.h:592
float radius_
Definition: Skeleton.h:79
PODVector< unsigned char > GetScriptNetworkDataAttr() const
Get script network serialization attribute by calling a script function.
Definition: LuaScriptInstance.cpp:484
void MarkForAuxView(unsigned frameNumber)
Mark material for auxiliary view rendering.
Definition: Material.cpp:1176
void SetType(StringHash typeHash)
Initialize the type hash only when type name not known. Called by Node when loading.
Definition: UnknownComponent.cpp:248
CollisionGeometryData * GetGeometryData() const
Return the shared geometry data.
Definition: CollisionShape.h:222
String vsSourceCode_
Source code adapted for vertex shader.
Definition: Shader.h:71
RenderSurface * GetLinkedRenderTarget() const
Definition: RenderSurface.h:102
void SetAnchor(const Vector2 &anchor)
Definition: ConstraintPrismatic2D.cpp:62
T & Back()
Return last element.
Definition: Vector.h:517
Iterator & operator++()
Preincrement the pointer.
Definition: HashSet.h:76
void SetScriptDataAttr(const PODVector< unsigned char > &data)
Set script file serialization attribute by calling a script function.
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:462
2D particle effect resource.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.h:44
Definition: OctreeQuery.h:228
Material * GetMaterial() const
Definition: Text3D.cpp:383
SharedArrayPtr< unsigned char > data_
Pixel data.
Definition: Image.h:245
void MixOutput(void *dest, unsigned samples)
Mix sound sources into the buffer.
Definition: Audio.cpp:266
void SetSkeleton(const Skeleton &skeleton, bool createBones)
Set skeleton.
Definition: AnimatedModel.cpp:694
String sceneFileName_
Scene file to load once all packages (if any) have been downloaded.
Definition: Connection.h:340
void BindFramebuffer(unsigned fbo)
Bind a framebuffer using either extension or core functionality. Used only on OpenGL.
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:3277
float GetLowerAngle() const
Definition: ConstraintRevolute2D.h:75
bool FilterImplicitAttributes(XMLElement &dest) const override
Filter implicit attributes in serialization process.
Definition: Text.cpp:469
void ApplyAttributes() override
Perform post-load after deserialization. Acquire the components from the scene nodes.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:201
void SetUpdateNodePosition(bool unodepos)
Definition: CrowdAgent.cpp:370
float velocityMax_
Particle velocity maximum.
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:473
bool IsTrigger() const
Definition: RigidBody.h:264
Random access iterator.
Definition: Iter.h:31
bool LoadDict(PListValueMap &dict, const XMLElement &dictElem)
Load dictionary.
Definition: PListFile.cpp:341
float shadowFadeDistance_
Shadow fade start distance.
Definition: Light.h:437
Matrix4 Inverse() const
Return inverse.
Definition: Matrix4.cpp:79
float lastTimeStep_
Last scene timestep.
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:261
virtual ~NavBuildData()
Definition: NavBuildData.cpp:40
bool SetVector3(const String &name, const Vector3 &value)
Set a Vector3 attribute.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:528
float GetAttributeAnimationSpeed(const String &name) const
Return attribute animation speed.
Definition: Animatable.cpp:440
BoundingBox() noexcept
Construct with zero size.
Definition: BoundingBox.h:48
Vector3 previousOffset_
Previous offset to camera for determining whether sorting is necessary.
Definition: BillboardSet.h:225
ResourceRef GetMaterialAttr() const
Return material attribute.
Definition: RibbonTrail.cpp:906
unsigned GetTrackIndex(Node *node) const
Return track index with matching bone node, or M_MAX_UNSIGNED if not found.
Definition: AnimationState.cpp:416
void RecreateFixture()
Recreate fixture.
Definition: CollisionChain2D.cpp:124
Terrain * GetSouthNeighbor() const
Definition: Terrain.h:182
void SetMaxAnchor(const Vector2 &anchor)
Definition: UIElement.cpp:784
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: SpriteSheet2D.cpp:49
static const unsigned VARIANT_VALUE_SIZE
Size of variant value. 16 bytes on 32-bit platform, 32 bytes on 64-bit platform.
Definition: Variant.h:279
Vector< String > deferredLightPSVariations_
Current variation names for deferred light volume shaders.
Definition: Renderer.h:603
void SetScriptFileAttr(const ResourceRef &value)
Set script file attribute.
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:439
Plane Transformed(const Matrix3 &transform) const
Return transformed by a 3x3 matrix.
Definition: Plane.cpp:68
bool HasBasePass(unsigned batchIndex) const
Return whether has a base pass.
Definition: Drawable.h:298
double GetDouble(double defaultValue=0.0) const
Return double value.
Definition: JSONValue.h:210
Pass(const String &name)
Definition: Technique.cpp:76
bool GetSRGBSupport() const
Definition: Graphics.h:472
unsigned ToHash() const
Return hash value for HashSet & HashMap.
Definition: ArrayPtr.h:391
Vector3 boundingBoxMaxPoint_
Bounding box max point.
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.h:171
ConstIterator(Node *ptr)
Construct with a node pointer.
Definition: HashSet.h:119
RefCount * refCount_
Pointer to the RefCount structure.
Definition: ArrayPtr.h:211
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.cpp:201
void AddTriMeshGeometry(NavBuildData *build, Geometry *geometry, const Matrix3x4 &transform)
Add a triangle mesh to the geometry data.
Definition: NavigationMesh.cpp:1197
Vector3 GetWorldScale() const
Definition: Node.h:510
void * ptr_
Object pointer (Direct3D).
Definition: GPUObject.h:36
bool forceGL2_
Force OpenGL 2 flag. Only used on OpenGL.
Definition: Graphics.h:788
void Render()
Render batches.
Definition: View.cpp:563
void Begin()
Begin timing.
Definition: Profiler.h:75
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: RigidBody2D.cpp:71
JSONObject * objectValue_
Definition: JSONValue.h:325
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: LuaFile.cpp:54
void SetBlendMode(BlendMode blendMode)
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.cpp:119
Vector< T > Keys() const
Return all the keys.
Definition: HashMap.h:583
Script object component.
Definition: ScriptInstance.h:60
void OnSceneSet(Scene *scene) override
Handle scene being assigned.
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.cpp:184
ShaderVariation * GetVertexShader() const
Return the vertex shader.
Definition: OGLShaderProgram.cpp:323
String ToString() const
Return as string.
Definition: BoundingBox.cpp:297
float GetSpecularIntensity() const
Definition: Light.h:275
Image * GetSubimage(const IntRect &rect) const
Return subimage from the image by the defined rect or null if failed. 3D images are not supported....
Definition: Image.cpp:2115
void SetupDirLightShadowCamera(Camera *shadowCamera, Light *light, float nearSplit, float farSplit)
Set up a directional light shadow camera.
Definition: View.cpp:2612
void UpdateGeometry(const FrameInfo &frame) override
Prepare geometry for rendering. Called from a worker thread if possible (no GPU update).
Definition: TerrainPatch.cpp:141
void OnClickEnd(const IntVector2 &position, const IntVector2 &screenPosition, MouseButton button, MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers, Cursor *cursor, UIElement *beginElement) override
React to mouse click end.
Definition: Slider.cpp:105
Light * light_
Definition: View.h:58
const PODVector< Vector2 > & GetVertices() const
Return vertices.
Definition: CollisionPolygon2D.h:59
PODVector< float > rowWidths_
Row widths.
Definition: Text.h:291
void SetVariant(const Variant &variant, Context *context=nullptr)
Set variant, context must provide for resource ref.
Definition: JSONValue.cpp:389
void OnDeviceLost() override
Mark the GPU resource destroyed on context destruction.
Definition: OGLShaderProgram.cpp:75
bool ignoreEvents_
Ignore events flag, used when changing line edits manually.
Definition: FileSelector.h:209
virtual void ApplyValue(const Variant &newValue)
Apply new animation value to the target object. Called by Update().
Definition: ValueAnimationInfo.cpp:124
dtNavMeshQuery * navMeshQuery_
Detour navigation mesh query.
Definition: NavigationMesh.h:344
ConstIterator Find(const T &key) const
Return const iterator to the pair with key, or end iterator if not found.
Definition: HashMap.h:543
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: CollisionBox2D.cpp:51
String message_
Message text.
Definition: Log.h:65
bool Rename(const String &srcFileName, const String &destFileName)
Rename a file. Return true if successful.
Definition: FileSystem.cpp:500
PointOctreeQuery(PODVector< Drawable * > &result, const Vector3 &point, unsigned char drawableFlags=DRAWABLE_ANY, unsigned viewMask=DEFAULT_VIEWMASK)
Construct with point and query parameters.
Definition: OctreeQuery.h:78
void QueueUpdate(Drawable *drawable)
Mark drawable object as requiring an update and a reinsertion.
Definition: Octree.cpp:550
Vector2 Normalized() const
Return normalized to unit length.
Definition: Vector2.h:336
unsigned numParticles_
Nummber of particles.
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.h:159
void BeginFrame(float timeStep)
Begin new frame, with (last) frame duration in seconds and send frame start event.
Definition: Timer.cpp:105
~CheckBox() override
void Merge(const Vector2 &point)
Merge a point.
Definition: Rect.h:159
bool FilterScrollBarImplicitAttributes(XMLElement &dest, const String &name) const
Filter implicit attributes in serialization process for internal scroll bar.
Definition: ScrollView.cpp:411
Pass * GetPass(unsigned passIndex) const
Return a pass, or null if not found.
Definition: Technique.h:260
bool Contains(const T &value) const
Return whether contains a specific value.
Definition: Vector.h:488
float aspectRatio_
Spotlight aspect ratio.
Definition: Light.h:433
float DotProduct(const Vector2 &rhs) const
Calculate dot product.
Definition: Vector2.h:309
String GetProgramDir() const
Definition: FileSystem.cpp:692
bool Expired() const
Return whether the object has expired. If null pointer, always return true.
Definition: Ptr.h:498
const IntVector2 & GetHotSpot() const
Definition: Sprite.h:95
XMLElement SelectSingle(const String &query, pugi::xpath_variable_set *variables=nullptr) const
Select an element/attribute using XPath query.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:225
asILockableSharedBool * sharedBool_
Shared boolean for checking the continued existence of the script object.
Definition: ScriptFile.h:180
UniquePtr< btConstraintSolver > solver_
Bullet constraint solver.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:326
Matrix3x4 view_
View transform.
Definition: DebugRenderer.h:186
void HandleScenePostUpdate(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle scene post-update event.
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:885
bool SaveFile(const String &fileName) const override
Save the image to a file. Format of the image is determined by file extension. JPG is saved with maxi...
Definition: Image.cpp:871
Bitmap font face description.
Definition: FontFaceBitmap.h:34
Base class for objects with automatic serialization through attributes.
Definition: Serializable.h:44
void SetDepthTest(CompareMode mode)
Set depth compare.
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:1825
float speed_
Animation speed.
Definition: ValueAnimationInfo.h:92
void AddObstacle(Obstacle *obstacle, bool silent=false)
Used by Obstacle class to add itself to the tile cache, if 'silent' an event will not be raised.
Definition: DynamicNavigationMesh.cpp:1078
static void BulkTranspose(float *dest, const float *src, unsigned count)
Bulk transpose matrices.
Definition: Matrix3.h:312
void SetPixelShader(const String &name)
Definition: Technique.cpp:141
bool isClient_
Client connection flag.
Definition: Connection.h:352
static const PODVector< unsigned char > emptyBuffer
Empty buffer.
Definition: Variant.h:1388
void ClearControlPoints()
Clear the Control Points from the SplinePath.
Definition: SplinePath.cpp:177
void SetAreaCost(unsigned queryFilterType, unsigned areaID, float cost)
Set the cost of an area for the specified query filter type.
Definition: CrowdManager.cpp:335
~LuaScriptInstance() override
Definition: LuaScriptInstance.cpp:76
String GetSoundType() const
Definition: SoundSource.h:94
Vector3 SignedScale(const Matrix3 &rotation) const
Return the scaling part with the sign. Reference rotation matrix is required to avoid ambiguity.
Definition: Matrix4.h:571
void * handle_
File handle.
Definition: File.h:128
float yaw_
Mouse yaw.
Definition: Controls.h:66
bool CheckPingpong(unsigned index)
Check whether a command should use pingponging instead of resolve from destination render target to v...
Definition: View.cpp:1928
int priority_
Zone priority.
Definition: Zone.h:190
unsigned layers_
Texture array layers number.
Definition: Texture2DArray.h:89
void ReleaseFixture()
Release fixture.
Definition: CollisionShape2D.cpp:235
void SetNumIterations(int num)
Definition: PhysicsWorld.cpp:333
void Update(const FrameInfo &frame)
Update and cull objects and construct rendering batches.
Definition: View.cpp:518
unsigned ToHash() const
Return hash value for HashSet & HashMap.
Definition: Str.h:475
static void AddOrMerge(const UIBatch &batch, PODVector< UIBatch > &batches)
Add or merge a batch.
Definition: UIBatch.cpp:441
void AddRigidBody(RigidBody *body)
Add a rigid body to keep track of. Called by RigidBody.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.cpp:718
float GetFrequencyHz() const
Definition: ConstraintWheel2D.h:87
virtual void OnHover(const IntVector2 &position, const IntVector2 &screenPosition, MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers, Cursor *cursor)
React to mouse hover.
Definition: UIElement.cpp:421
void SetLoopMode(LoopMode2D loopMode)
Definition: AnimatedSprite2D.cpp:185
void ApplyOriginalPoseToActivePose()
Definition: IKSolver.cpp:483
UpdateGeometryType GetUpdateGeometryType() override
Return whether a geometry update is necessary, and if it can happen in a worker thread.
Definition: Renderer2D.cpp:222
b2FrictionJointDef jointDef_
Box2D joint def.
Definition: ConstraintFriction2D.h:70
const IntVector2 & GetSize() const
Definition: UIElement.h:462
SharedPtr< IndexBuffer > indexBuffer_
Index buffer.
Definition: Geometry.h:132
void Disconnect(int waitMSec=0)
Disconnect. If wait time is non-zero, will block while waiting for disconnect to finish.
Definition: Connection.cpp:254
void SetLength(float length)
Definition: ConstraintDistance2D.cpp:112
bool perVertex_
Per-vertex lighting flag.
Definition: Light.h:447
void ApplyMaterialList(const String &fileName=String::EMPTY)
Apply default materials from a material list file. If filename is empty (default),...
Definition: StaticModel.cpp:302
unsigned indexStart_
Start index.
Definition: Geometry.h:136
lua_State * luaState_
Lua state.
Definition: LuaFunction.h:103
void AddCommand(const RenderPathCommand &command)
Add a command to the end of the list.
Definition: RenderPath.cpp:474
void OnAttributeAnimationAdded() override
Handle attribute animation added.
Definition: Node.cpp:1901
void SetPixelShaderDefines(const String &defines)
Definition: Technique.cpp:153
void HandleScenePostUpdate(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle scene post-update event.
Definition: RibbonTrail.cpp:180
bool Play()
Restart sound output.
Definition: Audio.cpp:137
~TextureCube() override
Definition: TextureCube.cpp:74
Iterator End()
Return iterator to the end.
Definition: Str.h:389
bool subscribed_
Subscribed to application update event flag.
Definition: ScriptFile.h:138
SharedPtr< FileSystem > fileSystem_
Definition: FileWatcher.h:69
const PODVector< unsigned char > & GetNetBillboardsAttr() const
Return billboards attribute for network replication.
Definition: BillboardSet.cpp:452
long numAffectedRows_
Number of affected rows by recent DML query.
Definition: ODBCResult.h:70
SDL_RWops * GetRWOps()
Return the RWOps structure.
Definition: RWOpsWrapper.h:49
Matrix3x4 GetTransform() const
Definition: Node.h:441
static const Color RED
Opaque red color.
Definition: Color.h:273
Iterator Insert(const Iterator &dest, T &&value)
Move-insert an element by iterator.
Definition: Vector.h:310
unsigned viewportIndex_
Viewport index to be set when component is added to a node.
Definition: UIComponent.h:78
bool clipChildren_
Clip children flag.
Definition: UIElement.h:806
void UpdateSelectionEffect()
Update selection effect when selection or focus changes.
Definition: ListView.cpp:979
int GetMultiSample() const
Return multisampling level.
Definition: RenderSurface.cpp:97
float splineTension_
Spline tension.
Definition: ValueAnimation.h:161
Rect ReadRect()
Read a Rect.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:159
Reference count structure.
Definition: RefCounted.h:35
bool useFixtureMass_
Use fixture mass (calculate mass & inertia from collision shapes automatically).
Definition: RigidBody2D.h:203
Button * GetCancelButton() const
Definition: FileSelector.h:119
IntVector2 layoutMinSize_
Parent's minimum size calculated by layout. Used internally.
Definition: UIElement.h:891
void SetEnabled(bool enable)
Definition: Component.cpp:120
void FinalizeBoneBoundingBoxes()
Finalize master model bone bounding boxes by merging from matching non-master bones....
Definition: AnimatedModel.cpp:1013
bool operator==(const PODVector< T > &rhs) const
Test for equality with another vector.
Definition: Vector.h:778
void SetMouseModeRelative(SDL_bool enable)
Set SDL mouse mode relative.
Definition: Input.cpp:836
bool Create() override
Create the GPU texture.
Definition: OGLTexture2D.cpp:367
bool bufferDirty_
Vertex buffer needs rewrite flag.
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:243
Terrain * GetEastNeighbor() const
Definition: Terrain.h:190
Definition: UIComponent.h:39
ValueAnimation * GetAttributeAnimation(const String &name) const
Definition: ObjectAnimation.cpp:235
Slider bar UI element.
Definition: Slider.h:31
void Dispose()
Dispose all data.
Definition: AnimationSet2D.cpp:508
Data structure used to represent the drag data associated to a UIElement.
Definition: UI.h:271
Vector3() noexcept
Construct a zero vector.
Definition: Vector3.h:188
void Exit()
Close the graphics window and set the exit flag. No-op on iOS/tvOS, as an iOS/tvOS application can no...
Definition: Engine.cpp:597
static const Vector3 ZERO
Zero vector.
Definition: Vector3.h:483
void SetWheelDampingRelaxation(int wheel, float damping)
Set wheel damping relaxation.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:480
PODVector< UIElement * > tempElements_
UI element query vector.
Definition: UI.h:414
int maxOccluderTriangles_
Maximum number of occluder triangles.
Definition: View.h:362
void Release() override
Release the texture.
Definition: OGLTextureCube.cpp:79
Dynamically sized buffer that can be read and written to as a stream.
Definition: VectorBuffer.h:31
Color Lerp(const Color &rhs, float t) const
Return linear interpolation of this color with another color.
Definition: Color.cpp:240
const String & GetVerb() const
Definition: HttpRequest.h:70
PassLightingMode lightingMode_
Lighting mode.
Definition: Technique.h:182
void SendAttributeAnimationAddedEvent(const String &name)
Send attribute animation added event.
Definition: ObjectAnimation.cpp:261
Vector< SharedPtr< ShaderVariation > > & GetVertexShaders()
Return vertex shaders.
Definition: Technique.h:158
SharedPtr< Material > material_
Definition: Renderer2D.h:120
Intersection IsInside(const Rect &rect) const
Test if another rect is inside, outside or intersects.
Definition: Rect.h:225
FlagSet & operator=(const FlagSet &rhs)=default
Assignment operator from flagset.
Construct with defaults.
Definition: AnimationController.h:41
float GetRepeatDelay() const
Definition: Button.h:90
float size_
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.h:42
Iterator Begin()
Return iterator to the beginning.
Definition: HashSet.h:500
~LineEdit() override
const Vector< String > & GetResourceDirs() const
Definition: ResourceCache.h:166
Lua script event invoker.
Definition: LuaScriptEventInvoker.h:34
float emissionTimer_
New particle emission timer.
Definition: ParticleEmitter.h:150
void ApplyAttributes() override
Apply attribute changes that can not be applied immediately. Called after scene load or a network upd...
Definition: DecalSet.cpp:197
virtual UIElement * LoadChildXML(const XMLElement &childElem, XMLFile *styleFile)
Create a child by loading from XML data with style. Returns the child element if successful,...
Definition: UIElement.cpp:262
unsigned GetMaxParticles() const
Return max particles.
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.h:118
void SetAlwaysUpdateOwner(bool enable)
Definition: NetworkPriority.cpp:79
String verb_
Definition: HttpRequest.h:93
UpdateGeometryType GetUpdateGeometryType() override
Return whether a geometry update is necessary, and if it can happen in a worker thread.
Definition: RibbonTrail.cpp:406
void SetDefaultStyle(XMLFile *style)
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1039
PODVector< RigidBody * > rigidBodies_
Rigid bodies in the world.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:332
~ScriptFile() override
Definition: ScriptFile.cpp:104
DebugRenderer * debugRenderer_
Debug renderer.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:376
FaceCameraMode GetFaceCameraMode() const
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:403
SharedArrayPtr< signed char > GetData() const
Return shared sound data.
Definition: Sound.h:71
Vector2 hotSpot_
Hot spot.
Definition: StaticSprite2D.h:190
Vector3 scale_
Definition: Node.h:743
unsigned LogBaseTwo(unsigned value)
Return log base two or the MSB position of the given value.
Definition: MathDefs.h:288
IntVector2 pressedChildOffset_
Pressed label offset.
Definition: Button.h:107
float panning_
Stereo panning.
Definition: SoundSource.h:156
Vector3 Orthogonalize(const Vector3 &axis) const
Make vector orthogonal to the axis.
Definition: Vector3.h:391
void SetMorphs(const Vector< ModelMorph > &morphs)
Set vertex morphs.
Definition: Model.cpp:612
bool projectionDirty_
Projection matrix dirty flag.
Definition: Camera.h:280
bool Save(Serializer &dest) const override
Save resource with default indentation (one tab). Return true if successful.
Definition: JSONFile.cpp:213
RenderSurface * currentRenderTarget_
Color rendertarget active for the current renderpath command.
Definition: View.h:338
void RenderUpdate()
Update the UI for rendering. Called by HandleRenderUpdate().
Definition: UI.cpp:414
void TestDrawables(Drawable **start, Drawable **end, bool inside) override
Intersection test for drawables.
Definition: OctreeQuery.cpp:126
bool visible_
Definition: TileMapLayer2D.h:134
void SetRepeat(float delay, float rate)
Set repeat properties. Rate 0 (default) disables repeat.
Definition: Button.cpp:177
float GetWeight(const String &name) const
Return animation weight.
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:507
void ResetUseTimer()
Reset last used timer.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.cpp:331
const Vector2 & GetOtherBodyGroundAnchor() const
Definition: ConstraintPulley2D.h:65
IntRect layoutBorder_
Layout borders.
Definition: UIElement.h:834
void GetCollidingBodies(PODVector< RigidBody * > &result, const RigidBody *body)
Return rigid bodies that have been in collision with the specified body on the last simulation step....
Definition: PhysicsWorld.cpp:681
unsigned char areaID_
Area ID.
Definition: NavBuildData.h:50
bool Contains(const T &value) const
Return whether contains a specific value.
Definition: List.h:390
float Distance(const Vector3 &point) const
Return signed distance to a point.
Definition: Plane.h:101
HorizontalAlignment GetTextAlignment() const
Definition: Text.h:155
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: RibbonTrail.cpp:105
const String & GetName() const
Return shader name.
Definition: ShaderVariation.h:108
int left_
Left coordinate.
Definition: Rect.h:472
bool Empty() const
Return whether has no elements.
Definition: HashBase.h:133
unsigned numParticles_
Number of particles.
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:429
SharedPtr< Window > window_
Fileselector window.
Definition: FileSelector.h:169
Terrain * GetWestNeighbor() const
Definition: Terrain.h:186
float fov_
Field of view.
Definition: Camera.h:294
bool depthWrite_
Depth write mode.
Definition: Technique.h:186
bool fixedScreenSize_
Billboards fixed screen size flag.
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:439
bool AddTile(const PODVector< unsigned char > &tileData) override
Add tile to navigation mesh.
Definition: DynamicNavigationMesh.cpp:555
Animation blending mode.
Definition: AnimationState.h:42
VariantMap & GetEventDataMap() const
Return a preallocated map for event data. Used for optimization to avoid constant re-allocation of ev...
Definition: Object.cpp:401
float pointSize_
Point size.
Definition: FontFace.h:112
ConstraintFriction2D(Context *context)
Definition: ConstraintFriction2D.cpp:37
float GetNearDistance() const
Definition: SoundSource3D.h:72
void ClearParameterSource(ShaderParameterGroup group)
Clear a parameter source. Affects only the current shader program if appropriate.
Definition: OGLShaderProgram.cpp:387
void Reset()
Reset. Clear all remembered nodes and components.
Definition: SceneResolver.cpp:39
const PODVector< unsigned char > & GetNetAngularVelocityAttr() const
Return network angular velocity attribute.
Definition: RigidBody.cpp:855
void SetFace(unsigned index, const Vector3 &v0, const Vector3 &v1, const Vector3 &v2)
Set a triangle face by index.
Definition: Polyhedron.cpp:293
T * ptr_
Pointer to the array.
Definition: ArrayPtr.h:426
GPUObject(Graphics *graphics)
Construct with graphics subsystem pointer.
Definition: GPUObject.cpp:33
void SetTexture(Texture2D *texture)
Definition: Sprite2D.cpp:104
WeakPtr< Audio > audio_
Audio subsystem.
Definition: SoundSource.h:144
void Push(const T &value)
Add an element at the end.
Definition: Vector.h:240
void RemoveComponent()
Template version of removing a component.
Definition: Node.h:770
void SetFormat(unsigned format)
Definition: View3D.cpp:110
int GetFontOversampling() const
Definition: UI.h:251
unsigned GetNumGeometries() const
Definition: StaticModel.h:86
bool FadeOthers(const String &name, float targetWeight, float fadeTime)
Fade other animations on the same layer to target weight. Return true on success.
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:269
DragAndDropModeFlags dragDropMode_
Drag and drop flags.
Definition: UIElement.h:828
void HandleTouchMove(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle touch move event for scrolling.
Definition: ScrollView.cpp:551
void Update(float timeStep) override
Perform UI element update.
Definition: Button.cpp:66
LightBatchQueue * lightQueue_
Light queue.
Definition: Light.h:423
void SetData(const PODVector< unsigned char > &data)
Set data from another buffer.
Definition: VectorBuffer.cpp:92
String pixelShaderName_
Pixel shader name.
Definition: RenderPath.h:164
bool WriteString(const String &value)
Write a null-terminated string.
Definition: Serializer.cpp:182
void * GetSurface() const
Return Direct3D9 surface.
Definition: RenderSurface.h:119
XMLElement NextResult() const
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:995
bool IsOpen() const
Definition: NamedPipe.cpp:344
Vector3 parentPos_
Parent position. Trail bone type uses this.
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:53
void SetFocus(bool enable)
Definition: UIElement.cpp:929
Vector3 Translation() const
Return the translation part.
Definition: Matrix3x4.h:603
const HashMap< StringHash, Vector< AttributeInfo > > & GetAllAttributes() const
Return all registered attributes.
Definition: Context.h:184
T * GetSubsystem() const
Template version of returning a subsystem.
Definition: Object.h:204
void SetMaxParticles(unsigned maxParticles)
Set max particles.
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.cpp:130
bool Test(const Enum value) const
Return true if specified enum value is set.
Definition: FlagSet.h:214
PODVector< UIElement * > GetItems() const
Return all items.
Definition: ListView.cpp:838
bool GetBlockEvents() const
Return sending and receiving events blocking status.
Definition: Object.h:181
void MixMonoToMono(Sound *sound, int *dest, unsigned samples, int mixRate)
Mix mono sample to mono buffer.
Definition: SoundSource.cpp:605
void SetLineAntiAlias(bool enable)
Definition: DebugRenderer.cpp:67
bool operator!=(const HashSet< T > &rhs) const
Test for inequality with another hash set.
Definition: HashSet.h:269
PODVector< unsigned char > GetNavigationDataAttr() const override
Return navigation data attribute.
Definition: DynamicNavigationMesh.cpp:725
bool GetDepthWrite() const
Definition: Technique.h:123
const KeyValue & Front() const
Return first pair.
Definition: HashMap.h:615
HashSet< unsigned > networkUpdateNodes_
Nodes to check for attribute changes on the next network update.
Definition: Scene.h:325
UIElement * GetTouchedElement()
Definition: Input.cpp:81
void SetMaxTimeToLive(float time)
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:545
Vector< ShadowBatchQueue > shadowSplits_
Shadow map split queues.
Definition: Batch.h:305
void Resize(unsigned newSize)
Resize array.
Definition: JSONValue.cpp:234
PropertySet2D * GetTilePropertySet(unsigned gid) const
Return tile property set by gid, if not exist return 0.
Definition: TmxFile2D.cpp:574
void OnClickBegin(const IntVector2 &position, const IntVector2 &screenPosition, MouseButton button, MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers, Cursor *cursor) override
React to mouse click begin.
Definition: Button.cpp:106
Sphere(const Vector3 *vertices, unsigned count) noexcept
Construct from an array of vertices.
Definition: Sphere.h:57
void UpdateView(const IntVector2 &position)
Limit and update the view with a new position.
Definition: ScrollView.cpp:499
Definition: WorkQueue.h:44
StringHash type_
Object type.
Definition: Variant.h:125
bool GetUseSystemClipboard() const
Definition: UI.h:227
void Sort()
Sort keys. After sorting the set can be iterated in order until new elements are inserted.
Definition: HashSet.h:411
unsigned GetCorrectedLodLevel(unsigned lodLevel)
Return a corrected LOD level to ensure stitching can work correctly.
Definition: TerrainPatch.cpp:278
Definition: NavBuildData.h:103
void StopAll(float fadeOutTime=0.0f)
Stop all animations. Zero fadetime is instant.
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:241
Base class for octree queries.
Definition: OctreeQuery.h:40
SharedPtr< SoundStream > soundStream_
Sound stream that is being played.
Definition: SoundSource.h:197
Font file type.
Definition: Font.h:39
void SetImageRect(const IntRect &rect)
Definition: BorderImage.cpp:85
ResourceRef GetMaterialAttr() const
Return material attribute.
Definition: Text3D.cpp:561
unsigned GetAvailableSize() const
Definition: HttpRequest.cpp:293
bool LoadArray(PListValueVector &array, const XMLElement &arrayElem)
Load array.
Definition: PListFile.cpp:366
bool interpolation_
Interpolation flag.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:366
void CalculateUVs(Decal &decal, const Matrix3x4 &view, const Matrix4 &projection, const Vector2 &topLeftUV, const Vector2 &bottomRightUV)
Calculate UV coordinates for the decal.
Definition: DecalSet.cpp:960
void SetGain(float gain)
Definition: SoundSource.cpp:290
void RefreshMemoryUse()
Recalculate the memory used by the material.
Definition: Material.cpp:1302
Vector2 sizeMin_
Particle size minimum.
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:463
void Push(const T &value)
Insert an element to the end.
Definition: List.h:279
ObjectFactoryImpl(Context *context)
Definition: Object.h:244
~WeakPtr() noexcept
Destruct. Release the weak reference to the object.
Definition: Ptr.h:322
bool HasColorGradient() const
Definition: UIElement.h:625
void SetBoundingBox(const BoundingBox &bnds)
Definition: NavArea.h:60
void SetFixedHeight(int height)
Set fixed height.
Definition: UIElement.cpp:664
SharedPtr< Geometry > geometry_
Definition: BillboardSet.h:203
bool noStencil_
Whether is using a custom readable depth texture without a stencil channel.
Definition: View.h:382
void Update()
Update. Called by HandlePostUpdate().
Definition: DebugHud.cpp:114
void SetMass(float mass)
Definition: RigidBody2D.cpp:127
JSONValue(const char *value)
Construct with a C string.
Definition: JSONValue.h:119
Definition of a model's vertex morph.
Definition: Model.h:54
Vector3 position_
Definition: Drawable2D.h:40
unsigned numVariations_
Number of unique variations so far.
Definition: Shader.h:81
String definesClipPlane_
Defines to use in compiling + CLIPPLANE define appended. Used only on Direct3D11.
Definition: ShaderVariation.h:174
WrapMode GetShaderParameterAnimationWrapMode(const String &name) const
Return shader parameter animation wrap mode.
Definition: Material.cpp:1215
bool CreateCrowd()
Create and initialized internal Detour crowd object. When it is a recreate, it preserves the configur...
Definition: CrowdManager.cpp:568
void SetLinkedDepthStencil(RenderSurface *depthStencil)
Definition: RenderSurface.cpp:66
bool activate_
If the RigidBody should be activated.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.h:193
bool showPercentText_
Flag to show the percent text.
Definition: ProgressBar.h:115
void Merge(const Vector3 &point)
Merge a point.
Definition: Sphere.h:112
~Connection() override
Definition: Connection.cpp:88
void SetNumExtraInstancingBufferElements(int elements)
Definition: Renderer.cpp:467
bool ResetAppStats(const String &label)
Reset application-specific stats. Return true if it was erased successfully.
Definition: DebugHud.cpp:293
void SetupShadowCameras(LightQueryResult &query)
Set up initial shadow camera view(s).
Definition: View.cpp:2521
void AddTextureTime(const Rect &uv, float time)
Add a texture frame sorted in the correct position based on time.
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:666
void OnSceneSet(Scene *scene) override
Handle scene being assigned.
Definition: StaticSprite2D.cpp:271
unsigned GetAreaID() const
Definition: NavArea.h:48
PODVector< Drawable * > occluders_
Occluder objects.
Definition: View.h:400
unsigned northID_
Node ID of north neighbor.
Definition: Terrain.h:364
bool vertexLights_
Vertex lights flag.
Definition: RenderPath.h:196
void SetIndent(int indent)
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1077
rcContext * ctx_
Recast context.
Definition: NavBuildData.h:78
void UpdateBatches(const FrameInfo &frame) override
Calculate distance and prepare batches for rendering. May be called from worker thread(s),...
Definition: AnimatedModel.cpp:259
static const XMLElement EMPTY
Empty XMLElement.
Definition: XMLElement.h:312
Node * Prev() const
Return previous node.
Definition: HashSet.h:57
Frustum() noexcept=default
Construct a degenerate frustum with all points at origin.
Window UI element that can optionally by moved or resized.
Definition: Window.h:48
unsigned GetQueryFilterType() const
Definition: CrowdAgent.h:188
Mutex moduleMutex_
Script module create/delete mutex.
Definition: Script.h:145
void SetUseScreenKeyboard(bool enable)
Definition: UI.cpp:686
The agent is not in a valid state.
Definition: CrowdAgent.h:53
unsigned GetUseTimer()
Return time since last use in milliseconds.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.cpp:458
void DecScriptNestingLevel()
Decrease script nesting level.
Definition: Script.h:116
Color(const Color &color, float a) noexcept
Construct from another color and modify the alpha.
Definition: Color.h:66
void Release() override
Release buffer.
Definition: OGLIndexBuffer.cpp:57
Vector2 Lerp(const Vector2 &rhs, float t) const
Linear interpolation with another vector.
Definition: Vector2.h:324
float GetStartParticleSizeVariance() const
Return start particle size variance.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.h:194
void SetLinearVelocity(const Vector2 &linearVelocity)
Definition: RigidBody2D.cpp:298
unsigned GetNumBillboards() const
Definition: BillboardSet.h:119
unsigned Capacity() const
Return capacity of vector.
Definition: Vector.h:1154
JoystickState * GetJoystickByIndex(unsigned index)
Definition: Input.cpp:1451
bool AddDecal(Drawable *target, const Vector3 &worldPosition, const Quaternion &worldRotation, float size, float aspectRatio, float depth, const Vector2 &topLeftUV, const Vector2 &bottomRightUV, float timeToLive=0.0f, float normalCutoff=0.1f, unsigned subGeometry=M_MAX_UNSIGNED)
Add a decal at world coordinates, using a target drawable's geometry for reference....
Definition: DecalSet.cpp:301
float GetRotationStart() const
Return rotation start.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.h:230
void OnSceneSet(Scene *scene) override
Handle node being assigned.
Definition: CrowdAgent.cpp:609
unsigned numDrawables_
Number of drawable objects in this octant and child octants.
Definition: Octree.h:152
unsigned GetSRGBFormat(unsigned format)
Definition: OGLTexture.cpp:305
void RemoveKnot()
Remove the last knot on the spline.
Definition: Spline.h:105
IntRect border_
Border dimensions on screen.
Definition: BorderImage.h:139
TextureCube(Context *context)
Definition: TextureCube.cpp:61
float lodDistance_
LOD distance.
Definition: Geometry.h:144
bool IsClient() const
Definition: Connection.h:203
bool operator!=(const KeyValue &rhs) const
Test for inequality with another pair.
Definition: HashMap.h:73
HashMap< String, SharedPtr< LuaFunction > > functionNameToFunctionMap_
Function name to function map.
Definition: LuaScript.h:129
float range_
ProgressBar range.
Definition: ProgressBar.h:111
void SetShowPercentText(bool enable)
Definition: ProgressBar.cpp:114
void SetMinInstances(int instances)
Definition: Renderer.cpp:476
CascadeParameters(float split1, float split2, float split3, float split4, float fadeStart, float biasAutoAdjust=1.0f)
Construct with initial values.
Definition: Light.h:88
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: Model.cpp:70
void StopSound(Sound *sound)
Stop any sound source playing a certain sound clip.
Definition: Audio.cpp:197
int GetAcceleratorKey() const
Definition: Menu.h:88
XMLElement CreateRoot(const String &name)
Clear the document and create a root element.
Definition: XMLFile.cpp:144
int GetInt(int defaultValue=0) const
Return integer value.
Definition: JSONValue.h:204
T value_
Definition: Variant.h:272
~IKSolver() override
Default destructor.
Definition: IKSolver.cpp:68
int width_
Texture width.
Definition: Texture.h:249
virtual bool FilterPopupImplicitAttributes(XMLElement &dest) const
Filter implicit attributes in serialization process.
Definition: Menu.cpp:346
SharedPtr< XMLFile > loadParameters_
Parameter file acquired during BeginLoad.
Definition: TextureCube.h:92
float minHeight_
Minimum height.
Definition: CollisionShape.h:137
void StorePreparedView(View *view, Camera *camera)
Mark a view as prepared by the specified culling camera.
Definition: Renderer.cpp:1142
Construct undefined.
const String & GetProperty(const String &name) const
Return property.
Definition: TileMapLayer2D.cpp:262
unsigned position_
Stream position.
Definition: Deserializer.h:153
void SetScriptNetworkDataAttr(const PODVector< unsigned char > &data)
Set script network serialization attribute by calling a script function.
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:473
Vector2 GetCharSize(unsigned index)
Definition: Text.cpp:431
void HandleElementResized(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle content element resized.
Definition: ScrollView.cpp:545
unsigned page_
Texture page. M_MAX_UNSIGNED if not yet resident on any texture.
Definition: FontFace.h:58
unsigned dragButtonCount_
Drag button count.
Definition: UIElement.h:858
std::atomic< bool > shutDown_
Shutting down flag.
Definition: WorkQueue.h:141
ConstraintType GetConstraintType() const
Definition: Constraint.h:122
void FinishSaving(Serializer *dest) const
Finish saving. Sets the scene filename and checksum.
Definition: Scene.cpp:1281
void SetParametersDirty()
Mark parameters dirty. Called by Graphics.
Definition: Texture.cpp:229
void SetDrawAabb(bool drawAabb)
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.cpp:364
A set of flags defined by an Enum.
Definition: FlagSet.h:46
virtual void OnDragMove(const IntVector2 &position, const IntVector2 &screenPosition, const IntVector2 &deltaPos, MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers, Cursor *cursor)
React to mouse drag motion.
Definition: UIElement.cpp:433
String GetValueTypeName() const
Definition: JSONValue.cpp:176
float GetRatio() const
Definition: ConstraintPulley2D.h:77
void SetFontAttr(const ResourceRef &value)
Set font attribute.
Definition: Text.cpp:443
Technique * GetDefaultTechnique() const
Definition: Renderer.cpp:564
Drawable * drawable_
Definition: OctreeQuery.h:174
bool skinningDirty_
Skinning dirty flag.
Definition: AnimatedModel.h:261
bool hasExecuted_
Has executed.
Definition: LuaFile.h:64
VertexMaskFlags GetElementMask() const
Definition: VertexBuffer.h:110
void Clear()
Reset to empty.
Definition: Variant.h:561
Button * cancelButton_
Cancel button.
Definition: FileSelector.h:187
unsigned char drawableFlags_
Drawable flags.
Definition: Drawable.h:361
void Resize(unsigned newLength)
Resize the string.
Definition: Str.cpp:418
AnimationTrack * CreateTrack(const String &name)
Create and return a track by name. If track by same name already exists, returns the existing.
Definition: Animation.cpp:300
float minRadius_
Min radius.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.h:312
const PODVector< Drawable * > & GetGeometries() const
Return geometry objects.
Definition: View.h:163
unsigned size_
Data size.
Definition: Graphics.h:75
Node * ReserveNode()
Reserve a node.
Definition: HashSet.h:602
void SetForceAutoHint(bool enable)
Definition: UI.cpp:700
Cursor image and hotspot information.
Definition: Cursor.h:55
bool Equals(T lhs, T rhs)
Definition: MathDefs.h:72
void CreateThreads(unsigned numThreads)
Create worker threads. Can only be called once.
Definition: WorkQueue.cpp:86
bool useGradient_
Gradient flag.
Definition: UIBatch.h:95
ValueAnimationInfo * GetAttributeAnimationInfo(const String &name) const
Return attribute animation info by name.
Definition: ObjectAnimation.cpp:253
float farSplit_
Directional light cascade far split distance.
Definition: Batch.h:288
bool GetUseTextureRect() const
Definition: StaticSprite2D.h:136
unsigned GetMorphRangeCount(unsigned bufferIndex) const
Return vertex buffer morph range vertex count.
Definition: Model.cpp:778
float Lightness() const
Return lightness as defined for HSL: average of the largest and smallest values of the RGB components...
Definition: Color.cpp:151
void SetMaterialAttr(const ResourceRef &value)
Set material attribute.
Definition: BillboardSet.cpp:362
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: CollisionChain2D.cpp:47
bool QueueResource(StringHash type, const String &name, bool sendEventOnFailure, Resource *caller)
Queue loading of a resource. The name must be sanitated to ensure consistent format....
bool Contains(const StringHash &hash) const
Return whether the string in contained in the register.
Definition: StringHashRegister.cpp:89
float GetEffectDepthBias() const
Return effect Z bias.
Definition: Text.h:223
void OnDragBegin(const IntVector2 &position, const IntVector2 &screenPosition, MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers, Cursor *cursor) override
React to mouse drag begin.
Definition: LineEdit.cpp:139
Viewport definition either for a render surface or the backbuffer.
Definition: Viewport.h:41
void OnSetEnabled() override
Handle enabled/disabled state change.
Definition: DecalSet.cpp:203
unsigned char * buffer_
Definition: VectorBase.h:68
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: CrowdManager.cpp:94
bool DrawOcclusion(OcclusionBuffer *buffer) override
Draw to occlusion buffer. Return true if did not run out of triangles.
Definition: StaticModel.cpp:189
Pass * GetSupportedPass(unsigned passIndex) const
Return a pass that is supported for rendering, or null if not found.
Definition: Technique.h:266
unsigned GetSelection() const
Definition: ListView.cpp:884
unsigned BuildTiles(Vector< NavigationGeometryInfo > &geometryList, const IntVector2 &from, const IntVector2 &to)
Build tiles in the rectangular area. Return number of built tiles.
Definition: NavigationMesh.cpp:1530
Color() noexcept
Construct with default values (opaque white).
Definition: Color.h:54
const float * Data() const
Return float data.
Definition: Quaternion.h:462
VariantVector parameters_
Definition: ScriptEventListener.h:48
Color colorDelta_
Color delta.
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.h:52
void Clear()
Clear array or object.
Definition: JSONValue.cpp:336
void MarkNetworkUpdate() override
Mark for attribute check on the next network update.
Definition: Node.cpp:284
void AddSkeleton(const Skeleton &skeleton, const Color &color, bool depthTest=true)
Add a skeleton.
Definition: DebugRenderer.cpp:354
Vector< TmxLayer2D * > layers_
Definition: TmxFile2D.h:228
Component and child node creation mode for networking.
Definition: Node.h:43
WeakPtr< SmoothedTransform > smoothedTransform_
Smoothed transform, if has one.
Definition: RigidBody.h:331
Navigation area stub.
Definition: NavBuildData.h:45
Vector2(const float *data) noexcept
Construct from a float array.
Definition: Vector2.h:203
IntVector2 numPatches_
Terrain size in patches.
Definition: Terrain.h:326
FrameInfo frame_
Frame info for rendering.
Definition: Renderer.h:605
~OcclusionBuffer() override
Vector2 max_
Maximum vector.
Definition: Rect.h:269
List & operator=(const List< T > &rhs)
Assign from another list.
Definition: List.h:208
float GetRotationWeight() const
Definition: IKEffector.cpp:183
Vector< Pair< String, CubeMapFace > > outputs_
Output rendertarget names and faces.
Definition: RenderPath.h:174
bool skinningDirty_
Skinning dirty flag.
Definition: DecalSet.h:258
Vector2 Abs() const
Return absolute vector.
Definition: Vector2.h:321
IntVector2 lastVisibleMousePosition_
Last mouse position before being set to not visible.
Definition: Input.h:438
SharedPtr< UIElement3D > rootElement_
UIElement to be rendered into texture. It also handles screen to UI coordinate translation.
Definition: UIComponent.h:76
VertexBuffer * GetVertexBuffer() const
Return vertex buffer.
Definition: TerrainPatch.cpp:263
float GetTime() const
Return time position.
Definition: ValueAnimationInfo.h:72
void SetMinPriority(float priority)
Definition: NetworkPriority.cpp:73
URHO_CPP14(constexpr) RandomAccessConstIterator< T > &operator
Assign from a non-const iterator.
void * externalWindow_
External window, null if not in use (default.)
Definition: Graphics.h:771
bool IsTextSelectable() const
Definition: LineEdit.h:123
bool IsVisibleEffective() const
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1559
bool GetAlphaToCoverage() const
Definition: Material.h:260
void ProcessRayQuery(const RayOctreeQuery &query, PODVector< RayQueryResult > &results) override
Process octree raycast. May be called from a worker thread.
Definition: Renderer2D.cpp:104
bool LoadRawFile(const String &fileName)
Load script file on file system (i.e. not from resource cache). Return true if successful.
Definition: LuaScript.cpp:266
Viewport * GetViewport() const
Definition: View3D.cpp:151
unsigned GetNumGeometries() const
Definition: CustomGeometry.h:138
float SumRGB() const
Return sum of RGB components.
Definition: Color.h:170
PODVector< float > uiVertexData_
Text vertex data.
Definition: Text3D.h:247
Vector3 v1_
Vertex a.
Definition: DebugRenderer.h:81
void SetVertexShaderDefineExcludes(const String &excludes)
Definition: Technique.cpp:159
Matrix3x4(const float *data) noexcept
Construct from a float array.
Definition: Matrix3x4.h:126
~IKConstraint() override
Destructs he IK constraint.
PODVector< unsigned char > GetScriptDataAttr() const
Get script file serialization attribute by calling a script function.
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:504
void SendAllBuffers()
Send out all buffered messages.
Definition: Connection.cpp:403
static unsigned deferredPassIndex
Index for deferred G-buffer pass. Initialized once GetPassIndex() has been called for the first time.
Definition: Technique.h:298
Vector2 position_
Definition: TmxFile2D.h:149
void Reset()
Reset number of triangles.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.cpp:146
T & At(unsigned index)
Return element at index.
Definition: Vector.h:208
const IntVector2 & GetOffset() const
Definition: Sprite2D.h:83
void UpdateAsyncLoading()
Update asynchronous loading.
Definition: Scene.cpp:1188
void SetPositionIterations(int positionIterations)
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.cpp:425
HashSet< Scene * > networkScenes_
Networked scenes.
Definition: Network.h:174
bool alwaysUpdateOwner_
Update owner at full rate flag.
Definition: NetworkPriority.h:83
void RemoveCollisionShape(CollisionShape *shape)
Remove a collision shape. Called by CollisionShape.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.cpp:735
void AddEventHandlerInternal(Object *sender, StringHash eventType, const String &handlerName)
Add an event handler and create the necessary proxy object.
Definition: ScriptFile.cpp:657
unsigned GetNumPrimitives() const
Definition: Renderer.h:406
Iterator Insert(const Iterator &dest, const T &value)
Insert an element by iterator.
Definition: Vector.h:891
Value animation event frame.
Definition: ValueAnimation.h:57
bool IsValid() const
Check that function is valid.
Definition: LuaFunction.cpp:63
HiresTimer frameTimer_
Frame update timer.
Definition: Engine.h:145
void SetScriptDataAttr(const PODVector< unsigned char > &data)
Set script file serialization attribute by calling a script function.
Definition: LuaScriptInstance.cpp:434
void RemoveEventHandlers(Object *sender) override
Remove all scripted event handlers for a specific sender.
Definition: LuaScriptInstance.cpp:348
SharedPtr< VertexBuffer > vertexBuffer_
Vertex buffer.
Definition: BillboardSet.h:205
void ReplacePrint()
Replace print.
Definition: LuaScript.cpp:384
Vector2 lowLimit_
Low limit.
Definition: Constraint.h:220
Definition: ResourceCache.h:70
PODVector< ConstantBuffer * > dirtyConstantBuffers_
Dirty constant buffers.
Definition: OGLGraphicsImpl.h:146
void SetTailColumn(unsigned tailColumn)
Definition: RibbonTrail.cpp:355
SharedPtr< AttributeAccessor > accessor_
Helper object for accessor mode.
Definition: Attribute.h:108
PODVector< Drawable * > threadedGeometries_
Geometry objects that will be updated in worker threads.
Definition: View.h:398
void SetRotation(const Quaternion &rotation)
Definition: Node.cpp:450
WeakPtr< Constraint2D > otherConstraint_
Other body constraint.
Definition: ConstraintGear2D.h:74
2D wheel constraint component.
Definition: ConstraintWheel2D.h:31
Construct undefined.
static Sint64 Size(SDL_RWops *context)
Return data size of the object.
Definition: RWOpsWrapper.h:53
XPathResultSet SelectPrepared(const XPathQuery &query) const
Select elements/attributes using XPath query.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:255
void DynamicCast(const WeakArrayPtr< U > &rhs)
Perform a dynamic cast from a weak array pointer of another type.
Definition: ArrayPtr.h:358
unsigned char adaptiveDepth
Definition: CrowdManager.h:56
bool Null() const
Check if the pointer is null.
Definition: Ptr.h:480
Vector2 GetWorldPosition2D() const
Definition: Node.h:455
SharedPtr< Material > defaultMaterial_
Default material.
Definition: Renderer.h:559
int GetNumExtraInstancingBufferElements() const
Definition: Renderer.h:362
Object * GetSender() const
Return event sender. Null if the handler is non-specific.
Definition: Object.h:285
int mixRate_
Mixing rate.
Definition: Audio.h:147
JSONValueType GetValueType() const
Definition: JSONValue.cpp:166
void SetProfilerMaxDepth(unsigned depth)
Definition: DebugHud.cpp:245
bool Equals(const Vector3 &rhs) const
Test for equality with another vector with epsilon.
Definition: Vector3.h:410
const Vector< SharedPtr< PackageFile > > & GetRequiredPackageFiles() const
Definition: Scene.h:232
void SetAspectRatioInternal(float aspectRatio)
Set aspect ratio without disabling the "auto aspect ratio" mode. Called internally by View.
Definition: Camera.cpp:597
void SetAccelerator(int key, int qualifiers)
Set accelerator key (set zero key code to disable).
Definition: Menu.cpp:335
bool executeConsoleCommands_
Flag for executing engine console commands as script code. Default to true.
Definition: Script.h:149
void ClearObjectTypeCache()
Clear the inbuild object type cache.
Definition: Script.cpp:353
void SetWheelDirection(int wheel, Vector3 direction)
Set wheel direction vector.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:620
const Vector2 & GetSize() const
Definition: TileMapDefs2D.h:196
void SetOwner(void *owner)
Set owner.
Definition: ValueAnimation.cpp:250
float time_
Definition: ValueAnimation.h:60
Autoremove is used by some components for automatic removal from the scene hierarchy upon completion ...
Definition: Component.h:39
bool Build() override
Build/rebuild the entire navigation mesh.
Definition: DynamicNavigationMesh.cpp:337
ResourceRef GetMaterialAttr() const
Return material attribute.
Definition: BillboardSet.cpp:427
unsigned indexCount_
Number of indices.
Definition: Geometry.h:138
void RemoveDecals(unsigned num)
Remove n oldest decals.
Definition: DecalSet.cpp:485
unsigned GetNumThreads() const
Return number of worker threads.
Definition: WorkQueue.h:105
Definition: Profiler.h:233
BeginLoad() failed.
Definition: Resource.h:50
void OnSetEnabled() override
Handle enabled/disabled state change.
Definition: AnimatedSprite2D.cpp:86
unsigned vertexEnd_
Vertex data end index.
Definition: UIBatch.h:91
Definition: Vector.h:45
void SetPosition2D(float x, float y)
Set position in parent space (for Urho2D).
Definition: Node.h:142
bool EqualsExceptVSync(const ScreenModeParams &rhs) const
Compare contents except vsync flag.
Definition: Graphics.h:104
IKEffector(Context *context)
Constructs a new IK effector.
Definition: IKEffector.cpp:43
Tmx tile layer.
Definition: TmxFile2D.h:91
bool IsScaled() const
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:279
XMLElement SelectSinglePrepared(const XPathQuery &query) const
Select an element/attribute using XPath query.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:235
List< AsyncExecRequest * > asyncExecQueue_
Async execution queue.
Definition: FileSystem.h:126
const PackageEntry * GetEntry(const String &fileName) const
Return the file entry corresponding to the name, or null if not found. This will be case-insensitive ...
Definition: PackageFile.cpp:135
Plane clipPlane_
Clipping plane.
Definition: Camera.h:314
T Get() const
Return the value, template version.
bool executeConsoleCommands_
Flag for executing engine console commands as OS-specific system command. Default to true.
Definition: FileSystem.h:130
Empty constructor.
void SetPoolSize(unsigned poolSize)
Definition: Database.h:68
bool ExecuteString(const String &string)
Execute script string. Return true if successful.
Definition: LuaScript.cpp:251
void PushFront(const T &value)
Insert an element to the beginning.
Definition: List.h:282
unsigned offset_
Offset in constant buffer.
Definition: ShaderVariation.h:57
bool occluder_
Occluder flag.
Definition: Terrain.h:344
bool swapXY_
Swap X and Y.
Definition: StaticSprite2D.h:180
void GetCursorPositionAndVisible(IntVector2 &pos, bool &visible)
Return cursor position and visibility either from the cursor element, or the Input subsystem.
Definition: UI.cpp:1305
int GetEffectStrokeThickness() const
Definition: Text.h:187
void InsertChild(unsigned index, UIElement *element)
Insert a child element into a specific position in the child list.
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1293
unsigned maxVertices_
Maximum vertices.
Definition: DecalSet.h:246
void ApplyAttributes() override
Apply attribute changes that can not be applied immediately.
Definition: UIElement.cpp:159
void UpdateGeometry(const FrameInfo &frame) override
Prepare geometry for rendering. Called from a worker thread if possible (no GPU update).
Definition: DecalSet.cpp:229
RefCount * refCount_
Pointer to the RefCount structure.
Definition: Ptr.h:538
JSONValue & GetRoot()
Definition: JSONFile.h:58
int Refs() const
Return the array's reference count, or 0 if null pointer or if array has expired.
Definition: ArrayPtr.h:379
void SetPosition(const Vector3 &position)
Definition: CollisionShape.cpp:749
String(const char *str)
Construct from a C string.
Definition: Str.h:79
bool operator!=(const HashIteratorBase &rhs) const
Test for inequality with another iterator.
Definition: HashBase.h:76
void SetSpeed(float speed)
Definition: SplinePath.h:70
bool depthHierarchyDirty_
Depth hierarchy needs update flag.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.h:199
Graphics * GetGraphics() const
Return graphics subsystem.
Definition: View.cpp:674
unsigned vertexCount_
Number of vertices.
Definition: VertexBuffer.h:157
HashMap(HashMap< T, U > &&map) noexcept
Move-construct from another hash map.
Definition: HashMap.h:235
void SetValue(float value)
Definition: Slider.cpp:182
void SetOtherBodyAnchor(const Vector2 &anchor)
Definition: ConstraintRope2D.cpp:69
PODVector< unsigned char > offMeshDir_
Offmesh connection direction.
Definition: NavBuildData.h:76
UpdateEventFlags GetUpdateEventMask() const
Return what update events are subscribed to.
Definition: LogicComponent.h:83
void OnNodeSet(Node *node) override
Handle node being assigned.
Definition: Constraint.cpp:416
PODVector< float > offMeshRadii_
Offmesh connection radii.
Definition: NavBuildData.h:70
HashMap< StringHash, AnimationTrack > tracks_
Animation tracks.
Definition: Animation.h:211
void OnHover(const IntVector2 &position, const IntVector2 &screenPosition, MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers, Cursor *cursor) override
React to mouse hover.
Definition: Window.cpp:116
void SetMargin(float margin)
Definition: CollisionShape.cpp:780
int GetPacketsOutPerSec() const
Definition: Connection.cpp:1116
void UnsubscribeFromAllEvents()
Unsubscribe from all events.
Definition: Object.cpp:250
void InitializeJointDef(b2JointDef *jointDef)
Initialize joint def.
Definition: Constraint2D.cpp:173
bool GetStopAtEnd() const
Return whether playback should stop when no more data.
Definition: SoundStream.h:60
void SetNeighbors(TerrainPatch *north, TerrainPatch *south, TerrainPatch *west, TerrainPatch *east)
Set neighbor patches.
Definition: TerrainPatch.cpp:219
Camera(Context *context)
Definition: Camera.cpp:53
void Clear()
Clear to undefined state.
Definition: BoundingBox.h:246
VectorBuffer attrBuffer_
Attribute buffer for network replication.
Definition: RigidBody.h:341
const Rect & GetDrawRect() const
Definition: StaticSprite2D.h:96
void SetERP(float erp)
Definition: Constraint.cpp:302
const Vector2 & GetHighLimit() const
Definition: Constraint.h:154
bool RemoveTrack(const String &name)
Remove a track by name. Return true if was found and removed successfully. This is unsafe if the anim...
Definition: Animation.cpp:314
Color GetPixel(int x, int y) const
Return a 2D pixel color.
Definition: Image.cpp:1475
float repeatRate_
Paging repeat rate.
Definition: Slider.h:125
void SetShadowCompare(bool enable)
Set shadow compare mode. Not used on Direct3D9.
Definition: Texture.cpp:92
SharedPtr< Image > GetNextLevel() const
Return next mip level by bilinear filtering. Note that if the image is already 1x1x1,...
Definition: Image.cpp:1591
void NewConnectionEstablished(const SLNet::AddressOrGUID &connection)
Handle a new client connection.
Definition: Network.cpp:308
void ResetMouseGrabbed()
Reset the mouse grabbed to the last unsuppressed SetMouseGrabbed call.
Definition: Input.cpp:822
void SetImageRect(const IntRect &rect)
Definition: Sprite.cpp:201
int GetMaxFps() const
Definition: Engine.h:93
QualifierFlags qualifiers_
Qualifier keys held down.
Definition: UI.h:430
unsigned GetNumBatches() const
Definition: Renderer.h:410
SharedPtr< VertexBuffer > vertexBuffer_
UI vertex buffer.
Definition: UI.h:300
bool BeginLoad(Deserializer &source) override
Load resource from stream. May be called from a worker thread. Return true if successful.
Definition: Texture2DArray.cpp:66
float GetStartScale() const
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:164
HashSet< Pair< StringHash, StringHash > > dependents_
Resources that depend on this resource's loading.
Definition: BackgroundLoader.h:47
void AddSphere(const Sphere &sphere, const Color &color, bool depthTest=true)
Add a sphere.
Definition: DebugRenderer.cpp:260
bool looping_
Definition: SpriterInstance2D.h:101
IntRect clipBorder_
Child element clipping border.
Definition: UIElement.h:794
void OnClickEnd(const IntVector2 &position, const IntVector2 &screenPosition, MouseButton button, MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers, Cursor *cursor, UIElement *beginElement) override
React to mouse click end.
Definition: Button.cpp:123
unsigned checksum_
Definition: Connection.h:82
bool GetScancodeDown(Scancode scancode) const
Definition: Input.cpp:1344
Quaternion GetWorldRotation() const
Definition: Node.h:463
Variant(const Matrix3x4 &value)
Construct from a Matrix3x4.
Definition: Variant.h:506
2D particle emitter types.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.h:37
unsigned readBuffers_
Read buffer bits.
Definition: OGLGraphicsImpl.h:93
void SetValue(float value)
Definition: ScrollBar.cpp:171
float GetLength() const
Definition: Animation.h:175
void SetNumGeometries(unsigned num)
Definition: Model.cpp:542
Rect uv_
UV coordinates.
Definition: BillboardSet.h:46
void OnNodeSet(Node *node) override
Handle component being added to Node or removed from it.
Definition: UIComponent.cpp:198
float radius_
Definition: CollisionCircle2D.h:69
Intersection IsInside(const IntRect &rect) const
Test if another rect is inside, outside or intersects.
Definition: Rect.h:429
void SetAngle(float angle)
Set angle.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.cpp:329
void OnWorldBoundingBoxUpdate() override
Recalculate the world-space bounding box.
Definition: StaticSprite2D.cpp:278
WeakPtr< LuaScriptInstance > instance_
Lua script instance.
Definition: LuaScriptEventInvoker.h:54
StringVector tags_
Tag list.
Definition: UIElement.h:931
SharedPtr< PropertySet2D > propertySet_
Property set.
Definition: TmxFile2D.h:87
bool SetIntVector3(const String &name, const IntVector3 &value)
Set an IntVector3 attribute.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:392
void DrawDebugGeometry(DebugRenderer *debug, bool depthTest) override
Visualize the component as debug geometry.
Definition: Constraint.cpp:138
void SetScale(float scale)
Set uniform scaling elements.
Definition: Matrix4.h:512
void ApplyAttributes() override
Apply attribute changes that can not be applied immediately. Called after scene load or a network upd...
Definition: LuaScriptInstance.cpp:284
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:96
Billboard * GetBillboard(unsigned index)
Definition: BillboardSet.cpp:357
unsigned boundUBO_
Currently bound uniform buffer object.
Definition: OGLGraphicsImpl.h:130
void Push(T &&value)
Move-add an element at the end.
Definition: Vector.h:253
~Texture2D() override
Definition: Texture2D.cpp:50
bool RemoveGesture(unsigned gestureID)
Remove an in-memory gesture by ID. Return true if was found.
Definition: Input.cpp:1252
void HandleEndFrame(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle end of frame. Clear debug geometry.
Definition: DebugRenderer.cpp:651
bool BeginLoad(Deserializer &source) override
Load resource from stream. May be called from a worker thread. Return true if successful.
Definition: Texture2D.cpp:60
void ResetToDefault()
Reset all editable attributes to their default values.
Definition: Serializable.cpp:650
~JSONFile() override
String vertexShaderDefines_
Vertex shader defines.
Definition: Technique.h:196
Color clearColor_
Clear color. Affects clear command only.
Definition: RenderPath.h:180
Vector< Variant > currentValues_
Current network attribute values.
Definition: ReplicationState.h:126
void AddConstraint2D(Constraint2D *constraint)
Add constraint.
Definition: RigidBody2D.cpp:489
void SetLoop(unsigned repeatOffset, unsigned endOffset)
Define loop.
Definition: Sound.cpp:271
void Swap(HashBase &rhs)
Swap with another hash set or map.
Definition: HashBase.h:118
Font(Context *context)
Definition: Font.cpp:54
const int * Data() const
Return integer data.
Definition: Vector3.h:147
const Vector< AttributeInfo > * GetAttributes() const override
Return attribute descriptions, or null if none defined.
Definition: ScriptInstance.h:78
String vertexShaderName_
Vertex shader name.
Definition: RenderPath.h:162
unsigned maxFps_
Maximum frames per second.
Definition: Engine.h:155
bool selectOnClickEnd_
React to click end instead of click start flag.
Definition: ListView.h:203
IKConstraint(Context *context)
Constructs a new IK constraint.
Definition: IKConstraint.cpp:38
bool isRouting_
Resource routing flag to prevent endless recursion.
Definition: ResourceCache.h:270
void CheckMaterialForAuxView(Material *material)
Check if material should render an auxiliary view (if it has a camera attached).
Definition: View.cpp:2847
float x_
X coordinate.
Definition: Vector4.h:225
T & GetValue()
Get value.
Definition: Variant.h:238
void BeginInterval()
Begin a new interval.
Definition: Profiler.cpp:66
void OnPackagesReady()
Handle all packages loaded successfully. Also called directly on MSG_LOADSCENE if there are none.
Definition: Connection.cpp:1593
void UpdateNodeIDs() const
Update node IDs attribute from the actual nodes.
Definition: StaticModelGroup.cpp:403
void SetAlphaToCoverage(bool enable)
Definition: Material.cpp:1095
virtual void Update(float timeStep)
Update the sound source. Perform subclass specific operations. Called by Audio.
Definition: SoundSource.cpp:329
Sprite2D * GetTileSprite(unsigned gid) const
Return tile sprite by gid, if not exist return 0.
Definition: TmxFile2D.cpp:555
float agentMaxSlope_
Navigation agent max slope.
Definition: NavigationMesh.h:362
StringHash animationNameHash_
Animation name hash.
Definition: Animation.h:207
void UpdateBatches(const FrameInfo &frame) override
Calculate distance and prepare batches for rendering. May be called from worker thread(s),...
Definition: Text3D.cpp:115
float GetBrake(int wheel) const
Get hand brake value.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:588
Hash set node.
Definition: HashSet.h:39
void OnSceneSet(Scene *scene) override
Handle scene being assigned.
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:532
void Define(const Vector3 &v0, const Vector3 &v1, const Vector3 &v2)
Define from 3 vertices.
Definition: Plane.h:66
~Texture() override
void SetShadowed(bool enable)
Definition: IndexBuffer.cpp:59
float GetDetailSampleDistance() const
Definition: NavigationMesh.h:257
char & At(unsigned index)
Return char at index.
Definition: Str.h:320
void SetNetBillboardsAttr(const PODVector< unsigned char > &value)
Set billboards attribute for network replication.
Definition: BillboardSet.cpp:407
Quaternion rotation_
Observer rotation for interest management.
Definition: Connection.h:348
void SetHeight(float height)
Definition: CrowdAgent.cpp:409
ConstIterator Begin() const
Return const iterator to the beginning.
Definition: Vector.h:1122
bool updateQueued_
Octree update queued flag.
Definition: Drawable.h:371
VariantVector GetBonesEnabledAttr() const
Return bones' animation enabled attribute.
Definition: AnimatedModel.cpp:867
void SetTextureFilterMode(TextureFilterMode mode)
Definition: Renderer.cpp:326
PODVector< int > GetMultiSampleLevels() const
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:2048
AttributeHandle & SetMetadata(StringHash key, const Variant &value)
Set metadata.
Definition: Attribute.h:135
void SetAutoRemoveMode(AutoRemoveMode mode)
Definition: SoundSource.cpp:308
unsigned GetRowDataSize(int width) const
Return data size in bytes for a pixel or block row.
Definition: OGLTexture.cpp:190
Billboard component.
Definition: BillboardSet.h:62
void MixStereoToMonoIP(Sound *sound, int *dest, unsigned samples, int mixRate)
Mix stereo sample to mono buffer interpolated.
Definition: SoundSource.cpp:1076
float Angle() const
Definition: Quaternion.cpp:229
float cursorBlinkTimer_
Cursor blink timer.
Definition: LineEdit.h:164
unsigned ToHash() const
Return hash value for HashSet & HashMap.
Definition: Vector3.h:465
bool Link()
Link the shaders and examine the uniforms and samplers used. Return true if successful.
Definition: OGLShaderProgram.cpp:116
void SetEnableMotor(bool enableMotor)
Definition: ConstraintPrismatic2D.cpp:129
Vector2 otherBodyAnchor_
Other body anchor.
Definition: ConstraintDistance2D.h:87
void AddAltTarget(UIElement *target)
Add an alternative hover target.
Definition: ToolTip.cpp:128
void OnSceneSet(Scene *scene) override
Handle scene being assigned.
Definition: Constraint2D.cpp:163
void SetDrawOrder(int drawOrder)
Definition: TileMapLayer2D.cpp:217
float radialAcceleration_
Radial acceleration.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.h:278
unsigned char timeStamp_
Controls timestamp. Incremented after each sent update.
Definition: Connection.h:275
float GetDerivedOpacity() const
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1519
BatchQueue * batchQueue_
Batch queue.
Definition: View.h:91
unsigned char renderOrder_
8-bit render order modifier from material.
Definition: Batch.h:82
Vector4 Lerp(const Vector4 &rhs, float t) const
Linear interpolation with another vector.
Definition: Vector4.h:186
Menu UI element that optionally shows a popup.
Definition: Menu.h:31
Ray GetScreenRay(int x, int y) const
Return ray corresponding to normalized screen coordinates.
Definition: Viewport.cpp:142
Intersection IsInside(const Vector3 &point) const
Test if a point is inside.
Definition: BoundingBox.h:285
void RemoveItem(UIElement *item)
Remove specific item.
Definition: DropDownList.cpp:168
virtual void RemoveAllTiles()
Remove all tiles from navigation mesh.
Definition: NavigationMesh.cpp:588
Definition: Condition.cpp:70
void ReleaseRef()
Release the array reference and delete it and the RefCount structure if necessary.
Definition: ArrayPtr.h:188
void UnsubscribeFromScriptMethodEvents()
Unsubscribe from script method events.
Definition: LuaScriptInstance.cpp:642
bool IsInf() const
Return whether any component is Inf.
Definition: Vector2.h:333
bool forceAnimationUpdate_
Force animation update after becoming visible flag.
Definition: AnimatedModel.h:271
const PODVector< SoundSource * > & GetSoundSources() const
Return all sound sources.
Definition: Audio.h:109
Vector2 uv_
Definition: Drawable2D.h:44
bool IsApplyingTransforms() const
Return whether node dirtying should be disregarded.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:297
void HandleLogMessage(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle log message.
Definition: Application.cpp:124
void RemoveListener(Component *component)
Remove listener component.
Definition: Node.cpp:1170
static unsigned lightPassIndex
Index for per-pixel light pass. Initialized once GetPassIndex() has been called for the first time.
Definition: Technique.h:300
static const IntVector3 RIGHT_UP_FORWARD
(0, 1, 2) coordinate system (default).
Definition: RaycastVehicle.h:179
void OnDragBegin(const IntVector2 &position, const IntVector2 &screenPosition, MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers, Cursor *cursor) override
React to mouse drag begin.
Definition: Window.cpp:129
bool SplitRect(unsigned freeAreaIndex, const IntRect &reserve)
Remove space from a free rectangle. Return true if the original rectangle should be erased from the f...
Definition: AreaAllocator.cpp:164
float minAngle_
Minimal angle between text normal and look-at direction.
Definition: Text3D.h:253
bool OpenInternal(const String &fileName, FileMode mode, bool fromPackage=false)
Open file internally using either C standard IO functions or SDL RWops for Android asset files....
Definition: File.cpp:428
PODVector< DebugTriangle > noDepthTriangles_
Triangles rendered without depth test.
Definition: DebugRenderer.h:184
RefCount * refCount_
Pointer to the RefCount structure.
Definition: ArrayPtr.h:428
Vector3 ViewportTransform(const Vector4 &vertex) const
Apply projection and viewport transform to vertex.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.cpp:553
float rotation_
Rotation angle.
Definition: Sprite.h:132
Construct empty.
void Resize(unsigned newSize, const T &value)
Resize the vector and fill new elements with default value.
Definition: Vector.h:1056
void SetControlPointIdsAttr(const VariantVector &value)
Set Control Point Node IDs attribute.
Definition: SplinePath.cpp:242
T & EmplaceBack(Args &&... args)
Create an element at the end.
Definition: Vector.h:222
const Vector< UIElement * > GetDragElements()
Return currently dragged elements.
Definition: UI.cpp:885
Iterator Find(const T &value)
Return iterator to value, or to the end if not found.
Definition: List.h:372
const String & GetName() const override
Return the file name.
Definition: File.h:84
void ProcessLoadScene(int msgID, MemoryBuffer &msg)
Process a LoadScene message from the server. Called by Network.
Definition: Connection.cpp:528
String GetShadowVariations() const
Find variations for shadow shaders.
Definition: Renderer.cpp:1912
unsigned ibRef_
Index buffer ref.
Definition: Model.h:100
Definition: ListBase.h:97
IntVector2 customSize_
Root element custom size. 0,0 for automatic resizing (default).
Definition: UI.h:480
virtual void AddReplicationState(NodeReplicationState *state)
Add a replication state that is tracking this node.
Definition: Node.cpp:293
long long frameMaxTime_
Maximum time on the previous frame.
Definition: Profiler.h:155
unsigned ToUIntArgb() const
Return color packed to a 32-bit integer, with B component in the lowest 8 bits. Components are clampe...
Definition: Color.h:252
bool GetTileFlipY() const
Definition: TileMapDefs2D.h:212
void SetBool(bool value)
Set boolean.
Definition: PListFile.cpp:135
unsigned shadowCasterBegin_[MAX_LIGHT_SPLITS]
Shadow caster start indices.
Definition: View.h:66
unsigned numLodLevels_
Number of terrain LOD levels.
Definition: Terrain.h:332
static XPathQuery styleXPathQuery_
XPath query for selecting UI-style.
Definition: UIElement.h:929
BorderImage * GetKnob() const
Definition: ProgressBar.h:79
void HandlePathChanged(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle path edited.
Definition: FileSelector.cpp:394
double numberValue_
Definition: JSONValue.h:316
bool IsPressed() const
Definition: Button.h:98
Timer dragBeginTimer
Timer used to trigger drag begin event.
Definition: UI.h:282
VectorBuffer GetVectorBuffer() const
Return VectorBuffer containing the buffer or empty on type mismatch.
Definition: Variant.cpp:430
2D revolute constraint component.
Definition: ConstraintRevolute2D.h:31
void SetValueMap(const PListValueMap &valueMap)
Set value map.
Definition: PListFile.cpp:168
void ApplyOSCursorShape()
Apply pending OS cursor shape. Called by UI. No-op when the OS mouse pointer is not used.
Definition: Cursor.cpp:256
Cursor * GetCursor() const
Definition: UI.h:162
void AddAttribute(const pugi::xml_node &patch, const pugi::xpath_node &original) const
Add an attribute in the Patch.
Definition: XMLFile.cpp:347
void SetWidth(int width)
Definition: UIElement.cpp:593
ResourceCache(Context *context)
Definition: ResourceCache.cpp:70
void SetTargetRotation(const Quaternion &rotation)
Definition: SmoothedTransform.cpp:114
void CreateConstraint()
Create the constraint.
Definition: Constraint.cpp:458
virtual const Vector< AttributeInfo > * GetNetworkAttributes() const
Return network replication attribute descriptions, or null if none defined.
Definition: Serializable.cpp:288
Particle effect definition.
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:110
Hash set node iterator.
Definition: HashSet.h:64
void Open(const String &fileName)
Open the log file.
Definition: Log.cpp:82
bool markToStencil_
Mark to stencil flag.
Definition: View.h:87
TextureUsage GetUsage() const
Definition: Texture.h:159
unsigned numBatches_
Number of batches (3D geometry only).
Definition: Renderer.h:649
void ChangeValue(float delta)
Change value by a delta.
Definition: Slider.cpp:199
void OnDragEnd(const IntVector2 &position, const IntVector2 &screenPosition, MouseButtonFlags dragButtons, MouseButtonFlags releaseButtons, Cursor *cursor) override
React to mouse drag end.
Definition: Slider.cpp:150
int GetDepth() const
Return depth.
Definition: Texture.h:100
bool SaveXML(XMLElement &dest) const override
Save as XML data. Return true if successful.
Definition: UIElement.cpp:291
void HandleLayoutUpdated(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle the element layout having been updated.
Definition: LineEdit.cpp:658
bool ExecuteFile(const String &fileName)
Execute script file. Return true if successful.
Definition: LuaScript.cpp:237
ResourceRef GetModelAttr() const
Return model attribute.
Definition: AnimatedModel.cpp:862
SplinePath(Context *context)
Construct an Empty SplinePath.
Definition: SplinePath.cpp:42
void RemoveAnimationState(AnimationState *state)
Remove an animation state.
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:863
HashMap< String, Vector< SharedPtr< DbConnection > > > connectionsPool_
Database connections pool.
Definition: Database.h:76
Camera * shadowCamera_
Shadow map camera.
Definition: Batch.h:280
int level_
Message level. -1 for raw messages.
Definition: Log.h:67
void HandleIncomingPacket(SLNet::Packet *packet, bool isServer)
All incoming packages are handled here.
Definition: Network.cpp:695
Matrix4(const Matrix3 &matrix) noexcept
Copy-construct from a 3x3 matrix and set the extra elements to identity.
Definition: Matrix4.h:100
Frustum & operator=(const Frustum &rhs) noexcept
Assign from another frustum.
Definition: Frustum.cpp:65
bool NeedParameterUpdate(ShaderParameterGroup group, const void *source)
Check whether a shader parameter group needs update. Does not actually check whether parameters exist...
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:1457
Hardcoded legacy vertex elements.
Definition: GraphicsDefs.h:134
const PODVector< unsigned char > & GetMorphsAttr() const
Return morphs attribute.
Definition: AnimatedModel.cpp:897
bool EndLoad() override
Finish resource loading. Always called from the main thread. Return true if successful.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.cpp:211
bool SetSubimage(const Image *image, const IntRect &rect)
Copy contents of the image into the defined rect, scaling if necessary. This image should already be ...
Definition: Image.cpp:2362
unsigned Tell() const
Return current position.
Definition: Deserializer.h:64
Timer useTimer_
Last used timer.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.h:209
Image layer.
Definition: TileMapDefs2D.h:85
float screenScaleFactor_
Scale factor for fixed screen size mode. Used internally.
Definition: BillboardSet.h:58
void SetEndPoint(Node *node)
Definition: OffMeshConnection.cpp:113
void SetOutputName(unsigned index, const String &name)
Definition: RenderPath.cpp:266
void OnDragMove(const IntVector2 &position, const IntVector2 &screenPosition, const IntVector2 &deltaPos, MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers, Cursor *cursor) override
React to mouse drag motion.
Definition: LineEdit.cpp:147
int numExtraInstancingBufferElements_
Number of extra instancing data elements.
Definition: Renderer.h:665
unsigned jsonIndex_
Current JSON child array and for JSON mode.
Definition: Scene.h:70
const float * Data() const
Return float data.
Definition: Matrix3x4.h:657
HashMap< unsigned short, unsigned short > materialRemapping_
Material remapping table for 2-pass state and distance sort.
Definition: Batch.h:252
StringHash nameHash_
Morph name hash.
Definition: Model.h:59
SharedPtr< File > file_
Destination file.
Definition: Connection.h:74
TerrainPatch * GetPatch(unsigned index) const
Definition: Terrain.cpp:528
float currentTime_
Current time.
Definition: ValueAnimationInfo.h:94
void RemoveAllTiles() override
Remove all tiles from navigation mesh.
Definition: DynamicNavigationMesh.cpp:578
bool Load(const XMLElement &element, const TileMapInfo2D &info)
Load from XML element.
Definition: TmxFile2D.cpp:340
String orientations_
Allowed screen orientations.
Definition: Graphics.h:914
void HandleDropFile(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle a file being drag-dropped into the application window.
Definition: UI.cpp:2059
void UpdateUIClickSubscription()
Update subscription to UI click events.
Definition: ListView.cpp:1157
void Clear()
Clear the string.
Definition: Str.cpp:478
~AnimationSet2D() override
Definition: AnimationSet2D.cpp:114
ConstIterator End() const
Return const iterator to the end.
Definition: Vector.h:500
float GetDownloadProgress() const
Definition: Connection.cpp:1141
ConstIterator End() const
Return iterator to the end.
Definition: HashMap.h:612
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: LineEdit.cpp:74
HashMap< unsigned, WeakPtr< Node > > nodes_
Definition: SceneResolver.h:54
void SetWordwrap(bool enable)
Definition: Text.cpp:329
bool EndLoadFromPListFile()
End load from PList file.
Definition: SpriteSheet2D.cpp:149
bool IsEnabled() const
Definition: Component.h:99
UniquePtr< dtTileCacheCompressor > compressor_
Used by dtTileCache to compress the original tiles to use when reconstructing for changes.
Definition: DynamicNavigationMesh.h:144
Vector3 NormalizedOrDefault(const Vector3 &defaultValue=Vector3::ZERO, float eps=M_LARGE_EPSILON) const
Return normalized to unit length or zero if length is too small.
Definition: Vector3.h:438
void PlayLockless(Sound *sound)
Play a sound without locking the audio mutex. Called internally.
Definition: SoundSource.cpp:511
bool LoadXML(const XMLElement &source) override
Load from XML data. Return true if successful.
Definition: Animatable.cpp:77
~Engine() override
Destruct. Free all subsystems.
HighlightMode highlightMode_
Highlight mode.
Definition: ListView.h:191
Text * GetTextElement() const
Definition: LineEdit.h:131
void ApplyAttributes() override
Apply attribute changes that can not be applied immediately.
Definition: LineEdit.cpp:90
bool BeginLoad(Deserializer &source) override
Load resource from stream. May be called from a worker thread. Return true if successful.
Definition: Shader.cpp:84
void OnGetAttribute(const AttributeInfo &attr, Variant &dest) const override
Handle attribute read access.
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:148
static const ResourceRefList emptyResourceRefList
Empty resource reference list.
Definition: Variant.h:1392
bool IsUpdateEnabled() const
Definition: Scene.h:188
void SetMaterial(Material *material)
Definition: CustomGeometry.cpp:697
bool GetMouseButtonPress(MouseButtonFlags button) const
Definition: Input.cpp:1359
virtual Intersection TestOctant(const BoundingBox &box, bool inside)=0
Intersection test for an octant.
SoundListener(Context *context)
Definition: SoundListener.cpp:33
SharedPtr< CollisionShape2D > shapeA_
Shape A.
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.h:293
bool FilterPopupImplicitAttributes(XMLElement &dest) const override
Filter implicit attributes in serialization process.
Definition: DropDownList.cpp:263
void SetWheelMaxSuspensionForce(int wheel, float force)
Set wheel max suspension force. Good results are often obtained by a value that is about 3x to 4x the...
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:466
bool GetExecuteConsoleCommands() const
Return whether is executing engine console commands as script code.
Definition: LuaScript.h:96
Node * ReserveNode(const T &key)
Reserve a node with specified key.
Definition: HashSet.h:610
bool GetEnableMotor() const
Definition: ConstraintWheel2D.h:75
HashMap< asIScriptObject *, SharedPtr< ScriptEventInvoker > > eventInvokers_
Event helper objects for handling procedural or non-ScriptInstance script events.
Definition: ScriptFile.h:150
const IntVector2 & GetChildOffset() const
Definition: UIElement.h:510
const String & GetVertexShaderDefineExcludes() const
Definition: Technique.h:151
const Vector2 & GetOtherBodyAnchor() const
Definition: ConstraintDistance2D.h:65
JSON null type.
Definition: JSONValue.h:36
~Camera() override
unsigned Find(const String &str, unsigned startPos=0, bool caseSensitive=true) const
Return index to the first occurrence of a string, or NPOS if not found.
Definition: Str.cpp:594
Matrix3x4 ReadMatrix3x4()
Read a Matrix3x4.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:219
bool IsZero() const
Definition: Variant.cpp:523
float periodTimer_
Active/inactive period timer.
Definition: ParticleEmitter.h:148
void Update(float deltaTime)
Update animation.
Definition: SpriterInstance2D.cpp:125
void LoadParameters()
Load font glyph offset parameters from an optional XML file. Called internally when loading TrueType ...
Definition: Font.cpp:192
void SetInterceptNetworkUpdate(const String &attributeName, bool enable)
Enable interception of an attribute from network updates. Intercepted attributes are sent as events i...
Definition: Serializable.cpp:690
bool LoadValue(PListValue &value, const XMLElement &valueElem)
Load value.
Definition: PListFile.cpp:384
bool GetBones(Drawable *target, unsigned batchIndex, const float *blendWeights, const unsigned char *blendIndices, unsigned char *newBlendIndices)
Get bones referenced by skinning data and remap the skinning indices. Return true if successful.
Definition: DecalSet.cpp:884
String(char *str)
Construct from a C string.
Definition: Str.h:88
void Mix(int *dest, unsigned samples, int mixRate, bool stereo, bool interpolation)
Mix sound source output to a 32-bit clipping buffer. Called by Audio.
Definition: SoundSource.cpp:366
int baseIndent_
Base indent, used in hierarchy mode only.
Definition: ListView.h:197
Node * InsertNode(Node *dest, const T &key, const U &value)
Insert a node into the list. Return the new node.
Definition: HashMap.h:696
Node * GetNode() const
Definition: AnimationState.cpp:379
void Define(const Skeleton &src)
Define from another skeleton.
Definition: Skeleton.cpp:103
bool HasModalElement() const
Return true when UI has modal element(s).
Definition: UI.cpp:933
WeakPtr< PhysicsWorld > physicsWorld_
Physics world.
Definition: Constraint.h:198
void UpdateTail(float timeStep)
Update/Rebuild tail mesh only if position changed (called by UpdateBatches()).
Definition: RibbonTrail.cpp:213
bool IsOccludee() const
Definition: Drawable.h:240
String GetEffectiveVertexShaderDefines() const
Return the effective vertex shader defines, accounting for excludes. Called internally by Renderer.
Definition: Technique.cpp:184
unsigned ToHash() const
Return hash value for HashSet & HashMap.
Definition: Ptr.h:659
bool IsAsyncLoading() const
Definition: Scene.h:192
void ReleaseMaterialShaders()
Release shaders used in materials.
Definition: Renderer.cpp:1741
Quaternion ReadQuaternion()
Read a quaternion.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:196
void SetNumParticles(unsigned num)
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:445
Pass * pass_
Material pass.
Definition: Batch.h:199
void SetTrigger(bool trigger)
Definition: CollisionShape2D.cpp:81
const Vector3 & GetPosition() const
Definition: CollisionShape.h:237
~Sound() override
Destruct and free sound data.
Light * GetFirstLight() const
Return the first added per-pixel light.
Definition: Drawable.h:307
bool Contains(const T &value) const
Return whether contains a specific value.
Definition: Vector.h:1116
void AddControlPoint(Node *point, unsigned index=M_MAX_UNSIGNED)
Add a Node to the SplinePath as a Control Point.
Definition: SplinePath.cpp:139
unsigned stencilCompareMask_
Stencil compare bitmask.
Definition: Graphics.h:890
bool GetCastShadows() const
Definition: Terrain.h:232
URHO_CPP14(constexpr) RandomAccessIterator< T > operator++(int)
Postincrement the pointer.
Definition: Iter.h:59
void ApplyAttributes() override
Apply attribute changes that can not be applied immediately. Called after scene load or a network upd...
Definition: CrowdManager.cpp:109
void ProcessPackageDownload(int msgID, MemoryBuffer &msg)
Process package download related messages. Called by Network.
Definition: Connection.cpp:796
VariantVector GetVariantVector() const
Return a variant vector attribute, or empty if missing.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:903
void RemoveAllDecals()
Remove all decals.
Definition: DecalSet.cpp:491
void GotoNext()
Go to the next node.
Definition: HashBase.h:79
void * GetUserData() const
Return userdata.
Definition: Object.h:291
HashMap< String, SharedPtr< XMLFile > > tsxXMLFiles_
TSX name to XML file mapping.
Definition: TmxFile2D.h:218
void OnWorldBoundingBoxUpdate() override
Recalculate the world-space bounding box.
Definition: CustomGeometry.cpp:815
bool operator!=(const BatchGroupKey &rhs) const
Test for inequality with another batch group key.
Definition: Batch.h:215
bool GetDrawOffMeshConnections() const
Definition: NavigationMesh.h:305
void RemoveColorFrame(unsigned index)
Remove color frame at index.
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:621
unsigned GetElementOffset(VertexElementSemantic semantic, unsigned char index=0) const
Return offset of a element within vertex, or M_MAX_UNSIGNED if does not exist.
Definition: VertexBuffer.h:103
bool SetWindowModes(const WindowModeParams &windowMode, const WindowModeParams &secondaryWindowMode, bool maximize=false)
Definition: Graphics.cpp:111
Light component.
Definition: Light.h:152
const pugi::xpath_node * GetXPathNode() const
Return pugixml xpath_node.
Definition: XMLElement.h:302
Vector3 cachedWorldScale_
Cached world scale.
Definition: CollisionShape2D.h:133
unsigned GetVertexCount() const
Definition: VertexBuffer.h:80
~HttpRequest() override
Destruct. Release the connection object.
Definition: HttpRequest.cpp:73
const IntVector2 & GetMaxSize() const
Definition: UIElement.h:486
~Component() override
Material * GetDefaultMaterial() const
Definition: Renderer.h:431
Orientation orientation_
Definition: Slider.h:113
int GetNonThreadedWorkMs() const
Return how many milliseconds maximum to spend on non-threaded low-priority work.
Definition: WorkQueue.h:116
void SetSpecularIntensity(float intensity)
Definition: Light.cpp:314
bool forceAutoHint_
Flag for forcing FreeType auto hinting.
Definition: UI.h:446
bool IsUpdateEnabled() const
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:236
bool IsInside(IntVector2 position, bool isScreen)
Return whether a point (either in element or screen coordinates) is inside the element.
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1742
virtual Geometry * GetLodGeometry(unsigned batchIndex, unsigned level)
Return the geometry for a specific LOD level.
Definition: Drawable.cpp:153
SharedPtr< ParticleEffect2D > Clone(const String &cloneName=String::EMPTY) const
Clone the 2D particle effect.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.cpp:474
unsigned char layer_
Blending layer.
Definition: AnimationState.h:193
bool historyOrAutoCompleteChange_
Internal flag whether currently in an autocomplete or history change.
Definition: Console.h:214
SharedPtr< Geometry > geometry_
Definition: DecalSet.h:230
Bezier interpolation.
Definition: Spline.h:39
Definition: Variant.h:319
void SetQueueShaderDefines(BatchQueue &queue, const RenderPathCommand &command)
Set shader defines for a batch queue if used.
Definition: View.cpp:2881
Vector4 GetVector4(const String &name) const
Return a Vector4 attribute, or zero vector if missing.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:960
void SetDiscoveryBeacon(const VariantMap &data)
Set the data that will be used for a reply to attempts at host discovery on LAN/subnet.
Definition: Network.cpp:342
HashMap & Populate(const T &key, const U &value, const Args &... args)
Populate the map using variadic template.
Definition: HashMap.h:362
bool hasLoaded_
Has loaded.
Definition: LuaFile.h:62
void SetUseDrawRect(bool useDrawRect)
Definition: StaticSprite2D.cpp:188
void SetFeature(Feature feature, bool enable)
Definition: IKEffector.cpp:217
float GetLodBias() const
Definition: Camera.h:153
bool GetContinuousPhysics() const
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.cpp:690
unsigned Seek(unsigned position) override
Set position. No-op for pipes.
Definition: NamedPipe.cpp:75
void AdjustOtherBodyPosition()
Adjust other body position.
Definition: Constraint.cpp:580
bool etcTextureSupport_
ETC1 format support flag.
Definition: Graphics.h:800
Base class for per-user network replication states.
Definition: ReplicationState.h:138
View3D(Context *context)
Definition: View3D.cpp:42
Node * GetParent() const
Definition: Node.h:382
float GetAutoFade(const String &name) const
Return animation autofade time.
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:555
TextureCube * GetIndirectionCubeMap() const
Return the shadowed pointlight indirection cube map.
Definition: Renderer.h:445
Vector3 v3_
Vertex c.
Definition: DebugRenderer.h:85
Matrix3x4 offsetMatrix_
Offset matrix.
Definition: Skeleton.h:73
void SetAddressOrGUID(const SLNet::AddressOrGUID &addr)
Set the the RakNet address/guid.
Definition: Connection.cpp:1660
Color color_
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:81
Variant ReadVariant()
Read a variant.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:302
const ModelMorph * GetMorph(unsigned index) const
Return vertex morph by index.
Definition: Model.cpp:752
Vector< LightQueryResult > lightQueryResults_
Intermediate light processing results.
Definition: View.h:411
float distance_
Distance from camera.
Definition: Batch.h:80
~ConstraintWeld2D() override
UpdateEventFlags updateEventMask_
Requested event subscription mask.
Definition: LogicComponent.h:108
Bone timeline key.
Definition: SpriterData2D.h:275
void SendClickEvent(StringHash eventType, UIElement *beginElement, UIElement *endElement, const IntVector2 &pos, MouseButton button, MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers)
Send a UI click event.
Definition: UI.cpp:1696
float GetDensity() const
Definition: CollisionShape2D.h:95
dtTileCachePolyMesh * polyMesh_
TileCache specific recast poly mesh.
Definition: NavBuildData.h:113
Definition: IKSolver.h:59
void CreateGeometry()
Regenerate terrain geometry.
Definition: Terrain.cpp:848
int GetSimulatedLatency() const
Definition: Network.h:118
Frustum frustum_
View frustum.
Definition: DebugRenderer.h:192
SharedPtr< VertexBuffer > vertexBuffer_
Vertex buffer.
Definition: DebugRenderer.h:194
void StaticCast(const WeakPtr< U > &rhs)
Perform a static cast from a weak pointer of another type.
Definition: Ptr.h:456
HashMap< int, Vector< SharedPtr< Texture2D > > > shadowMaps_
Shadow maps by resolution.
Definition: Renderer.h:573
2D rope constraint component.
Definition: ConstraintRope2D.h:31
void ApplyNodeWorldScale() override
Apply node world scale.
Definition: CollisionBox2D.cpp:105
void SetFadeDistance(float distance)
Definition: Light.cpp:359
Key GetKeyFromScancode(Scancode scancode) const
Return keycode from scancode.
Definition: Input.cpp:1309
BlendMode GetBlendMode() const
Definition: Sprite.h:115
void SetLightVolumeBatchShaders(Batch &batch, Camera *camera, const String &vsName, const String &psName, const String &vsDefines, const String &psDefines)
Choose shaders for a deferred light volume batch.
Definition: Renderer.cpp:1277
const String & GetLinkerOutput() const
Return linker output.
Definition: OGLShaderProgram.h:68
void SetHotSpot(const Vector2 &hotSpot)
Definition: Sprite2D.cpp:123
DecalSet(Context *context)
Definition: DecalSet.cpp:154
Matrix4 gpuProjection_
Projection transform in API-specific format.
Definition: DebugRenderer.h:190
LineEdit * GetLineEdit() const
Definition: Console.h:98
UIElement * buttonLayout_
Button layout.
Definition: FileSelector.h:197
Color ReadColor()
Read a color.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:233
float rotation_
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.h:46
DebugRenderer * debugRenderer_
Debug renderer.
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.h:259
unsigned maxLength_
Maximum text length.
Definition: LineEdit.h:166
void DumpMemory()
Dump information of all memory allocations to the log. Supported in MSVC debug mode only.
Definition: Engine.cpp:644
const T * Cast() const
Cast the object to specified most derived class.
Definition: Object.h:115
bool SetVariable(const String &name, bool value)
Add/Set a bool variable. Return true if successful.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:1076
Text text_
Internally used text element.
Definition: Text3D.h:237
Stores files of a directory tree sequentially for convenient access.
Definition: PackageFile.h:42
void ApplySceneToActivePose()
Definition: IKSolver.cpp:477
void Update(float timeStep)
Update for rendering. Called by HandleRenderUpdate().
Definition: Renderer.cpp:647
void HandleFocusChanged(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle global focus change to check for hiding the popup.
Definition: Menu.cpp:386
bool textCopyable_
Copy-paste enable flag.
Definition: LineEdit.h:174
void DrawPolygon(const b2Vec2 *vertices, int32 vertexCount, const b2Color &color) override
Draw a closed polygon provided in CCW order.
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.cpp:189
void UpdateDrawRect()
Update drawRect.
Definition: StaticSprite2D.cpp:361
void AddEventHandler(const String &eventName, int functionIndex) override
Add a scripted event handler by function.
Definition: LuaScriptInstance.cpp:299
BeginLoad() succeeded. EndLoad() can be called in the main thread.
Definition: Resource.h:48
void RaycastSingleSegmented(PhysicsRaycastResult &result, const Ray &ray, float maxDistance, float segmentDistance, unsigned collisionMask=M_MAX_UNSIGNED, float overlapDistance=0.1f)
Definition: PhysicsWorld.cpp:432
ShaderVariation * GetShader(ShaderType type, const String &name, const String &defines=String::EMPTY) const
Return a shader variation by name and defines.
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:2124
void SetAttributeAnimationTime(const String &name, float time)
Set attribute animation time position manually. Automatic update should be disabled in this case.
Definition: Animatable.cpp:406
void OnWorldBoundingBoxUpdate() override
Recalculate the world-space bounding box.
Definition: StaticModel.cpp:400
void HandleSceneUpdate(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle scene update event.
Definition: LogicComponent.cpp:169
FlagSet operator|(const Enum value) const
Bitwise OR against Enum value.
Definition: FlagSet.h:130
unsigned short GetBufferHash() const
Return buffers' combined hash value for state sorting.
Definition: Geometry.cpp:196
void SetBrake(int wheel, float force)
Set hand brake (wheel rotation blocking force).
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:582
void SetBorder(const IntRect &rect)
Definition: BorderImage.cpp:97
void RemoveAllKeyFrames()
Remove all keyframes.
Definition: Animation.cpp:82
const String & GetAppliedStyle() const
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1574
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: Material.cpp:206
RefCount * RefCountPtr() const
Return pointer to the RefCount structure.
Definition: ArrayPtr.h:168
bool geometriesUpdated_
Geometries updated flag.
Definition: View.h:368
void MergeBuffers()
Merge thread work buffers into the first buffer.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.cpp:1004
Vector2 texCoord_
Texture coordinates.
Definition: DecalSet.h:66
bool LoadAsync(File *file, LoadMode mode=LOAD_SCENE_AND_RESOURCES)
Load from a binary file asynchronously. Return true if started successfully. The LOAD_RESOURCES_ONLY ...
Definition: Scene.cpp:309
Vector2 projectionOffset_
Projection offset.
Definition: Camera.h:310
float GetFriction() const
Definition: CollisionShape2D.h:99
Camera * GetShadowCamera()
Allocate a temporary shadow camera and a scene node for it. Is thread-safe.
Definition: Renderer.cpp:1123
SharedPtr< Material > material_
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:427
unsigned GetID() const
Definition: Node.h:361
Material * GetMaterial(Texture2D *texture, BlendMode blendMode)
Return material by texture and blend mode.
Definition: Renderer2D.cpp:243
ResourceRefList(StringHash type, const StringVector &names)
Construct with type and id list.
Definition: Variant.h:149
void SetEnableMotor(bool enableMotor)
Definition: ConstraintWheel2D.cpp:84
static bool Compare(const T &lhs, const T &rhs)
Compare types.
Definition: Variant.h:218
RefCount * RefCountPtr() const
Return pointer to the RefCount structure.
Definition: Ptr.h:217
bool HasMethod(const String &declaration) const
Check if has a method.
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:431
void SetAutoDisableChildren(bool disable)
Definition: ScrollView.h:96
void SetFilterMode(TextureFilterMode mode)
Definition: Texture.cpp:74
TrailPoint * next_
Next point to make a tail.
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:57
bool GetFlipVertical() const
Return vertical flipping mode.
Definition: Camera.h:229
int dragBeginDistance_
Drag begin event distance threshold in pixels.
Definition: UI.h:424
const Matrix4 & GetMatrix4() const
Return a Matrix4 or identity on type mismatch.
Definition: Variant.h:1287
unsigned indexCount_
Number of indices.
Definition: IndexBuffer.h:106
Vector< Node * > wheelNodes_
Nodes of all wheels.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.h:201
SharedArrayPtr< int > dataWithSafety_
Full buffer data with safety padding.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.h:57
void SetTolerance(float tolerance)
Sets the distance at which the effector is "close enough" to the target node, at which point the algo...
Definition: IKSolver.cpp:211
void PrecacheShaders(Deserializer &source)
Precache shader variations from an XML file generated with BeginDumpShaders().
Definition: Graphics.cpp:371
void ApplyAnimation()
Apply all animation states to nodes.
Definition: AnimatedModel.cpp:1276
const PODVector< unsigned char > & GetBuffer() const
Return buffer or empty on type mismatch.
Definition: Variant.h:1201
float GetFarDistance() const
Definition: SoundSource3D.h:76
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: Menu.cpp:66
void UpdatePlanes()
Update the planes. Called internally.
Definition: Frustum.cpp:225
void SetModalAutoDismiss(bool enable)
Definition: Window.cpp:315
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: LuaScriptInstance.cpp:81
UniquePtr< Spriter::SpriterInstance > spriterInstance_
Spriter instance.
Definition: AnimatedSprite2D.h:158
void SetExcludeFlags(unsigned queryFilterType, unsigned short flags)
Set the exclude flags for the specified query filter type.
Definition: CrowdManager.cpp:323
Asynchronous scene loading mode.
Definition: Scene.h:46
void GetVector3MinMax(const XMLElement &element, Vector3 &minValue, Vector3 &maxValue)
Read a Vector3 from an XML element.
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:851
Vector3 FindNearestPoint(const Vector3 &point, const Vector3 &extents=Vector3::ONE, const dtQueryFilter *filter=nullptr, dtPolyRef *nearestRef=nullptr)
Find the nearest point on the navigation mesh to a given point. Extents specifies how far out from th...
Definition: NavigationMesh.cpp:607
float projOffsetScaleX_
Combined X projection and viewport transform.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.h:223
void SetHeightFog(bool enable)
Definition: Zone.cpp:160
bool WriteInt64(long long value)
Write a 64-bit integer.
Definition: Serializer.cpp:36
float GetFloat(const String &name) const
Return a float attribute, or zero if missing.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:792
void SetElementRenderTexture(UIElement *element, Texture2D *texture)
Set texture to which element will be rendered.
Definition: UI.cpp:2187
const Vector3 & GetGravityOverride() const
Definition: RigidBody.h:252
float GetWidth() const
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:152
SharedPtr< Image > SaveFaceTexture(Texture2D *texture)
Save font face texture as image resource.
Definition: FontFaceBitmap.cpp:356
const TmxObjectGroup2D * objectGroup_
Object group.
Definition: TileMapLayer2D.h:128
void SetDefaultRenderPath(RenderPath *renderPath)
Definition: Renderer.cpp:293
bool GetDepthWrite() const
Return whether depth write is enabled.
Definition: Graphics.h:568
String name_
Definition: TmxFile2D.h:79
Construct with defaults.
void CreatePatchGeometry(TerrainPatch *patch)
Regenerate patch geometry.
Definition: Terrain.cpp:651
Intersection IsInsideFast(const Sphere &sphere) const
Test if a sphere if (partially) inside or outside.
Definition: Frustum.h:111
bool IsNull() const
Definition: JSONValue.h:184
SharedPtr< BorderImage > scrollPanel_
Scroll panel element.
Definition: ScrollView.h:182
SharedPtr< Material > material_
Definition: Terrain.h:300
float specularIntensity_
Specular intensity.
Definition: Light.h:425
float GetOuterAngle() const
Definition: SoundSource3D.h:84
Timeline key.
Definition: SpriterData2D.h:224
~ConstraintRope2D() override
void HandleBeginFrame(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle begin frame event to check for completed async executions.
Definition: FileSystem.cpp:904
void * renderTargetView_
Definition: RenderSurface.h:152
Vector3 Lerp(const Vector3 &rhs, float t) const
Linear interpolation with another vector.
Definition: Vector3.h:407
bool IsPowerOfTwo(unsigned value)
Check whether an unsigned integer is a power of two.
Definition: MathDefs.h:261
Hardware vertex buffer.
Definition: VertexBuffer.h:34
PODVector< OffMeshConnection * > CollectOffMeshConnections(const BoundingBox &bounds)
Off-mesh connections to be rebuilt in the mesh processor.
Definition: DynamicNavigationMesh.cpp:1039
bool IsPlaying(const String &name) const
Return whether an animation is active. Note that non-looping animations that are being clamped at the...
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:429
unsigned long long GetElementHash() const
Return vertex element hash.
Definition: ShaderVariation.h:123
static View * GetActualView(View *view)
Return a view or its source view if it uses one. Used internally for render statistics.
Definition: Renderer.cpp:1154
static int AtPanic(lua_State *L)
At panic.
Definition: LuaScript.cpp:347
bool IsPackaged() const
Definition: File.h:113
void SetUseSystemShapes(bool enable)
Definition: Cursor.cpp:205
void UpdateBatches(const FrameInfo &frame) override
Calculate distance and prepare batches for rendering. May be called from worker thread(s),...
Definition: StaticModelGroup.cpp:169
void UnmapBuffer()
Unmap the GPU buffer. Not used on OpenGL.
Definition: OGLVertexBuffer.cpp:274
bool selected_
Selected flag.
Definition: UIElement.h:818
SharedPtr< Button > closeButton_
Close button.
Definition: Console.h:176
Vector2 touchScrollSpeed_
Accumulated touch scroll speed.
Definition: ScrollView.h:190
SharedPtr< XMLFile > loadParameters_
Parameter file acquired during BeginLoad.
Definition: Texture2DArray.h:97
Variant(const Vector3 &value)
Construct from a Vector3.
Definition: Variant.h:386
Node(const T &value)
Construct with value.
Definition: List.h:42
UIElement * GetRoot() const
Definition: UIComponent.cpp:183
void DoAutoRemove(AutoRemoveMode mode)
Perform autoremove. Called by subclasses. Caller should keep a weak pointer to itself to check whethe...
Definition: Component.cpp:309
bool FromString(const String &source)
Deserialize from a string. Return true if successful.
Definition: JSONFile.cpp:232
Mutex mutex_
Mutex for synchronizing the worker and the main thread.
Definition: HttpRequest.h:103
bool WriteVector4(const Vector4 &value)
Write a Vector4.
Definition: Serializer.cpp:132
const Matrix3x4 * worldTransform_
World transform.
Definition: Batch.h:126
XPath query.
Definition: XMLElement.h:366
String className_
Class name.
Definition: ScriptInstance.h:198
void SetIndentSpacing(int indentSpacing)
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1086
auto Average(Iterator begin, Iterator end) -> typename std::decay< decltype(*begin)>::type
Compute average value of the range.
Definition: MathDefs.h:221
static bool HasParameter(const VariantMap &parameters, const String &parameter)
Return whether startup parameters contains a specific parameter.
Definition: Engine.cpp:962
bool IsStereo() const
Return whether data is stereo.
Definition: SoundStream.h:66
float GetFrequency() const
Return default frequency as a float.
Definition: SoundStream.h:54
SharedPtr< Node > nodeB_
Node B.
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.h:291
void BindStencilAttachment(unsigned object, bool isRenderBuffer)
Bind a framebuffer stencil attachment using either extension or core functionality....
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:3333
void HandleUpdate(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle the logic update event to update the scene, if active.
Definition: Scene.cpp:1164
void SetApplyingTransforms(bool enable)
Set node dirtying to be disregarded.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:294
float GetSimulatedPacketLoss() const
Definition: Network.h:122
SharedPtr< Material > material_
Definition: Drawable2D.h:60
void AddVertexLight(Light *light)
Add a per-vertex light affecting the object this frame.
Definition: Drawable.h:328
Vector< String > Split(char separator, bool keepEmptyStrings=false) const
Return substrings split by a separator char. By default don't return empty strings.
Definition: Str.cpp:561
void FindScriptObjectMethodRefs()
Find script object method refs.
Definition: LuaScriptInstance.cpp:609
void OnKey(Key key, MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers) override
React to a key press.
Definition: ListView.cpp:206
EmitterType2D emitterType_
Emitter type.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.h:306
bool SetFontSize(float size)
Definition: Text.cpp:277
XMLElement operator[](unsigned index) const
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:1036
unsigned index_
Octant index relative to its siblings or ROOT_INDEX for root octant.
Definition: Octree.h:158
float sizeAdd_
Particle size additive parameter.
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:483
String ToString() const
Return as string.
Definition: Quaternion.cpp:325
void SetWheelFrictionSlip(int wheel, float slip)
Set wheel friction slip.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:508
bool CheckAccess(const String &pathName) const
Check if a path is allowed to be accessed. If no paths are registered, all are allowed.
Definition: FileSystem.cpp:550
HashNodeBase * prev_
Previous node.
Definition: HashBase.h:52
void SetSpriteAttr(const ResourceRef &value)
Set sprite attribute.
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.cpp:161
SharedPtr< Texture > texture_
Definition: BorderImage.h:135
int minInstances_
Minimum number of instances required in a batch group to render as instanced.
Definition: View.h:364
Texture * GetTexture(TextureUnit unit) const
Definition: Material.cpp:1197
Iterator Insert(const Pair< T, U > &pair, bool &exists)
Insert a pair. Return iterator and set exists flag according to whether the key already existed.
Definition: HashMap.h:375
void Reserve(unsigned newCapacity)
Set new capacity.
Definition: Vector.h:436
HashMap< StringHash, Variant > shaderParameters_
Shader parameters.
Definition: RenderPath.h:172
void Update(float delta)
Update the crowd simulation.
Definition: CrowdManager.cpp:678
ListView selection highlight mode.
Definition: ListView.h:34
PhysicsWorld * GetPhysicsWorld() const
Return physics world.
Definition: RigidBody.h:180
Quaternion GetWheelRotation(int wheel)
Get wheel rotation relative to RigidBody.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:424
MaterialQuality materialQuality_
Material quality level.
Definition: Renderer.h:613
void SetZoneTextureAttr(const ResourceRef &value)
Set zone texture attribute.
Definition: Zone.cpp:218
String name_
Animation resource name.
Definition: AnimationController.h:57
bool SystemOpen(const String &fileName, const String &mode=String::EMPTY)
Open a file in an external program, with mode such as "edit" optionally specified....
Definition: FileSystem.cpp:437
T * operator->() const
Point to the array.
Definition: ArrayPtr.h:310
bool useDerivedOpacity_
Use derived opacity flag.
Definition: UIElement.h:810
void ApplyAttributes() override
Apply Attributes to the SplinePath.
Definition: SplinePath.cpp:70
unsigned indexStart_
Index start.
Definition: Model.h:102
void ApplyLinearImpulseToCenter(const Vector2 &impulse, bool wake)
Apply linear impulse to center.
Definition: RigidBody2D.cpp:353
bool fixedWidthResizing_
Fixed width resize flag.
Definition: Window.h:165
int * GetBuffer() const
Return highest level depth values.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.h:126
void SetConvexHull(Model *model, unsigned lodLevel=0, const Vector3 &scale=Vector3::ONE, const Vector3 &position=Vector3::ZERO, const Quaternion &rotation=Quaternion::IDENTITY)
Set as a convex hull from Model.
Definition: CollisionShape.cpp:683
Batch(const SourceBatch &rhs)
Construct from a drawable's source batch.
Definition: Batch.h:56
void UpdateParticle(Particle2D &particle, float timeStep, const Vector3 &worldPosition, float worldScale)
Update particle.
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.cpp:417
const Vector2 & GetMaxAnchor() const
Definition: UIElement.h:530
bool NeedRenderShadowMap(const LightBatchQueue &queue)
Check whether a light queue needs shadow rendering.
Definition: View.cpp:3052
bool WriteRect(const Rect &value)
Write a Rect.
Definition: Serializer.cpp:106
void AddConstraint(Constraint *constraint)
Add a constraint to keep track of. Called by Constraint.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.cpp:740
PODVector< Object * > eventSenders_
Event sender stack.
Definition: Context.h:238
void SetCrowdTarget(const Vector3 &position, Node *node=nullptr)
Set the crowd target position. The target position is set to all crowd agents found in the specified ...
Definition: CrowdManager.cpp:188
void HandleSceneSubsystemUpdate(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle the scene subsystem update event, step simulation here.
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.cpp:714
void FinishBackgroundLoading(BackgroundLoadItem &item)
Finish one background loaded resource.
Node * CreateTemporaryChild(const String &name=String::EMPTY, CreateMode mode=REPLICATED, unsigned id=0)
Create a temporary child scene node (with specified ID if provided).
Definition: Node.cpp:799
bool bringToFront_
Bring to front when focused flag.
Definition: UIElement.h:802
NavigationQuality GetNavigationQuality() const
Definition: CrowdAgent.h:196
void SetDetailSampleDistance(float distance)
Definition: NavigationMesh.cpp:304
void SetVarNamesAttr(const String &value)
Set node user variable reverse mappings.
Definition: Scene.cpp:1067
static void WriteRaw(const String &message, bool error=false)
Write raw output to the log.
Definition: Log.cpp:208
Delayed world transform assignment for parented rigidbodies.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:81
void UpdateBufferSize()
Resize billboard vertex and index buffers.
Definition: BillboardSet.cpp:501
bool collideConnected_
Collide connected flag.
Definition: Constraint2D.h:109
void OnHidePopup() override
React to the popup being hidden.
Definition: DropDownList.cpp:138
void SetInterpolationMode(InterpolationMode interpolationMode)
Definition: SplinePath.cpp:199
void CopyMetadata(const ResourceWithMetadata &source)
Copy metadata from another resource.
Definition: Resource.cpp:188
void MoveRange(unsigned dest, unsigned src, unsigned count)
Move a range of characters within the string.
Definition: Str.h:524
SharedPtr< VertexBuffer > vertexBuffer_
UI vertex buffer.
Definition: UI.h:410
unsigned echoCharacter_
Echo character.
Definition: LineEdit.h:168
BoundingBox(const Frustum &frustum)
Construct from a frustum.
Definition: BoundingBox.h:100
void SetScale(const Vector2 &scale)
Set scaling elements.
Definition: Matrix2.h:140
void GetLitBatches(Drawable *drawable, LightBatchQueue &lightQueue, BatchQueue *alphaQueue)
Get pixel lit batches for a certain light and drawable.
Definition: View.cpp:1379
virtual ~ProfilerBlock()
Destruct. Free the child blocks.
Definition: Profiler.h:63
void DiscoverHosts(unsigned port)
Scan the LAN/subnet for available hosts.
Definition: Network.cpp:351
float endScale_
End for start of trails.
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:259
void SetShadowDistance(float distance)
Definition: Drawable.cpp:179
void Remove()
Remove from the parent node. If no other shared pointer references exist, causes immediate deletion.
Definition: Node.cpp:1119
long long frameTime_
Time on the previous frame.
Definition: Profiler.h:153
3x4 matrix for scene node transform calculations.
Definition: Matrix3x4.h:35
float GetNearClip() const
Definition: Camera.cpp:268
float normalOffset_
Normal offset multiplier.
Definition: Light.h:77
HashIteratorBase(HashNodeBase *ptr)
Construct with a node pointer.
Definition: HashBase.h:67
constexpr T * operator->() const
Point to the object.
Definition: Iter.h:46
float elapsedTime_
Elapsed time accumulator.
Definition: Scene.h:349
void OnDragCancel(const IntVector2 &position, const IntVector2 &screenPosition, MouseButtonFlags dragButtons, MouseButtonFlags cancelButtons, Cursor *cursor) override
React to mouse drag cancel.
Definition: Window.cpp:239
void SetUTF8FromWChar(const wchar_t *str)
Construct UTF8 content from wide characters.
Definition: Str.cpp:751
ConstIterator Begin() const
Return iterator to the beginning.
Definition: HashSet.h:503
void SetCustomConvexHull(CustomGeometry *custom, const Vector3 &scale=Vector3::ONE, const Vector3 &position=Vector3::ZERO, const Quaternion &rotation=Quaternion::IDENTITY)
Set as a convex hull from CustomGeometry.
Definition: CollisionShape.cpp:689
Scancode GetScancodeFromName(const String &name) const
Return scancode from key name.
Definition: Input.cpp:1324
Node * GetTileNode(int x, int y) const
Return tile node (for tile layer only).
Definition: TileMapLayer2D.cpp:292
bool useLitBase_
Forward light base pass optimization flag. If in use, combine the base pass and first light for all o...
Definition: View.h:378
void Load(const XMLElement &element)
Read from an XML element.
Definition: RenderPath.cpp:116
void Maximize()
Maximize the window.
Definition: Graphics.cpp:337
void SetViewMask(unsigned mask)
Definition: Camera.cpp:177
unsigned numWorldTransforms_
Number of world transforms.
Definition: Batch.h:94
Iterator(Node *ptr)
Construct with a node pointer.
Definition: HashMap.h:113
int acceleratorKey_
Accelerator key code.
Definition: Menu.h:104
PODVector< VariantMap * > eventDataMaps_
Event data stack.
Definition: Context.h:240
void HandleTextFinished(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle enter pressed on the line edit.
Definition: Console.cpp:371
String GetAddress() const
Definition: Connection.cpp:1656
bool WriteBuffer(const PODVector< unsigned char > &value)
Write a buffer, with size encoded as VLE.
Definition: Serializer.cpp:206
virtual ~GPUObject()
Destruct. Remove from the Graphics.
Definition: GPUObject.cpp:46
IntVector2 checkedOffset_
Checked image offset.
Definition: CheckBox.h:70
void HandleFilterChanged(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle filter changed.
Definition: FileSelector.cpp:385
ConstIterator(Node *ptr)
Construct with a node pointer.
Definition: HashMap.h:162
unsigned id_
Unique ID within the scene.
Definition: Node.h:737
HashMap< Pair< WeakPtr< RigidBody >, WeakPtr< RigidBody > >, ManifoldPair > currentCollisions_
Collision pairs on this frame.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:338
unsigned replicatedNodeID_
Next free non-local node ID.
Definition: Scene.h:335
void BeginGeometry(unsigned index, PrimitiveType type)
Begin defining a geometry. Clears existing vertices in that index.
Definition: CustomGeometry.cpp:524
b2JointDef * GetJointDef() override
Return joint def.
Definition: ConstraintWheel2D.cpp:159
Iterator Erase(Iterator it)
Erase an element by iterator. Return iterator to the next element.
Definition: List.h:330
unsigned GetNumRows() const
Definition: Text3D.cpp:473
bool operator<(const UniquePtr< U > &rhs) const
Test for less than with another unique pointer.
Definition: Ptr.h:618
bool HasEventHandler(StringHash eventType) const override
Return whether has subscribed to an event.
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:406
void SetFinishColorVariance(const Color &finishColorVariance)
Set finish color variance.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.cpp:379
float GetAngularOffset() const
Definition: ConstraintMotor2D.h:65
IntVector2 dragBeginCursor_
Original mouse cursor position at drag begin.
Definition: Slider.h:121
void SetFlipVertical(bool enable)
Set vertical flipping mode. Called internally by View to resolve OpenGL / Direct3D9 rendertarget samp...
Definition: Camera.cpp:246
float GetMaxTorque() const
Definition: ConstraintMotor2D.h:73
Load scene content without preloading. Resources will be requested synchronously when encountered.
Definition: Scene.h:51
const Vector3 & GetTargetPosition() const
Definition: CrowdAgent.h:146
void SetSelection(unsigned index)
Definition: ListView.cpp:509
unsigned ReadVLE()
Read a variable-length encoded unsigned integer, which can use 29 bits maximum.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:428
asIScriptContext * immediateContext_
Immediate execution script context.
Definition: Script.h:131
C++ representation of Lua function object.
Definition: LuaFunction.h:38
void SetTileSize(int size)
Definition: NavigationMesh.cpp:227
void AddTags(const String &tags, char separator=';')
Add tags with the specified separator (; by default).
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1473
void Bind()
Bind query object with variable set.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:1070
void AddQuad(const Vector3 &center, float width, float height, const Color &color, bool depthTest=true)
Add a quad on the XZ plane.
Definition: DebugRenderer.cpp:474
bool IsDynamic() const
Definition: VertexBuffer.h:73
2D rigid body component.
Definition: RigidBody2D.h:47
bool IsOpen() const
Definition: HttpRequest.h:84
Bone * GetBoneParent(const Bone *bone)
Return parent of the given bone. Return null for root bones.
Definition: Skeleton.cpp:178
Vector3 ProjectOntoLine(const Vector3 &from, const Vector3 &to, bool clamped=false) const
Project position vector onto line segment.
Definition: Vector3.h:372
const T & operator*() const
Dereference the node value.
Definition: List.h:165
void SetBoundingBox(const BoundingBox &box)
Definition: Zone.cpp:99
Color Interpolate(const ColorFrame &next, float time) const
Return interpolated value with another color-time pair at the time specified.
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:68
bool fixedScreenSize_
Billboards fixed screen size flag.
Definition: BillboardSet.h:188
const Vector< PODVector< Matrix3x4 > > & GetGeometrySkinMatrices() const
Return per-geometry skin matrices. If empty, uses global skinning.
Definition: AnimatedModel.h:176
void SetHotSpot(const Vector2 &hotspot)
Definition: StaticSprite2D.cpp:209
unsigned GetFormat() const
Definition: Texture.h:81
void Finalize()
Finalize all prepared statements, close all BLOB handles, and finish all sqlite3_backup objects.
Definition: ODBCConnection.cpp:68
unsigned eastID_
Node ID of east neighbor.
Definition: Terrain.h:370
HashMap< unsigned, Component * > localComponents_
Local components by ID.
Definition: Scene.h:311
DynamicNavigationMesh(Context *)
Definition: DynamicNavigationMesh.cpp:211
Definition: BillboardSet.h:39
Vector3 GetWorldPosition() const
Definition: Node.h:445
HashMap< unsigned, SharedPtr< Sprite2D > > gidToSpriteMapping_
Gid to tile sprite mapping.
Definition: TmxFile2D.h:222
ScrollBar * GetVerticalScrollBar() const
Definition: ScrollView.h:116
Individually rendered part of a heightmap terrain.
Definition: TerrainPatch.h:35
float GetRotationEnd() const
Return rotation end.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.h:236
void ApplyAttributes() override
Apply attribute changes that can not be applied immediately.
Definition: ScrollView.cpp:171
void SetEffectAttr(const ResourceRef &value)
Set particles effect attribute.
Definition: ParticleEmitter.cpp:358
void SetBlendMode(BlendMode blendMode)
Set blend mode.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.cpp:449
void OnResize(const IntVector2 &newSize, const IntVector2 &delta) override
React to resize.
Definition: View3D.cpp:75
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: Animatable.cpp:71
virtual void SetNavigationDataAttr(const PODVector< unsigned char > &value)
Set navigation data attribute.
Definition: NavigationMesh.cpp:879
const HashMap< TextureUnit, SharedPtr< Texture > > & GetTextures() const
Return all textures.
Definition: Material.h:220
void SetModelAttr(const ResourceRef &value)
Set model attribute.
Definition: AnimatedModel.cpp:799
Definition: BufferedSoundStream.cpp:32
LayoutMode layoutMode_
Layout mode.
Definition: UIElement.h:830
unsigned GetSampleSize() const
Definition: Audio.h:75
const HashMap< StringHash, ResourceGroup > & GetAllResources() const
Return all loaded resources.
Definition: ResourceCache.h:162
unsigned target_
OpenGL target.
Definition: Texture.h:231
Node * InstantiateJSON(const JSONValue &source, const Vector3 &position, const Quaternion &rotation, CreateMode mode=REPLICATED)
Instantiate scene content from JSON data. Return root node if successful.
Definition: Scene.cpp:574
void ApplyAttributes() override
Apply attribute changes that can not be applied immediately recursively to child nodes and components...
Definition: Node.cpp:275
bool BeginLoad(Deserializer &source) override
Load resource from stream. May be called from a worker thread. Return true if successful.
Definition: LuaFile.cpp:59
Definition: Profiler.h:34
bool hasExtraDefines_
Whether the pass command contains extra shader defines.
Definition: Batch.h:265
unsigned GetNumKeyFrames() const
Definition: Animation.h:90
HashMap< StringHash, Vector< AttributeInfo > > attributes_
Attribute descriptions per object type.
Definition: Context.h:230
TypeInfo(const char *typeName, const TypeInfo *baseTypeInfo)
Definition: Object.cpp:36
Vector3 Translation() const
Return the translation part.
Definition: Matrix4.h:548
void OnKey(Key key, MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers) override
React to a key press.
Definition: LineEdit.cpp:207
Queued 3D geometry draw call.
Definition: Batch.h:50
bool Open(const String &fileName, FileMode mode=FILE_READ)
Open a filesystem file. Return true if successful.
Definition: File.cpp:126
ShaderParameterAnimationInfo(Material *material, const String &name, ValueAnimation *attributeAnimation, WrapMode wrapMode, float speed)
Definition: Material.cpp:182
void AddRef()
Add a reference to the object pointed to.
Definition: Ptr.h:226
bool BeginLoad(Deserializer &source) override
Load resource from stream. May be called from a worker thread. Return true if successful.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.cpp:114
Iterator Erase(const Iterator &it)
Erase an element by iterator. Return iterator to the next element.
Definition: Vector.h:955
T Acos(T x)
Definition: MathDefs.h:166
void SetDrawOffMeshConnections(bool enable)
Definition: NavigationMesh.h:301
void SetColorFrames(const Vector< ColorFrame > &colorFrames)
Set color animation of particles.
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:634
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory and attributes.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:185
void StopServer()
Stop the server.
Definition: Network.cpp:450
float startParticleSize_
Start particle size.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.h:296
NavmeshPartitionType partitionType_
Type of the heightfield partitioning.
Definition: NavigationMesh.h:384
Zone * zone_
Definition: Batch.h:98
bool EmitParticle(const Vector3 &worldPosition, float worldAngle, float worldScale)
Emit particle.
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.cpp:363
Vector3 normal_
Hit worldspace normal.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:71
WeakPtr< Component > component_
Link to the actual component.
Definition: ReplicationState.h:150
Loop mode.
Definition: AnimationDefs.h:34
bool GetDrawShape() const
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.h:181
IndexBuffer(Context *context, bool forceHeadless=false)
Construct. Optionally force headless (no GPU-side buffer) operation.
Definition: IndexBuffer.cpp:36
void SetMousePosition(const IntVector2 &position)
Definition: Input.cpp:1831
Octree * GetOctree() const
Return octree.
Definition: View.h:139
String Trimmed() const
Return string with whitespace trimmed from the beginning and the end.
Definition: Str.cpp:520
Construct with defaults.
unsigned GetObstacleID() const
Definition: Obstacle.h:70
Intersection TestOctant(const BoundingBox &box, bool inside) override
Intersection test for an octant.
Definition: OctreeQuery.cpp:121
Heightfield geometry data.
Definition: CollisionShape.h:125
~Material() override
const HashMap< StringHash, MaterialShaderParameter > & GetShaderParameters() const
Return all shader parameters.
Definition: Material.h:240
NavigationQuality navQuality_
Agent's navigation quality. The higher the setting, the higher the CPU usage during crowd simulation.
Definition: CrowdAgent.h:259
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Registers this class to the context.
Definition: IKSolver.cpp:80
bool resizeContentWidth_
Resize content widget width to match panel. Internal flag, used by the ListView class.
Definition: ScrollView.h:200
bool HasTextureUnit(TextureUnit unit) const
Return whether uses a texture unit (only for pixel shaders). Not applicable on OpenGL,...
Definition: ShaderVariation.h:117
bool IsDirty() const
Return whether has unapplied data.
Definition: ConstantBuffer.h:62
void OnDeviceReset() override
Recreate the GPU resource and restore data if applicable.
Definition: OGLTexture2DArray.cpp:57
Vector< SharedPtr< AnimationState > > nodeAnimationStates_
Node hierarchy mode animation states.
Definition: AnimationController.h:209
void SetRange(float range)
Definition: ProgressBar.cpp:82
SharedPtr< Sprite2D > sprite_
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.h:155
void SetOtherPosition(const Vector3 &position)
Definition: Constraint.cpp:219
Never highlight selections.
Definition: ListView.h:37
void UpdateBufferSize()
Resize RibbonTrail vertex and index buffers.
Definition: RibbonTrail.cpp:444
void UpdateSkinning()
Recalculate skinning.
Definition: AnimatedModel.cpp:1303
void ValidateSelection()
Validate text selection to be within the text.
Definition: Text.cpp:745
void SetFilters(const Vector< String > &filters, unsigned defaultIndex)
Set filters.
Definition: FileSelector.cpp:215
Definition: CrowdManager.h:45
FileMode GetMode() const
Definition: File.h:102
unsigned GetUInt(unsigned defaultValue=0) const
Return unsigned integer value.
Definition: JSONValue.h:206
Definition: TileMapDefs2D.h:98
int GetMaxShadowMaps() const
Definition: Renderer.h:354
void ProcessNewNode(Node *node)
Process a node that the client has not yet received.
Definition: Connection.cpp:1239
void SetShaderParameter(const String &name, const Variant &value)
Definition: RenderPath.cpp:242
const Vector< TextureFrame > & GetTextureFrames() const
Return all texture animation frames.
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:392
float inactiveTime_
Inactive period.
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:457
bool HasComponent() const
Template version of checking whether has a specific component.
Definition: Node.h:788
void MarkFramesDirty()
Mark frames dirty.
Definition: Constraint.h:195
Vector3 GetActualVelocity() const
Definition: CrowdAgent.cpp:485
bool BeginLoad(Deserializer &source) override
Load resource from stream. May be called from a worker thread. Return true if successful.
Definition: SpriteSheet2D.cpp:54
WeakPtr(std::nullptr_t) noexcept
Construct a null weak pointer.
Definition: Ptr.h:274
void SendRemoteEvents()
Send queued remote events. Called by Network.
Definition: Connection.cpp:301
const Vector2 & GetAnchor() const
Definition: ConstraintWheel2D.h:67
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: ConstraintDistance2D.cpp:47
Base class for visible components.
Definition: Drawable.h:110
void SetVertexCount(unsigned count)
Definition: CollisionChain2D.cpp:68
bool disableCollision_
Disable collision between connected bodies flag.
Definition: Constraint.h:228
bool viewDirty_
View matrix dirty flag.
Definition: Camera.h:278
HashMap & operator+=(const Pair< T, U > &rhs)
Add-assign a pair.
Definition: HashMap.h:281
HashSet< int > keyPress_
Key pressed state.
Definition: Input.h:416
void Insert(const ConstIterator &start, const ConstIterator &end)
Insert a range by iterators.
Definition: HashMap.h:399
virtual void PostUpdate(float timeStep)
Called on scene post-update, variable timestep.
Definition: LogicComponent.cpp:55
void BeginDumpShaders(const String &fileName)
Begin dumping shader variation names to an XML file for precaching.
Definition: Graphics.cpp:361
MouseButtonFlags dragButtonCombo_
Drag button combo.
Definition: UIElement.h:856
float GetRadius() const
Definition: Light.h:259
void UpdateNumTransforms()
Ensure proper size of world transforms when nodes are added/removed. Also mark node IDs dirty.
Definition: StaticModelGroup.cpp:393
T Atan(T x)
Definition: MathDefs.h:170
void EndFrame()
End frame. Increment total time and send frame end event.
Definition: Timer.cpp:130
void SetNeighbors(Terrain *north, Terrain *south, Terrain *west, Terrain *east)
Set all neighbor terrains at once.
Definition: Terrain.cpp:340
float agentHeight_
Navigation agent height.
Definition: NavigationMesh.h:356
T * operator->() const
Point to the object.
Definition: Ptr.h:603
unsigned GetNumQueryFilterTypes() const
Definition: CrowdManager.h:140
int GetWidth() const
Definition: RenderSurface.cpp:82
void SetDefaultScriptFile(ScriptFile *file)
Set immediate mode script file.
Definition: Script.cpp:268
void SetVariantVector(const VariantVector &variantVector, Context *context=nullptr)
Set variant vector, context must provide for resource ref.
Definition: JSONValue.cpp:593
unsigned lodLevel_
Geometry LOD level if applicable.
Definition: NavigationMesh.h:64
void ApplyAttributes() override
Apply attribute changes that can not be applied immediately. Called after scene load or a network upd...
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:194
void SetRadialAccelVariance(float radialAccelVariance)
Set radial acceleration variance.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.cpp:354
void SetValue(float value)
Definition: ProgressBar.cpp:92
Texture * GetTexture() const
Definition: BorderImage.h:86
PODVector< unsigned char > ReadBuffer()
Read a buffer with size encoded as VLE.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:276
void RemoveItem(UIElement *item, unsigned index=0)
Remove specific item, starting search at the specified index if provided. In hierarchy mode will also...
Definition: ListView.cpp:415
static String GetCallStack(asIScriptContext *context)
Get call stack.
Definition: Script.cpp:325
bool visible_
Definition: TmxFile2D.h:85
float GetInactiveTime() const
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:323
static const Vector3 UP
(0,1,0) vector.
Definition: Vector3.h:489
IntVector2 GetWindowPosition() const
Definition: Graphics.cpp:234
Texture * depthOnlyDummyTexture_
Dummy texture for D3D9 depth only rendering.
Definition: View.h:344
Geometry * GetOcclusionGeometry() const
Return geometry used for occlusion.
Definition: TerrainPatch.cpp:258
BlendMode blendMode_
Blend mode. Affects quad command only.
Definition: RenderPath.h:186
Material's shader parameter animation instance.
Definition: Material.h:76
T & operator*() const
Dereference the node value.
Definition: List.h:103
bool IsEnabledSelf() const
Definition: UIElement.h:597
float GetBytesOutPerSec() const
Definition: Connection.cpp:1100
SharedPtr(T *ptr) noexcept
Construct from a raw pointer.
Definition: Ptr.h:73
Iterator Find(const T &value)
Return iterator to value, or to the end if not found.
Definition: Vector.h:464
unsigned BuildTiles(Vector< NavigationGeometryInfo > &geometryList, const IntVector2 &from, const IntVector2 &to)
Build tiles in the rectangular area. Return number of built tiles.
Definition: DynamicNavigationMesh.cpp:999
float SaturationHSV() const
Return saturation as defined for HSV.
Definition: Color.cpp:143
AbstractFile(unsigned int size)
Definition: AbstractFile.h:39
Force clamped.
Definition: AnimatedSprite2D.h:46
void * end_
Data end pointer.
Definition: WorkQueue.h:54
void Expand(unsigned index, bool enable, bool recursive=false)
Expand item at index. Only has effect in hierarchy mode.
Definition: ListView.cpp:773
HashMap< unsigned, PODVector< unsigned char > > nodeLatestData_
Pending latest data for not yet received nodes.
Definition: Connection.h:330
bool IsArray() const
Definition: Image.h:143
bool relative_
Billboards relative flag.
Definition: BillboardSet.h:182
SpriteSheet2D(Context *context)
Definition: SpriteSheet2D.cpp:42
Texture * GetTexture() const
Definition: Sprite.h:107
BoundingBox GetWorldBoundingBox() const
Definition: NavigationMesh.cpp:867
void OnWorldBoundingBoxUpdate() override
Recalculate the world-space bounding box.
Definition: Renderer2D.cpp:276
Culling mode.
Definition: GraphicsDefs.h:98
const Plane & GetClipPlane() const
Definition: Camera.h:226
Definition: CustomGeometry.h:32
void SetIKConstraintNode(ik_node_t *constraintNode)
Intended to be used only by IKSolver.
Definition: IKConstraint.cpp:108
~SmoothedTransform() override
Text * GetProfilerText() const
Definition: DebugHud.h:91
FrameInfo frame_
View frame info for current frame.
Definition: Renderer2D.h:124
BoundingBox Transformed(const Matrix3 &transform) const
Return transformed by a 3x3 matrix.
Definition: BoundingBox.cpp:126
void SetReturnFailedResources(bool enable)
Definition: ResourceCache.h:130
void ApplyValue(const Variant &newValue) override
Apply new animation value to the target object. Called by Update().
Definition: Material.cpp:193
Graphics subsystem implementation. Holds API-specific objects.
Definition: OGLGraphicsImpl.h:99
void ProcessRayQuery(const RayOctreeQuery &query, PODVector< RayQueryResult > &results) override
Process octree raycast. May be called from a worker thread.
Definition: Light.cpp:167
const Color & GetColor() const
Return color or default on type mismatch. Vector4 is aliased to Color if necessary.
Definition: Variant.h:1195
T & operator*() const
Dereference the object.
Definition: Ptr.h:610
Definition: Light.h:82
float dampingForce_
Particle velocity damping force.
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:453
void SortBackToFront()
Sort non-instanced draw calls back to front.
Definition: Batch.cpp:728
Vector< PODVector< Matrix3x4 > > geometrySkinMatrices_
Subgeometry skinning matrices, used if more bones than skinning shader can manage.
Definition: AnimatedModel.h:235
WeakPtr< TmxFile2D > tmxFile_
Tmx file.
Definition: TmxFile2D.h:75
void Get(const Serializable *ptr, Variant &value) const override
Invoke getter function.
Definition: Serializable.h:166
unsigned char GetTimeStamp() const
Return the controls timestamp, sent from client to server along each control update.
Definition: Connection.h:191
void ClearRequiredPackageFiles()
Clear required package files.
Definition: Scene.cpp:686
RigidBody * body_
Rigid body that was hit.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:77
Component * CloneComponent(Component *component, unsigned id=0)
Clone a component from another node using its create mode. Return the clone if successful or null on ...
Definition: Node.cpp:942
Color ambientColor_
Ambient color.
Definition: Zone.h:174
float brightness_
Brightness multiplier.
Definition: Light.h:427
T & operator*() const
Dereference the object.
Definition: Ptr.h:414
PODVector(const T *data, unsigned size)
Construct with initial data.
Definition: Vector.h:710
void SetReflectionPlaneAttr(const Vector4 &value)
Set reflection plane attribute.
Definition: Camera.cpp:616
void ApplyAttributes() override
Apply attribute changes that can not be applied immediately.
Definition: DropDownList.cpp:81
virtual unsigned Read(void *dest, unsigned size)=0
Read bytes from the stream. Return number of bytes actually read.
bool GetFlipY() const
Definition: TileMapDefs2D.h:148
const StringVector & GetTags() const
Definition: Node.h:375
FileMode mode_
Open mode.
Definition: File.h:126
bool IsThreaded() const
Return whether is using threads to speed up rendering.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.h:150
void DebugDraw(UIElement *element)
Debug draw a UI element.
Definition: UI.cpp:546
void PushFloat(float value)
Push float to stack.
Definition: LuaFunction.cpp:116
float GetSpeed() const
Return speed.
Definition: ValueAnimationInfo.h:75
void CalculateJointRotations()
Skinned models require joint rotations to be calculated so skinning works correctly....
Definition: IKSolver.cpp:393
Intermediate light processing result.
Definition: View.h:55
unsigned ToHash() const
Return hash value.
Definition: Batch.cpp:714
bool operator==(const Vector< T > &rhs) const
Test for equality with another vector.
Definition: Vector.h:160
DirtyBits dirtyAttributes_
Dirty attribute bits.
Definition: ReplicationState.h:152
int GetHeight() const
Definition: UIElement.h:470
void SetRestitution(float restitution)
Definition: RigidBody.cpp:401
unsigned short FloatToHalf(float value)
Convert float to half float. From
Definition: MathDefs.h:331
unsigned id_
Unique ID within the scene.
Definition: Component.h:148
bool operator!=(Enum rhs) const
Non-equality check against enum value.
Definition: FlagSet.h:202
void AddBodyToWorld()
Create the rigid body, or re-add to the physics world with changed flags. Calls UpdateMass().
Definition: RigidBody.cpp:952
void FinishResources(int maxMs)
Process resources that are ready to finish.
void SetInstancingData(void *lockedData, unsigned stride, unsigned &freeIndex)
Pre-set the instance data. Buffer must be big enough to hold all data.
Definition: Batch.cpp:645
void SetDepthBias(float constantBias, float slopeScaledBias)
Set depth bias.
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:1803
T GetCustom() const
Return custom variant value or default-constructed on type mismatch.
Definition: Variant.h:1310
JoystickState * GetJoystick(SDL_JoystickID id)
Definition: Input.cpp:1474
Serializable(Context *context)
Definition: Serializable.cpp:56
AnimationController(Context *context)
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:56
Bitmask for using the scene post-update event.
Definition: LogicComponent.h:40
Resource * GetResource(StringHash type, const String &name, bool sendEventOnFailure=true)
Return a resource by type and name. Load if not loaded yet. Return null if not found or if fails,...
Definition: ResourceCache.cpp:562
Helper base class for user-defined game logic components that hooks up to update events and forwards ...
Definition: LogicComponent.h:49
LuaScriptInstance(Context *context)
Definition: LuaScriptInstance.cpp:66
void Rehash()
Rehash the buckets.
Definition: HashMap.h:765
void RemoveCommand(unsigned index)
Remove a command by index.
Definition: RenderPath.cpp:484
Vector< ScratchBuffer > scratchBuffers_
Scratch buffers.
Definition: Graphics.h:822
virtual unsigned GetNumOccluderTriangles()
Return number of occlusion geometry triangles.
Definition: Drawable.h:144
static unsigned CStringLength(const char *str)
Return length of a C string.
Definition: Str.h:505
LockState lockState_
Buffer locking state.
Definition: IndexBuffer.h:110
unsigned GetNumNetworkAttributes() const
Return number of network replication attributes.
Definition: Serializable.cpp:994
const StringMap & GetInternalMap() const
Return map of hashes. Return value is unsafe to use if RegisterString is called from other threads.
Definition: StringHashRegister.h:55
bool repeat_
Repeat flag.
Definition: ScriptEventListener.h:44
Rect() noexcept
Construct an undefined rect.
Definition: Rect.h:36
const Quaternion & GetRotation() const
Definition: Constraint.h:138
void SetCrowdVelocity(const Vector3 &velocity, Node *node=nullptr)
Set the crowd move velocity. The move velocity is applied to all crowd agents found in the specified ...
Definition: CrowdManager.cpp:216
int GetShadowMapSize() const
Definition: Renderer.h:330
void SetOwnerBodyAnchor(const Vector2 &anchor)
Definition: ConstraintRope2D.cpp:58
SharedPtr< BackgroundLoader > backgroundLoader_
Resource background loader.
Definition: ResourceCache.h:260
StringHash nameHash_
Package file name hash.
Definition: PackageFile.h:100
StringHash soundTypeHash_
SoundSource type hash.
Definition: SoundSource.h:148
T * GetDerivedComponent(bool recursive=false) const
Return first component derived from class.
Definition: Node.h:790
virtual void Update(float timeStep)
Update the animations. Is called from HandleScenePostUpdate().
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:88
ParticleEffect2D * GetEffect() const
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.cpp:140
virtual bool LoadXML(const XMLElement &source)
Load from XML data. Return true if successful.
Definition: Serializable.cpp:344
Definition: OctreeQuery.h:263
NamedPipe(Context *context)
Definition: NamedPipe.cpp:45
void SetDampingRatio(float dampingRatio)
Definition: ConstraintMouse2D.cpp:102
void HandleNavigationTileAdded(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle navigation mesh tile added.
Definition: Obstacle.cpp:142
SharedPtr< Sprite2D > sprite_
Spine sprite.
Definition: AnimationSet2D.h:101
WeakPtr< FontFace > fontFace_
Current face.
Definition: Text.h:253
void OnDrawOrderChanged() override
Handle draw order changed.
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.cpp:204
void RemoveAttributeAnimation(const String &name)
Remove attribute animation, attribute name can in following format: "attribute" or "#0/#1/attribute" ...
Definition: ObjectAnimation.cpp:204
Source data for a 3D geometry draw call.
Definition: Drawable.h:81
HashMap(const HashMap< T, U > &map)
Construct from another hash map.
Definition: HashMap.h:226
Definition: TileMapDefs2D.h:39
BoundingBox(float min, float max) noexcept
Construct from minimum and maximum floats (all dimensions same).
Definition: BoundingBox.h:76
IntRect imageBorder_
Border dimensions on the image.
Definition: BorderImage.h:141
NavArea(Context *)
Definition: NavArea.cpp:41
static unsigned CalculateCapacity(unsigned size, unsigned capacity)
Calculate new vector capacity.
Definition: Vector.h:569
void ThreadFunction() override
Process the connection in the worker thread until closed.
Definition: HttpRequest.cpp:78
Matrix3x4 transform_
Transform matrix.
Definition: Sprite.h:140
T Ln(T x)
Definition: MathDefs.h:182
PODVector< unsigned char > GetGeometryDataAttr() const
Return geometry data attribute.
Definition: CustomGeometry.cpp:775
Vector2 vertex2_
Vertex 2.
Definition: CollisionEdge2D.h:71
void Bounds(float *min, float *max, bool clipped=false) const
Stores the values of least and greatest RGB component at specified pointer addresses,...
Definition: Color.cpp:159
void HandleEndFrame(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle end of frame. Process the threaded log messages.
Definition: Log.cpp:267
unsigned intervalFrames_
Frames in the current interval.
Definition: Profiler.h:228
bool IsAwake() const
Definition: RigidBody2D.cpp:533
Vector2 vertex1_
Vertex 1.
Definition: CollisionEdge2D.h:69
T Min(T lhs, U rhs)
Definition: MathDefs.h:87
SDL_Window * GetWindow() const
Return SDL window.
Definition: Graphics.h:345
AttributeHandle RegisterAttribute(StringHash objectType, const AttributeInfo &attr)
Register object attribute.
Definition: Context.cpp:196
void SetMaterialsAttr(const ResourceRefList &value)
Set materials attribute.
Definition: CustomGeometry.cpp:768
bool resizable_
Whether the window is resizable.
Definition: Graphics.h:88
WeakPtr< ShaderVariation > vertexShader_
Vertex shader.
Definition: OGLShaderProgram.h:91
void SetCcdRadius(float radius)
Definition: RigidBody.cpp:419
~BackgroundLoader() override
Destruct. Forcibly clear the load queue.
bool CheckUpdate(float distance, float &accumulator)
Increment and check priority accumulator. Return true if should update. Called by Connection.
Definition: NetworkPriority.cpp:85
bool IsInf() const
Return whether any element is Inf.
Definition: Matrix3.h:287
virtual bool Allocate(const BoundingBox &boundingBox, unsigned maxTiles)
Allocate the navigation mesh without building any tiles. Bounding box is not padded....
Definition: NavigationMesh.cpp:325
OcclusionBuffer * GetOcclusionBuffer(Camera *camera)
Allocate an occlusion buffer.
Definition: Renderer.cpp:1103
~ListView() override
void Acquire()
Acquire the mutex. Block if already acquired.
Definition: Mutex.cpp:89
bool recreateConstraint_
Recreate constraint flag.
Definition: Constraint.h:230
void SetMaxDirection(const Vector3 &direction)
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:495
const String & GetWindowTitle() const
Definition: Graphics.h:349
void OnNodeSet(Node *node) override
Handle node being assigned.
Definition: Constraint2D.cpp:148
unsigned resizeNestingLevel_
Resize nesting level to prevent multiple events and endless loop.
Definition: UIElement.h:838
void Cleanup()
Clean up redundant free space. Not called in fast mode.
Definition: AreaAllocator.cpp:207
Description of index buffer data for asynchronous loading.
Definition: Model.h:80
unsigned GetPixelInt(int x, int y) const
Return a 2D pixel integer color. R component is in the 8 lowest bits.
Definition: Image.cpp:1510
Definition: Vector.h:46
SharedPtr< Material > CreateMaterial(Texture2D *texture, BlendMode blendMode)
Create material by texture and blend mode.
Definition: Renderer2D.cpp:283
float GetLinearDamping() const
Definition: RigidBody.cpp:638
Intersection TestOctant(const BoundingBox &box, bool inside) override
Intersection test for an octant.
Definition: OctreeQuery.cpp:54
BlendMode GetBlendMode() const
Definition: Technique.h:104
const Vector2 & GetMinAnchor() const
Definition: UIElement.h:526
String name_
Definition: UIElement.h:788
bool used_
Use flag.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.h:61
void AddTrigger(const AnimationTriggerPoint &trigger)
Add a trigger point.
Definition: Animation.cpp:342
void WriteInitialDeltaUpdate(Serializer &dest, unsigned char timeStamp)
Write initial delta network update.
Definition: Serializable.cpp:737
int y_
Y coordinate.
Definition: Vector2.h:158
Animated sprite component, it uses to play animation created by Spine (http://www....
Definition: AnimatedSprite2D.h:57
int RoundToInt(T x)
Definition: MathDefs.h:238
void OnElementResized(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &args)
Handle resizing of element. Setting size of element will automatically resize texture....
Definition: UIComponent.cpp:222
Linear interpolation (default).
Definition: ValueAnimation.h:42
~SoundListener() override
void SetAngularVelocity(float angularVelocity)
Set angular velocity.
Definition: RigidBody2D.cpp:314
bool RemoveScreenJoystick(SDL_JoystickID id)
Remove screen joystick by instance ID.
Definition: Input.cpp:1148
Construct empty.
Definition: Ptr.h:589
bool HasTextureUnit(TextureUnit unit) const
Return whether uses a texture unit.
Definition: OGLShaderProgram.h:62
void SetEffectRoundStroke(bool roundStroke)
Definition: Text3D.cpp:293
virtual void OnRemoveFromOctree()
Handle removal from octree.
Definition: Drawable.h:344
Vector3 direction_
Direction (For direction based billboard only).
Definition: BillboardSet.h:52
bool CheckRemoteEvent(StringHash eventType) const
Return whether a remote event is allowed to be received.
Definition: Network.cpp:690
Intersection IsInside(const Sphere &sphere) const
Test if another sphere is inside, outside or intersects.
Definition: Sphere.h:167
Two-dimensional vector.
Definition: Vector2.h:175
void SetMinTimeToLive(float time)
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:540
const VariantMap & GetVariantMap() const
Return a variant map or empty on type mismatch.
Definition: Variant.h:1245
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: CrowdAgent.cpp:105
bool CheckDrawableFit(const BoundingBox &box) const
Check if a drawable object fits.
Definition: Octree.cpp:168
int GetVelocityIterations() const
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.h:221
Static model component with fixed position in relation to the camera.
Definition: Skybox.h:31
void SetFlushGPU(bool enable)
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:532
void SetParent(UIElement *parent, unsigned index=M_MAX_UNSIGNED)
Set parent element. Same as parent->InsertChild(index, this).
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1433
Color GetColor(const String &name) const
Return a color attribute, or default if missing.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:787
int depth_
Texture depth.
Definition: Texture.h:253
Vector3 center_
Sphere center.
Definition: Sphere.h:203
float rotation_
Definition: BillboardSet.h:50
bool IsZoneDirty() const
Return whether current zone is inconclusive or dirty due to the drawable moving.
Definition: Drawable.h:283
FontFace(Font *font)
Definition: FontFace.cpp:37
bool IsInf() const
Return whether any component is Inf.
Definition: Vector3.h:422
Internal implementation structure for less performance-critical Node variables.
Definition: Node.h:58
OcclusionBuffer * occlusionBuffer_
Occlusion buffer for the main camera.
Definition: View.h:330
FontType fontType_
Font type.
Definition: Font.h:114
PODVector< Vector2 > vertices_
Definition: CollisionChain2D.h:83
Vector3 position_
Hit worldspace position.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:69
int positionIterations_
Position iterations.
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.h:254
float GetLinearRestThreshold() const
Definition: RigidBody.cpp:633
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: TmxFile2D.cpp:388
ResourceRef GetAnimationSetAttr() const
Return animation set attribute.
Definition: AnimatedSprite2D.cpp:207
bool SaveXML(Serializer &dest, const String &indentation="\t") const
Save to an XML file. Return true if successful.
Definition: Scene.cpp:263
void RemoveAllTags()
Remove all tags.
Definition: Node.cpp:417
void SetViewMask(unsigned mask)
Definition: Drawable.cpp:191
AnimationState * GetAnimationState(Animation *animation) const
Return animation state by animation pointer.
Definition: AnimatedModel.cpp:657
float height_
Agent's height, if 0 the navigation mesh's setting will be used.
Definition: CrowdAgent.h:253
Component * CreateComponent(StringHash type, CreateMode mode=REPLICATED, unsigned id=0)
Create a component to this node (with specified ID if provided).
Definition: Node.cpp:914
void FreeNode(Node *node)
Free a node.
Definition: List.h:490
virtual void Update(const FrameInfo &frame)
Update before octree reinsertion. Is called from a worker thread.
Definition: Drawable.h:131
void SetWorldPosition(const Vector3 &position)
Definition: Node.cpp:513
void SetScaleSilent(const Vector3 &scale)
Set scale in parent space silently without marking the node & child nodes dirty. Used by animation co...
Definition: Node.h:681
void SetSpriterAnimation()
Handle set spriter animation.
Definition: AnimatedSprite2D.cpp:389
String GetName() const
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:578
int languageIndex_
Index of current language.
Definition: Localization.h:76
float GetMinEmissionRate() const
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:327
void SetCameraShaderParameters(Camera *camera)
Set camera-specific shader parameters. Called by Batch and internally by View.
Definition: View.cpp:704
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: PListFile.cpp:306
void Insert(const HashMap< T, U > &map)
Insert a map.
Definition: HashMap.h:384
Matrix3 RotationMatrix() const
Return the rotation matrix with scaling removed.
Definition: Matrix4.h:536
bool subscribed_
Flag for whether is subscribed to animation updates.
Definition: Material.h:348
short texHeight_
Height in texture.
Definition: FontFace.h:46
bool SaveLayout(Serializer &dest, UIElement *element)
Save a UI layout to an XML file. Return true if successful.
Definition: UI.cpp:625
void SetFillMode(FillMode mode)
Set polygon fill mode.
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:1843
void HandleModelReloadFinished(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Update trimesh or convex shape after a model has reloaded itself.
Definition: CollisionShape.cpp:1209
HashSet & operator=(const HashSet< T > &rhs)
Assign a hash set.
Definition: HashSet.h:219
unsigned indexCount_
Number of indices.
Definition: CollisionShape.h:121
TerrainPatch * GetSouthPatch() const
Return south neighbor patch.
Definition: TerrainPatch.h:92
const String & GetFileName() const
Definition: FileSelector.cpp:261
bool Save(Serializer &dest) const override
Save resource. Return true if successful.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.cpp:227
void LimitVertexLights(bool removeConvertedLights)
Sort and limit per-vertex lights to maximum allowed.
Definition: Drawable.cpp:338
PODVector< Camera * > viewCameras_
List of cameras from which is seen on the current frame.
Definition: Drawable.h:409
JSONValue(const String &value)
Construct with a string.
Definition: JSONValue.h:113
void RemoveEventHandler(StringHash eventType) override
Remove a scripted event handler.
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:381
Material * customMaterial_
Custom material.
Definition: UIBatch.h:97
AsyncLoadState GetAsyncLoadState() const
Return the asynchronous loading state.
Definition: Resource.h:105
void * GetHandle() const
Return the file handle.
Definition: File.h:109
String & AppendUTF8(unsigned unicodeChar)
Append Unicode character at the end as UTF8.
Definition: Str.cpp:855
int y_
Y coordinate.
Definition: Vector3.h:161
unsigned dataSize_
Vertex data size.
Definition: Model.h:74
void Seek(float seekTime)
Seek to time.
Definition: SoundSource.cpp:147
float GetFrequencyHz() const
Definition: ConstraintMouse2D.h:66
unsigned GetNumPersistentComponents() const
Calculate number of non-temporary components.
Definition: Node.cpp:1881
bool SetMode(int bufferLengthMSec, int mixRate, bool stereo, bool interpolation=true)
Initialize sound output with specified buffer length and output mode.
Definition: Audio.cpp:75
bool SetBlendMode(const String &name, AnimationBlendMode mode)
Set animation blending mode. Return true on success.
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:405
Queued remote event.
Definition: Connection.h:55
void SetWrapMode(WrapMode wrapMode)
Set wrap mode.
Definition: ValueAnimationInfo.h:57
Asynchronous loading progress of a scene.
Definition: Scene.h:57
void SetModelShape(ShapeType shapeType, Model *model, unsigned lodLevel, const Vector3 &scale, const Vector3 &position, const Quaternion &rotation)
Set as specified shape type using model and LOD.
Definition: CollisionShape.cpp:1139
void SetHighLimit(const Vector2 &limit)
Definition: Constraint.cpp:282
Matrix3x4 model_
Model matrix.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.h:68
Variant GetAttribute(unsigned index) const
Definition: Serializable.cpp:902
void HandleNavMeshChanged(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle navigation mesh changed event. It can be navmesh being rebuilt or being removed from its node.
Definition: CrowdManager.cpp:707
ProfilerBlock * current_
Current profiling block.
Definition: Profiler.h:224
float offsetX_
X offset for viewport transform.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.h:219
bool instancingSupport_
Instancing support flag.
Definition: Graphics.h:808
HashNodeBase * next_
Next node.
Definition: HashBase.h:54
void GainFocus()
Prepare input state for application gaining input focus.
Definition: Input.cpp:1591
unsigned systemFBO_
iOS/tvOS system framebuffer handle.
Definition: OGLGraphicsImpl.h:114
TrailPoint endTail_
End of trail point for smoother tail disappearance.
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:282
SharedPtr< XMLFile > loadParameters_
Parameter file acquired during BeginLoad.
Definition: Texture2D.h:93
~NavigationMesh() override
Definition: NavigationMesh.cpp:129
Text effect.
Definition: Text.h:39
void SetText(const String &text)
Definition: Text.cpp:293
const String & GetCommandInterpreter() const
Definition: Console.h:114
bool BeginLoad(Deserializer &source) override
Load resource from stream. May be called from a worker thread. Return true if successful.
Definition: Technique.cpp:258
unsigned offset_
Offset of element from vertex start. Filled by VertexBuffer once the vertex declaration is built.
Definition: GraphicsDefs.h:220
Mutex & GetModuleMutex()
Return the script module create/delete mutex.
Definition: Script.h:105
float GetWheelSkidInfoCumulative(int wheel) const
Get cumulative skid info.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:373
Color startColor_
Color for start of trails.
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:253
void ClearScriptAttributes()
Clear attributes to C++ side attributes only.
Definition: ScriptInstance.cpp:620
URHO_CPP14(constexpr) RandomAccessIterator< T > &operator--()
Predecrement the pointer.
Definition: Iter.h:67
const String & GetName() const
Definition: Node.h:368
bool removeOnCompletion_
Sets whether this should automatically be removed when it finishes playing.
Definition: AnimationController.h:81
void MixStereoToStereoIP(Sound *sound, int *dest, unsigned samples, int mixRate)
Mix stereo sample to stereo buffer interpolated.
Definition: SoundSource.cpp:1153
void SetBasePriority(float priority)
Definition: NetworkPriority.cpp:61
void OnDeviceReset() override
Recreate the buffer and restore data if applicable. May be a no-op depending on the API.
Definition: OGLIndexBuffer.cpp:44
VariantMap vars_
User variables.
Definition: Node.h:757
void SetRotation(const Quaternion &rotation)
Definition: RigidBody.cpp:249
void * ReserveScratchBuffer(unsigned size)
Reserve a CPU-side scratch buffer.
Definition: Graphics.cpp:399
bool WriteFloat(float value)
Write a float.
Definition: Serializer.cpp:81
float GetRotationDecay() const
Definition: IKEffector.cpp:200
void Clip(const IntRect &rect)
Definition: Rect.cpp:40
IntVector2 lastNumVertices_
Terrain size in vertices at the time of last update.
Definition: Terrain.h:324
DebugHud * CreateDebugHud()
Create the debug hud.
Definition: Engine.cpp:542
WeakPtr< Scene > scene_
Definition: Connection.h:322
IntVector2 viewSize_
Viewport size.
Definition: View.h:348
Vector3 start_
Start position.
Definition: DebugRenderer.h:58
Allocator node.
Definition: Allocator.h:54
bool IsResolveDirty() const
Definition: RenderSurface.h:135
unsigned maxTriangles_
Maximum number of triangles.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.h:195
void StoreObject(const XMLElement &objectElem, const SharedPtr< TileMapObject2D > &object, const TileMapInfo2D &info, bool isTile=false)
Store object.
Definition: TmxFile2D.cpp:249
void SetFrequencyHz(float frequencyHz)
Definition: ConstraintMouse2D.cpp:87
void SetChecked(bool enable)
Definition: CheckBox.cpp:91
const Variant & GetMetadata(const StringHash &key) const
Get attribute metadata.
Definition: Attribute.h:89
RayQueryLevel level_
Raycast detail level.
Definition: OctreeQuery.h:259
String error_
Error string. Empty if no error.
Definition: HttpRequest.h:95
bool SetData(const void *data)
Set all data in the buffer.
Definition: OGLIndexBuffer.cpp:78
void SetViewport(unsigned index, Viewport *viewport)
Definition: Renderer.cpp:285
bool IsCompressed() const
Definition: PackageFile.h:89
StringVector GetStringVector() const
Return a string vector attribute, or empty if missing.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:917
int readHandle_
Pipe handle.
Definition: NamedPipe.h:81
unsigned numTriangles_
Number of rendered triangles.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.h:193
void SetTrigger(unsigned index, const AnimationTriggerPoint &trigger)
Definition: Animation.cpp:331
Bitmask for not using any events.
Definition: LogicComponent.h:36
bool IsSolverTreeValid() const
Returns false if calling Solve() would cause the IK library to abort. Urho3D's error handling philoso...
Definition: IKSolver.cpp:501
void Clip(const Plane &plane)
Clip with a plane.
Definition: Polyhedron.cpp:97
void UpdateGeometry(const FrameInfo &frame) override
Prepare geometry for rendering. Called from a worker thread if possible (no GPU update).
Definition: Text3D.cpp:138
void SetAreaCost(unsigned areaID, float cost)
Set the cost of an area.
Definition: NavigationMesh.cpp:861
Vector2 ReadVector2()
Read a Vector2.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:166
Color(const Vector3 &color)
Construct from 3-vector.
Definition: Color.h:105
void SetMaxVelocity(float velocity)
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:555
bool ToggleFullscreen()
Toggle between full screen and windowed mode. Return true if successful.
Definition: Graphics.cpp:169
bool SaveJSON(JSONValue &dest) const override
Save as JSON data. Return true if successful.
Definition: Animatable.cpp:213
Quaternion worldRotation_
New world rotation.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:90
StaticModel(Context *context)
Definition: StaticModel.cpp:47
unsigned GetLodLevel() const
Definition: CollisionShape.h:253
bool focusedThisFrame_
Gained focus on this frame flag.
Definition: Input.h:472
int dragConfirmedCount_
Number of elements in dragElements_ with dragPending = false.
Definition: UI.h:472
VariantMap nodeCollisionData_
Preallocated event data map for node collision events.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:352
unsigned ToUIntMask(const ChannelMask &mask) const
Return color packed to a 32-bit integer with arbitrary channel mask. Components are clamped to [0,...
Definition: Color.cpp:43
Iterator Find(const T &key)
Return iterator to the key, or end iterator if not found.
Definition: HashSet.h:462
SpriteSheet2D * GetSpriteSheet() const
Return sprite sheet.
Definition: Sprite2D.h:90
void ClearTransformSources()
Clear remembered transform shader parameter sources.
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:1483
unsigned ToHash() const
Return hash value for HashSet & HashMap.
Definition: Ptr.h:504
CollisionEventMode GetCollisionEventMode() const
Definition: RigidBody.h:280
float GetMaxMotorTorque() const
Definition: ConstraintWheel2D.h:79
void Remove()
Remove from the parent element. If no other shared pointer references exist, causes immediate deletio...
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1421
void SetPivot(const Vector2 &pivot)
Definition: UIElement.cpp:799
void SetBringToFront(bool enable)
Definition: UIElement.cpp:859
void MarkDecalsDirty()
Mark decals and the bounding box dirty.
Definition: DecalSet.cpp:992
HashMap(const std::initializer_list< Pair< T, U >> &list)
Aggregate initialization constructor.
Definition: HashMap.h:241
String spriteSheetFilePath_
Sprite sheet file path.
Definition: AnimationSet2D.h:117
const Vector2 & GetOwnerBodyGroundAnchor() const
Definition: ConstraintPulley2D.h:61
const std::type_info & typeInfo_
Type info.
Definition: Variant.h:211
int GetHeight() const
Return height.
Definition: TmxFile2D.h:57
~SimpleNavBuildData() override
Definition: NavBuildData.cpp:58
unsigned GetNumRows() const
Return number of rows in the resultset or 0 if the number of rows is not available.
Definition: ODBCResult.h:48
unsigned Size() const
Return size of vector.
Definition: Vector.h:531
void RequestPackage(const String &name, unsigned fileSize, unsigned checksum)
Initiate a package download.
Definition: Connection.cpp:1545
bool isBase_
Base batch flag. This tells to draw the object fully without light optimizations.
Definition: Batch.h:86
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: ValueAnimation.cpp:64
HttpRequestState GetState() const
Definition: HttpRequest.cpp:287
void UpdateBatches(const FrameInfo &frame) override
Calculate distance and prepare batches for rendering. May be called from worker thread(s),...
Definition: StaticModel.cpp:132
static JSONValueType GetValueTypeFromName(const String &typeName)
Return a value type from name; null if unrecognized.
Definition: JSONValue.cpp:633
unsigned dummyColorFormat_
Shadow map dummy color texture format.
Definition: Graphics.h:824
Node * Down() const
Return next node in the bucket.
Definition: HashMap.h:103
int GetTolerance() const
Return the pool tolerance.
Definition: WorkQueue.h:113
Matrix3x4 customWorldTransform_
Custom world transform for facing the camera automatically.
Definition: Text3D.h:249
Primitive type.
Definition: GraphicsDefs.h:44
float ProjectOntoAxis(const Vector2 &axis) const
Project vector onto axis.
Definition: Vector2.h:315
bool EndCall(int numReturns=0)
End call and actually execute the function. The return values, if any, are still left in the stack wh...
Definition: LuaFunction.cpp:85
ResourceRefList materialsAttr_
Material list attribute.
Definition: CustomGeometry.h:185
Zone * farClipZone_
Zone at far clip plane.
Definition: View.h:328
Sprite2D * GetSprite() const
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.cpp:145
Definition: UIElement.h:104
float GetRowHeight() const
Definition: Text.h:199
bool GetScreenKeyboardSupport() const
Definition: Input.cpp:1486
Definition: NavBuildData.h:87
void SetWorldPosition(const Vector3 &position)
Definition: Constraint.cpp:261
float GetElapsedTime()
Definition: Timer.cpp:157
void RemoveAllItems()
Remove all items.
Definition: DropDownList.cpp:178
AttributeInfo * GetAttribute(StringHash objectType, const char *name)
Return a specific attribute description for an object, or null if not found.
Definition: Context.cpp:389
~IndexBuffer() override
Definition: IndexBuffer.cpp:54
void MarkPositionsDirty()
Mark billboard vertex buffer to need an update.
Definition: BillboardSet.cpp:767
bool RequestNeededPackages(unsigned numPackages, MemoryBuffer &msg)
Check a package list received from server and initiate package downloads as necessary....
Definition: Connection.cpp:1474
2D mouse constraint component.
Definition: ConstraintMouse2D.h:31
void MarkEndPointDirty()
Mark end point dirty.
Definition: OffMeshConnection.h:86
float agentRadius_
Navigation agent radius.
Definition: NavigationMesh.h:358
unsigned GetNumPrimitives() const
Definition: Graphics.h:432
Variant(bool value)
Construct from a bool.
Definition: Variant.h:362
void PushUserType(const T &userType, const char *typeName)
Push user type to stack.
Definition: LuaFunction.h:86
unsigned LengthUTF8() const
Definition: Str.cpp:780
unsigned shadowMask_
Shadow mask.
Definition: Drawable.h:383
String ReadString()
Read a null-terminated string.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:247
float GetWheelDampingRelaxation(int wheel) const
Get wheel damping relaxation.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:487
const TypeInfo * baseTypeInfo_
Base class type info.
Definition: Object.h:67
bool GetEnableLimit() const
Definition: ConstraintPrismatic2D.h:78
void Set(unsigned buttons, bool down=true)
Set or release buttons.
Definition: Controls.h:43
void SetMaxSubSteps(int num)
Definition: PhysicsWorld.cpp:327
Intersection IsInsideFast(const BoundingBox &box) const
Test if another bounding box is (partially) inside or outside.
Definition: BoundingBox.h:308
b2Fixture * fixture_
Box2D fixture.
Definition: CollisionShape2D.h:131
JSON number type.
Definition: JSONValue.h:50
~Texture3D() override
Definition: Texture3D.cpp:52
Iterator Begin()
Return iterator to the first element.
Definition: List.h:393
const IntRect & GetRect() const
Definition: Viewport.h:87
float basePriority_
Base priority.
Definition: NetworkPriority.h:77
unsigned short ReadUShort()
Read a 16-bit unsigned integer.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:105
Animatable * FindAttributeAnimationTarget(const String &name, String &outName) override
Find target of an attribute animation from object hierarchy by name.
Definition: Node.cpp:1913
const T & GetValue() const
Get const value.
Definition: Variant.h:240
bool resolveDirty_
Multisampling resolve needed -flag.
Definition: Texture.h:275
void SetUpdateInvisible(bool enable)
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:450
void SetSpeed(float speed)
Set speed.
Definition: ValueAnimationInfo.h:60
float length_
Animation length.
Definition: Animation.h:209
virtual void OnPositionSet(const IntVector2 &newPosition)
React to position change.
Definition: UIElement.h:196
int tileSize_
Tile size.
Definition: NavigationMesh.h:350
void Define(const Vector3 &center, float radius)
Define from center and radius.
Definition: Sphere.h:96
void Roll(float angle, TransformSpace space=TS_LOCAL)
Rotate around the Z axis.
Definition: Node.cpp:665
Slider * GetSlider() const
Definition: ScrollBar.h:107
Drag and drop source flag.
Definition: UIElement.h:109
Vector2 TileIndexToPosition(int x, int y) const
Convert tile index to position.
Definition: TileMapDefs2D.cpp:71
bool EvaluateToBool(const XMLElement &element) const
Evaluate XPath query and expecting a boolean return value.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:1162
bool GetSearchPackagesFirst() const
Definition: ResourceCache.h:208
Polyhedron(const BoundingBox &box)
Construct from a bounding box.
Definition: Polyhedron.h:58
bool IsMouseGrabbed() const
Definition: Input.h:334
bool desktopSupport_
Cached desktop GPU support flag.
Definition: Technique.h:312
virtual void RemoveTile(const IntVector2 &tile)
Remove tile from navigation mesh.
Definition: NavigationMesh.cpp:568
void SetVertexShaderDefines(const String &defines)
Definition: Technique.cpp:147
String ToString() const
Return an address:port string.
Definition: Connection.cpp:1121
bool GetDrawNavAreas() const
Definition: NavigationMesh.h:313
void SetNavigationMesh(NavigationMesh *navMesh)
Definition: CrowdManager.cpp:256
Loop Mode.
Definition: SpriterInstance2D.h:38
int getDebugMode() const override
Return debug draw flags.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:159
void OnNodeSet(Node *node) override
Handle node being assigned.
Definition: CollisionShape.cpp:906
unsigned navigationMeshId_
The NavigationMesh component Id for pending crowd creation.
Definition: CrowdManager.h:197
Vector2 patchWorldSize_
Size of a patch on the XZ-plane.
Definition: Terrain.h:320
float shadowSoftness_
Shadow softness, only works when SHADOWQUALITY_BLUR_VSM is used.
Definition: Renderer.h:619
int width_
Definition: Image.h:227
float detailSampleMaxError_
Detail sampling maximum error.
Definition: NavigationMesh.h:374
XMLElement GetNext(const String &name=String::EMPTY) const
Return next sibling element.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:622
float radialAcceleration_
Radial acceleration.
Definition: ParticleEmitter2D.h:60
WeakPtr< Scene > scene_
Associated scene for shader parameter animation updates.
Definition: Material.h:356
bool SetAnimation(int index, LoopMode loopMode=Default)
Set current animation.
Definition: SpriterInstance2D.cpp:84
void AddTag(const String &tag)
Add a tag.
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1465
void ProcessRayQuery(const RayOctreeQuery &query, PODVector< RayQueryResult > &results) override
Process octree raycast. May be called from a worker thread.
Definition: StaticModelGroup.cpp:106
bool IsInside(const Ray &ray) const
Return whether or not the ray is inside geometry.
Definition: Geometry.cpp:329
bool IsObjectAlive() const
Returns whether the ScriptObject is still alive. Will return true if there is no reference and object...
Definition: ScriptFile.cpp:1044
bool SetMatrix3x4(const String &name, const Matrix3x4 &value)
Set a Matrix3x4 attribute.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:553
File(Context *context)
Definition: File.cpp:68
unsigned GetShadersLoadedFrameNumber() const
Return last shaders loaded frame number.
Definition: Technique.h:119
Node * GetWheelNode(int wheel) const
Get node of the wheel.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:601
const Frustum & GetFrustum() const
Definition: Camera.cpp:284
bool SetSize(int width, int height, bool threaded)
Set occlusion buffer size and whether to reserve multiple buffers for threading optimization.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.cpp:61
void OnMarkedDirty(Node *node) override
Handle node transform being dirtied.
Definition: AnimatedModel.cpp:945
void SetCylinder(float diameter, float height, const Vector3 &position=Vector3::ZERO, const Quaternion &rotation=Quaternion::IDENTITY)
Set as a cylinder.
Definition: CollisionShape.cpp:620
void SetTemperature(float temperature)
Definition: Light.cpp:290
static const IntVector3 UP_FORWARD_RIGHT
(1, 2, 0) coordinate system.
Definition: RaycastVehicle.h:183
Vector3 baseVelocity_
Base velocity applied to the trail.
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:220
Color(float r, float g, float b, float a) noexcept
Construct from RGBA values.
Definition: Color.h:84
void SetVertex2(const Vector2 &vertex)
Definition: CollisionEdge2D.cpp:66
Geometry * GetGeometry() const
Return visible geometry.
Definition: TerrainPatch.cpp:248
void BlurShadowMap(View *view, Texture2D *shadowMap, float blurScale)
Blur the shadow map.
Definition: Renderer.cpp:1962
float projOffsetScaleY_
Combined Y projection and viewport transform.
Definition: OcclusionBuffer.h:225
bool BeginLoad(Deserializer &source) override
Load resource from stream. May be called from a worker thread. Return true if successful.
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:101
void ResetDepthStencil()
Reset depth-stencil surface.
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:1626
Work queue subsystem for multithreading.
Definition: WorkQueue.h:69
bool readdBody_
Readd body to world flag.
Definition: RigidBody.h:359
int GetHeight() const
Definition: TileMapLayer2D.cpp:279
const float * Data() const
Return float data.
Definition: Vector2.h:370
Vector< Variant > VariantVector
Vector of variants.
Definition: Variant.h:80
int GetBaseIndent() const
Definition: ListView.h:175
bool SaveXML(XMLElement &dest) const override
Save as XML data. Return true if successful.
Definition: UnknownComponent.cpp:192
void Patch(XMLFile *patchFile)
Patch the XMLFile with another XMLFile. Based on RFC 5261.
Definition: XMLFile.cpp:191
bool visible_
Visible flag.
Definition: Terrain.h:340
void SetTextureFrame(unsigned index, const TextureFrame &textureFrame)
Set number of texture animation frames.
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:714
HashMap< unsigned, WeakPtr< Component > > components_
Definition: SceneResolver.h:56
UIElement * GetItem(unsigned index) const
Definition: DropDownList.cpp:203
Sphere() noexcept
Construct undefined.
Definition: Sphere.h:40
TrailType trailType_
Trail type.
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:218
float AbsDotProduct(const Vector3 &rhs) const
Calculate absolute dot product.
Definition: Vector3.h:356
void SortColorFrames()
Sort the list of color frames based on time.
Definition: ParticleEffect.cpp:658
float GetTimeStep() const
Definition: Timer.h:101
IntRect resizeBorder_
Resize area width at edges.
Definition: Window.h:169
float RollAngle() const
Definition: Quaternion.cpp:219
void SetDisabledOffset(const IntVector2 &offset)
Definition: BorderImage.cpp:123
PrimitiveType type_
Primitive type.
Definition: Model.h:96
ShaderVariation * GetPixelShader() const
Return current pixel shader.
Definition: Graphics.h:518
void AddNode(const pugi::xml_node &patch, const pugi::xpath_node &original) const
Add a node in the Patch.
Definition: XMLFile.cpp:277
bool used_
Used flag.
Definition: FontFace.h:60
const AttributeInfo & attributeInfo_
Attribute information.
Definition: Animatable.h:59
SLNet::RakPeerInterface * rakPeer_
SLikeNet peer instance for server connection.
Definition: Network.h:162
Component * GetParentComponent(StringHash type, bool fullTraversal=false) const
Return component in parent node. If there are several, returns the first. May optional traverse up to...
Definition: Node.cpp:1422
bool LoadXML(const XMLElement &source)
Load from XML data. Return true if successful.
Definition: ValueAnimation.cpp:89
const FontGlyph * glyph_
Definition: Text.h:72
HashSet< int > scancodeDown_
Key down state by scancode.
Definition: Input.h:418
const ResourceRefList & GetMaterialsAttr() const
Return materials attribute.
Definition: StaticModel.cpp:391
Matrix2() noexcept
Construct an identity matrix.
Definition: Matrix2.h:35
String compilerOutput_
Shader compile error string.
Definition: ShaderVariation.h:176
const BiasParameters & GetDepthBias() const
Definition: Material.h:256
void SetTargetVelocity(const Vector3 &velocity)
Definition: CrowdAgent.cpp:345
Vector3 GetVector3(const String &name) const
Return a Vector3 attribute, or zero vector if missing.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:955
Variant(float value)
Construct from a float.
Definition: Variant.h:368
void SetSwapXY(bool swapXY)
Definition: StaticSprite2D.cpp:152
ConstraintRope2D(Context *context)
Definition: ConstraintRope2D.cpp:37
void RemoveShaderParameter(const String &name)
Remove shader parameter.
Definition: Material.cpp:1124
ResourceRef GetFontAttr() const
Return font attribute.
Definition: Text3D.cpp:566
bool kinematic_
Kinematic flag.
Definition: RigidBody.h:353
SDL_GameController * controller_
SDL game controller.
Definition: Input.h:124
AutoRemoveMode autoRemove_
Automatic removal mode.
Definition: ParticleEmitter.h:164
bool IsEditable() const
Definition: UIElement.h:601
PODVector< Zone * > zones_
Visible zones.
Definition: View.h:392
const String & GetApiName() const
Definition: Graphics.h:353
bool autoVisibleOnError_
Auto visible on error flag.
Definition: Console.h:164
float priorityAcc_
Interest management priority accumulator.
Definition: ReplicationState.h:169
bool Defined() const
Return true if this rect is defined via a previous call to Define() or Merge().
Definition: Rect.h:195
void HandleUpdate(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle application update event.
Definition: ScriptFile.cpp:988
unsigned GetNumViewports() const
Definition: RenderSurface.h:90
void SetShadowCullMode(CullMode mode)
Definition: Material.cpp:1079
bool Erase(T *element, T *previous)
Erase an element when the previous element is known (optimization). Return true if successful.
Definition: LinkedList.h:147
~MessageBox() override
Definition: MessageBox.cpp:102
PODVector< UIElement * > GetItems() const
Return all items.
Definition: DropDownList.cpp:208
unsigned maxLodLevels_
Maximum number of LOD levels.
Definition: Terrain.h:334
SharedArrayPtr< float > GetHeightData() const
Return raw height data.
Definition: Terrain.h:193
BatchQueue litBatches_
Lit geometry draw calls, non-base (additive).
Definition: Batch.h:303
void SetControlledIdAttr(unsigned value)
Set Controlled Node ID attribute.
Definition: SplinePath.cpp:277
HashSet< StringHash > blacklistedRemoteEvents_
Remote event fixed blacklist.
Definition: Network.h:172
void Render()
Render. Called by Engine.
Definition: Renderer.cpp:692
void HandleTouchBegin(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle touch begin event.
Definition: UI.cpp:1883
void SetBlendMode(BlendMode mode)
Definition: Sprite.cpp:213
String apiName_
Graphics API name.
Definition: Graphics.h:916
int GetRowHeight() const
Definition: Text3D.cpp:468
Iterator & operator--()
Predecrement the pointer.
Definition: HashMap.h:134
bool anisotropySupport_
Anisotropic filtering support flag.
Definition: Graphics.h:796
void SetOctant(Octant *octant)
Move into another octree octant.
Definition: Drawable.h:352
Variable that supports a fixed set of types.
Definition: Variant.h:325
void SetMaxSideSlipSpeed(float speed)
Definition: RaycastVehicle.cpp:358
bool RemoveAttribute(const String &name=String::EMPTY)
Remove an attribute by name. Return true if successful.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:206
Vector< PODVector< Drawable * > > tempDrawables_
Per-thread octree query results.
Definition: View.h:388
ConstraintRevolute2D(Context *context)
Definition: ConstraintRevolute2D.cpp:37
Vector(Vector< T > &&vector)
Move-construct from another vector.
Definition: Vector.h:89
bool GetBorderless() const
Definition: Graphics.h:384
void SetMaxParticles(int maxParticles)
Set max particles.
Definition: ParticleEffect2D.cpp:384
unsigned dragBeginCursor_
Drag begin cursor position.
Definition: LineEdit.h:160
bool SaveXML(XMLElement &dest) const override
Save as XML data. Return true if successful.
Definition: Animatable.cpp:179
Vector3 position_
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:49
RigidBody * GetOtherBody() const
Definition: Constraint.h:130
void GotoPrev()
Go to the previous node.
Definition: ListBase.h:82
float GetMinPriority() const
Definition: NetworkPriority.h:66
bool IsNaN(T value)
Definition: MathDefs.h:121
void SetPosition(const Vector3 &position)
Definition: Constraint.cpp:177
void SetMaxLength(float maxLength)
Definition: ConstraintRope2D.cpp:80
bool pvrtcTextureSupport_
PVRTC formats support flag.
Definition: Graphics.h:804
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: Slider.cpp:62
int GetInt() const
Return int.
Definition: PListFile.cpp:192
void SetFixedWidthResizing(bool enable)
Definition: Window.cpp:262
LinkedListNode * next_
Pointer to next node.
Definition: LinkedList.h:45
void SetShadowMask(unsigned mask)
Definition: Drawable.cpp:203
float AbsDotProduct(const Vector4 &rhs) const
Calculate absolute dot product.
Definition: Vector4.h:174
PODVector(unsigned size, const T &value)
Construct with initial size and default value.
Definition: Vector.h:702
unsigned GetCollisionMask() const
Definition: RigidBody.h:276
unsigned GetIntFrequency() const
Return default frequency as an integer.
Definition: SoundStream.h:57
bool SetVariantVector(const VariantVector &value)
Set a variant vector attribute. Creates child elements as necessary.
Definition: XMLElement.cpp:473
int Refs() const
Return the array's reference count, or 0 if the pointer is null.
Definition: ArrayPtr.h:162
float lightLength_
Length of the light source. If above 0 and radius is above 0 it will create a tube light....
Definition: Light.h:409
const TypeInfo * GetBaseTypeInfo() const
Return base type info.
Definition: Object.h:59
bool LoadAsyncXML(File *file, LoadMode mode=LOAD_SCENE_AND_RESOURCES)
Load from an XML file asynchronously. Return true if started successfully. The LOAD_RESOURCES_ONLY mo...
Definition: Scene.cpp:382
bool IsCompleted(unsigned priority) const
Return whether all work with at least the specified priority is finished.
Definition: WorkQueue.cpp:296
Definition: OctreeQuery.h:74
Iterator Find(const T &value)
Return iterator to value, or to the end if not found.
Definition: Vector.h:1092
void SetWidth(float width)
Scale UI to the specified width in pixels.
Definition: UI.cpp:745
bool SaveDefaultAttributes() const override
Return whether should save default-valued attributes into XML. Always save node transforms for readab...
Definition: Node.h:105
void Stop()
Suspend sound output.
Definition: Audio.cpp:157
void SetNavigationQuality(NavigationQuality val)
Definition: CrowdAgent.cpp:453
float GetAngularDamping() const
Definition: RigidBody.cpp:658
void SetTimeScale(float scale)
Definition: Scene.cpp:649
void SetRampTexture(Texture *texture)
Definition: Light.cpp:404
bool ReadTile(Deserializer &source, bool silent)
Read tile data to the navigation mesh.
Definition: NavigationMesh.cpp:1267
IntVector2(const int *data) noexcept
Construct from an int array.
Definition: Vector2.h:50
ConstIterator Begin() const
Return const iterator to the beginning.
Definition: Vector.h:494
void Resolve()
Resolve component and node ID attributes and reset.
Definition: SceneResolver.cpp:57
void Resume()
Resume worker threads.
Definition: WorkQueue.cpp:234
Light(Context *context)
Definition: Light.cpp:92
~AnimationController() override
DbResult Execute(const String &sql, bool useCursorEvent=false)
Execute an SQL statements immediately. Send E_DBCURSOR event for each row in the resultset when useCu...
Definition: ODBCConnection.cpp:73
bool IsEmitting() const
Definition: RibbonTrail.h:196
Node * CreateChild(const String &name=String::EMPTY, CreateMode mode=REPLICATED, unsigned id=0, bool temporary=false)
Create a child scene node (with specified ID if provided).
Definition: Node.cpp:792
Single-line text editor UI element.
Definition: LineEdit.h:34
String Substring(unsigned pos) const
Return a substring from position to end.
Definition: Str.cpp:490
~FileSelector() override
Definition: FileSelector.cpp:133
void AddInstanceNode(Node *node)
Add an instance scene node. It does not need any drawable components of its own.
Definition: StaticModelGroup.cpp:273
EmitterType emitterType_
Emitter shape.
Definition: ParticleEffect.h:443
void SetOpacity(float opacity)
Definition: UIElement.cpp:853
void SetTags(const StringVector &tags)
Set tags. Old tags are overwritten.
Definition: Node.cpp:345
List of typed resource references.
Definition: Variant.h:137
SharedPtr< VertexBuffer > vertexBuffer_
Vertex buffer.
Definition: Renderer2D.h:53
Vector2 normal_
Hit worldspace normal.
Definition: PhysicsWorld2D.h:49
void SetRatio(float ratio)
Definition: ConstraintPulley2D.cpp:108
const HashMap< String, SharedPtr< Sprite2D > > & GetSpriteMapping() const
Return sprite mapping.
Definition: SpriteSheet2D.h:68
NavigationPushiness navPushiness_
Agent's navigation pushiness. The higher the setting, the stronger the agent pushes its colliding nei...
Definition: CrowdAgent.h:261
bool WriteIntRect(const IntRect &value)
Write an IntRect.
Definition: Serializer.cpp:91
const Vector< SourceBatch > & GetBatches() const
Return draw call source data.
Definition: Drawable.h:249
const IntVector2 & GetPosition() const
Definition: UIElement.h:458
bool nodesDirty_
Whether node IDs have been set and nodes should be searched for during ApplyAttributes.
Definition: StaticModelGroup.h:96
void HandleScenePostUpdate(StringHash eventType, VariantMap &eventData)
Handle scene post-update event.
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:911
SharedPtr< File > file_
Source file.
Definition: Connection.h:94
unsigned long long ReadUInt64()
Read a 64-bit unsigned integer.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:91
bool IsProjectionValid() const
Return if projection parameters are valid for rendering and raycasting.
Definition: Camera.cpp:580
void IncScriptNestingLevel()
Increase script nesting level.
Definition: Script.h:113
void SetMobileNormalOffsetMul(float mul)
Definition: Renderer.cpp:507
SharedPtr< File > GetFile(const String &name, bool sendEventOnFailure=true)
Open and return a file from the resource load paths or from inside a package file....
Definition: ResourceCache.cpp:488
bool operator!=(const List< T > &rhs) const
Test for inequality with another list.
Definition: List.h:260
ResourceRef GetModelAttr() const
Return model attribute.
Definition: CollisionShape.cpp:884
T & operator*() const
Dereference the object.
Definition: Ptr.h:138
void DynamicCast(const SharedPtr< U > &rhs)
Perform a dynamic cast from a shared pointer of another type.
Definition: Ptr.h:195
bool HasAnimation(const String &animationName) const
Check has animation.
Definition: AnimationSet2D.cpp:182
float GetAreaCost(unsigned areaID) const
Get the current cost of an area.
Definition: NavigationMesh.cpp:872
void OnPositionSet(const IntVector2 &newPosition) override
React to position change.
Definition: Sprite.cpp:130
void SetMaskBits(int maskBits)
Definition: CollisionShape2D.cpp:107
Definition: TileMapDefs2D.cpp:163
Spriter instance.
Definition: SpriterInstance2D.h:46
UniquePtr< TriangleMeshInterface > meshInterface_
Bullet triangle mesh interface.
Definition: CollisionShape.h:84
void OnKey(Key key, MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers) override
React to a key press.
Definition: ScrollView.cpp:197
bool isDesktop_
Require desktop level hardware flag.
Definition: Technique.h:190
void OnNodeSet(Node *node) override
Handle scene node being assigned at creation.
Definition: LogicComponent.cpp:76
bool IsServerRunning() const
Definition: Network.cpp:683
HashSet< String > allowedPaths_
Allowed directories.
Definition: FileSystem.h:124
void SetAngularVelocity(const Vector3 &velocity)
Definition: RigidBody.cpp:336
Screen mode parameters.
Definition: Graphics.h:81
bool IsLooped(const String &name) const
Return animation looping.
Definition: AnimationController.cpp:513
Collision shape type.
Definition: CollisionShape.h:52
String vsExtraDefines_
Vertex shader extra defines.
Definition: Batch.h:267
void SetCursorPosition(unsigned position)
Definition: LineEdit.cpp:491
Obstacle(Context *context)
Definition: Obstacle.cpp:40
rcContourSet * contourSet_
Recast contour set.
Definition: NavBuildData.h:95
void SetViewOverrideFlags(ViewOverrideFlags flags)
Definition: Camera.cpp:183
float GetAngularRestThreshold() const
Definition: RigidBody.cpp:653
float maxZ_
Maximum Z value of the visible scene.
Definition: View.h:358
bool debugDepthTest_
Debug draw depth test mode.
Definition: PhysicsWorld.h:374
void SetMinMaxZ(float minZ, float maxZ)
Set view-space depth bounds.
Definition: Drawable.h:257
Iterator Insert(const Iterator &dest, const T *start, const T *end)
Insert elements.
Definition: Vector.h:331
double ReadDouble()
Read a double.
Definition: Deserializer.cpp:131
void UpdateAnchoring()
Update anchored size & position. Only called when anchoring is enabled.
Definition: UIElement.cpp:2040
TextureFilterMode GetFilterMode() const
Definition: Texture.h:104
unsigned CreateFramebuffer()
Create a framebuffer using either extension or core functionality. Used only on OpenGL.
Definition: OGLGraphics.cpp:3255
Vector2 anchor_
Definition: ConstraintWeld2D.h:72
Drawable * drawable_
Definition: OctreeQuery.h:219
float speed_
Definition: AnimatedSprite2D.h:138
void DrawDebugGeometry(DebugRenderer *debug, bool depthTest) override
Visualize the component as debug geometry.
Definition: OffMeshConnection.cpp:76
const ResourceRefList & GetMaterialsAttr() const
Return materials attribute.
Definition: CustomGeometry.cpp:806
const Matrix3x4 & GetTransform() const
Update and return rendering transform, also used to transform child sprites.
Definition: Sprite.cpp:218
bool HasMasterGain(const String &type) const
Return whether the specified master gain has been defined.
Definition: Audio.h:112
ResourceRef GetTextureAttr() const
Return texture attribute.
Definition: BorderImage.cpp:226
bool WriteUByte(unsigned char value)
Write an 8-bit unsigned integer.
Definition: Serializer.cpp:71
const Vector2 & GetPivot() const
Definition: UIElement.h:542
void RemoveAttributeAnimation(const String &name)
Remove attribute animation. Same as calling SetAttributeAnimation with a null pointer.
Definition: Animatable.cpp:418
float GetSpriteTextureEdgeOffset() const
Definition: TmxFile2D.h:207
void BoxFilter(unsigned char *dest, size_t destSize, const unsigned char *src, size_t srcSize)
Smooth one row of a horizontally oversampled glyph image.
Definition: FontFaceFreeType.cpp:351
Vector< T > & operator=(const Vector< T > &rhs)
Assign from another vector.
Definition: Vector.h:111
bool GetDrawRectangle(Rect &rect, bool flipX=false, bool flipY=false) const
Return draw rectangle.
Definition: Sprite2D.cpp:143
const Color & GetDerivedColor() const
Return derived color. Only valid when no gradient.
Definition: UIElement.cpp:1683
void CloneGeometries()
Clone geometries for vertex morphing.
Definition: AnimatedModel.cpp:1105
HorizontalAlignment GetHorizontalAlignment() const
Definition: Text3D.cpp:403
void Complete(unsigned priority)
Finish all queued work which has at least the specified priority. Main thread will also execute prior...
Definition: WorkQueue.cpp:244
Definition: Spline.h:36
Node * EraseNode(Node *node)
Erase and free a node. Return pointer to the next node, or to the end if could not erase.
Definition: List.h:451
IntVector2 viewPositionAttr_
View offset attribute.
Definition: ScrollView.h:188
bool IsCursorMovable() const
Definition: LineEdit.h:119
static void RegisterObject(Context *context)
Register object factory.
Definition: Font.cpp:71
bool lineAntiAlias_
Line antialiasing enable flag.
Definition: Graphics.h:872
Object * GetEventSender() const
Return active event sender. Null outside event handling.
Definition: Object.cpp:426
void SendViewEvent(StringHash eventType)
Send a view update or render related event through the Renderer subsystem. The parameters are the sam...
Definition: View.cpp:3168
float range_
Slider range.
Definition: Slider.h:115
VariantMap eventData_
Event data.
Definition: ValueAnimation.h:64
Vector3 GetWorldPosition() const
Definition: Constraint.cpp:336
void OnMarkedDirty(Node *node) override
Handle node transform being dirtied.
Definition: DecalSet.cpp:654
void Free(T *object)
Destruct and free an object.
Definition: Allocator.h:116
Sound(Context *context)
Definition: Sound.cpp:63
void SetSouthNeighbor(Terrain *south)
Definition: Terrain.cpp:283
CustomVariantValue * GetCustomVariantValuePtr()
Return pointer to custom variant value.
Definition: Variant.h:1293
ScriptFile * file_
Parent script file.
Definition: ScriptFil